Arrow Carports for Boats

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Using an Arrow Carport to store a boat offers several distinct advantages:


  1. Protection from Elements: Arrow Carports are designed with durable, weather-resistant materials that provide excellent protection from sun, rain, snow, and hail. This helps reduce weather-related wear and tear on your boat, preserving its exterior and interior.
  2. Cost-Effective: Compared to building a garage or renting dedicated boat storage space, an Arrow Carport is a more affordable solution. It offers a high level of protection without the high costs associated with more permanent structures or dry-docking your boat elsewhere.
  3. Ventilation: The open design of Arrow Carports ensures good airflow around the boat. This helps prevent issues related to trapped moisture, such as mold, mildew, and rust, thereby maintaining the boat's condition over time.
  4. Easy Access: With an Arrow Carport, you can easily access your boat whenever needed. The open sides or easily removable panels make it convenient to retrieve and perform maintenance on the boat without the restrictions of fully enclosed storage.
  5. Versatility: Arrow Carports are versatile structures that can serve multiple purposes. When your boat is not stored under the carport, you can use the space for parking vehicles, storing other equipment, or even as a shaded area for outdoor activities.
  6. Customization: Arrow Carports offer a range of customization options. You can choose the size, roof style, and materials that best suit your needs. This ensures that your carport provides adequate protection for your boat, regardless of its size or specific requirements.


Overall, an Arrow Carport is a practical and flexible solution for boat storage, combining protection, accessibility, and cost-efficiency.


You may need a permit to have an Arrow Carport on your property. Check local building codes and regulations and your HOA to ensure compliance before installation.