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If your backyard is party central, there’s no better way to keep the fun going nonstop than adding Margaritaville patio coolers to your outdoor space. These stylish and unique coolers bring an easygoing beach vibe to your oasis, while adding comfort and convenience.

Every Party Benefits from a Backyard Cooler

When you’re enjoying a nice barbecue with family, or a pool party over the summer, nothing brings the good times to a halt more than having to constantly go inside the house for extra ice or more cold drinks. Margaritaville patio coolers have endless benefits when it comes to entertaining outdoors:

  • Convenience: Enjoy having chilled drinks just an arm’s reach away at all times with Margaritaville patio coolers. The butterfly lid provides easy access at all times to dozens of cans of your favorite beverage. Choose from a Landshark cooler with a built-in bottle opener and cap catcher to make popping a top a breeze.
  • Style: Create a beachy, vacation ambiance with the addition of these Margaritaville patio coolers. Enjoy a vibrant Landshark cooler design with an island feel, or a timeless stainless steel backyard cooler with a palm tree and Margaritaville branding prominently displayed. These gorgeous coolers bring vacation vibes to any get together.
  • Portability: Although Margaritaville coolers hold a substantial amount of drinks, it doesn’t mean you can’t move the cooler if the party shifts to another area of your yard. Enjoy a rolling stainless steel model with a cooler that detaches from its base. It makes it easier for you to set up, and easy-grip handles make transporting it a cinch.
  • Durability: Whether you choose stainless steel or durable poplar wood, these backyard coolers are manufactured to stand up to the elements and last season after season. A powder coated base keeps rust and corrosion at bay, while durable outdoor paint adds another layer of protection.

Chill Out with Versatile Margaritaville Patio Coolers

These tropical backyard coolers are packed with features you can’t live without. Choose from a 2-in-1 table and cooler, complete with a galvanized tub to keep your beverages fresh. You’ll appreciate the additional bottom tray for extra storage every time you host a bash. The towel bar is incredibly convenient, along with the rust-proof drainage cap when it’s time to pack everything away.

Margaritaville coolers are optimal for any outdoor get together, and built to stand up to the elements. But they’re so beautifully designed, you may want to use them to accent a room inside your house for additional coastal vibes. No matter the occasion, these backyard cooler options are sure to bring the island lifestyle everywhere you go.