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Stunning and Durable Hard Top Gazebos

Need a space for your jacuzzi our backyard furniture? A hard top gazebo offers great shelter and shade for your backyard space.

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Hardtop Gazebos with Function and Style

Adding a hard top garden gazebo is the perfect way to add shade and improve your backyard aesthetic easily and affordably. Not only that, but a well built and durable backyard gazebo like an outdoor hardtop gazebo can even contribute to increasing your home’s property value. Whether you are looking for an area to cook hotdogs for the family barbecue, or you want a simple place to relax after you’re done gardening, SOJAG has you covered. Choose from a variety of hard roof gazebo options available in polycarbonate or steel and that will last for seasons to come.


Hard Top Wall-Mounted Gazebos for the Deck or Patio

A hard top wall-mounted gazebo can upgrade your backyard deck or patio by creating a cover that provides protection from the rain, snow, and the sun’s harmful UV rays. SOJAG hardtop wall-mounted gazebos are attached to an exterior wall of your home. They have powder-coated aluminum frames that provide stylish support, and galvanized steel or polycarbonate roofs to deliver protection from the elements. Wall-mounted gazebos are also strong enough to withstand snowstorms in the winter.

On hot days you can enjoy a cool breeze blowing through the three open sides of your hard top wall-mounted gazebo. On cool evenings, you can get added protection from bugs or cold weather by using mosquito netting or curtains. You can enclose the hard roof gazebo to create a sheltered space and extend your outdoor season well into the fall or winter.


Hard Top Freestanding Gazebos for the Favorite Area of your Backyard

A hard top freestanding gazebo can be installed to create a shady spot anywhere in your yard. Unlike wall-mounted gazebos, freestanding gazebos are completely self-supporting structures, which means you can place them wherever you’d like to create a shady area. Hard top freestanding outdoor gazebos are open on all four sides to give you an unobstructed view of your beautiful backyard space, and unlimited air circulation. Just like hard top wall-mounted gazebos, hard top freestanding gazebos have quality aluminum frames, galvanized steel roofs, mosquito netting, and optional curtains to provide the perfect amount of protection.

Hard top freestanding backyard gazebos can be installed on the patio or deck, on a concrete foundation, or even on a flat grassy area in your yard. Before installing your freestanding steel hardtop gazebo, use our anchor guide to find out which anchors will safely secure your outdoor gazebo. A backyard gazebo will add a touch of elegance to your backyard design and it will quickly become your family’s favorite place to hang out.


Hard Top Grill Gazebos to Protect the Chef

A hard top grill gazebo takes the style and elegance of a hardtop metal gazebo and includes additional functionality. Hard top grill gazebos are perfect for any grill master looking to up the aesthetic of their backyard patio or deck. They offer ample protection for grills and can be used as a stylish grill cover year-round. In addition, your hardtop grill gazebo will offer your BBQ chef protection from the elements and convenient and practical areas for food prep and serving.

Hard top grill gazebos feature a strong galvanized steel roof that will keep wind, rain, and harmful UV rays away from you, your grill, and your food. The galvanized and powder coated steel frame and roof of the hard top grill gazebo prevents corrosion ad rust, so your gazebo investment will look great season after season. Hard top grill gazebos features a shelf on both sides, offering an added layer of convenience and prep area.


How to Use a Hardtop Gazebo

Whether it’s for a family gathering, or for downtime in your backyard space, an outdoor hardtop gazebo can be used in your backyard space in so many ways. On top of being used to cover a sitting or dining area, a hard roof gazebo can be a very versatile backyard shade structure.

If you have a swimming pool, then a hard top gazebo could be the perfect place to escape the sun’s harmful rays. Used as a pool cabana, your gazebo can provide a poolside sitting area, a place to recline in your beach chair, or a cover for your poolside bar. The curtains of the gazebo can be closed to provide your guests some privacy while they change.

If you have a hot tub, you will want to keep it protected by more than just a cover. A steel hardtop gazebo will protect you from the sun’s damaging UV rays, and the curtains will offer you some privacy. When the hot tub is not in use, the curtains can be drawn to keep potential pool-hoppers from knowing it’s there.

A wall-mounted gazebo can be a great outdoor viewing room for your family and friends to stream a movie, a concert, or the big game. Just mount a flat panel television screen to the wall of your house and set up your patio furniture or portable chairs like it’s your personal theater.

Also, a steel hardtop gazebo can make a great cover for your outdoor kitchen. The gazebo will protect your investment, family, and guests from the rain, snow, and sun, and can allow you to extend the use of your outdoor kitchen beyond the summer months.


Polycarbonate Gazebos with Modern Flair

For a hardtop gazebo with a classic look and sleek design, polycarbonate options will match with your home seamlessly. The polycarbonate roof let sunlight in while keeping out harmful ultraviolet rays. The Meridien boasts an ultra-strong body made of powder coated aluminum that is rust-resistant. You can adapt this option to the size of your table, and as an added bonus, a durable and premium quality mosquito net is included. Our selection of hard roof gazebos with polycarbonate roofing panels make them durable, rust resistant options for anyone looking for multi-season shelter.


Versatile Steel Hardtop Gazebos

Many of our outdoor hardtop gazebos for sale feature galvanized steel roofing that is corrosion and rust resistant, making these premium steel shelters you can leave up in your backyard year-round. These units can provide excellent protection against harmful UV rays, as well as other inclement weather like light rain. Excellent for entertaining or as a relaxation space for down-time, our steel hardtop gazebos are excellent multi-weather shelter solutions that are manufactured to last season after season as a dining room table for friends, or a relaxation area when you have company.

Many of our outdoor hardtop gazebos for sale feature different options and boast different features. The South Beach models, for example, boast three different choices of roof styles, and come in gorgeous charcoal and light grey colors. Other steel choices give you a perfect place to store your food if you’re grilling for company. The Ventura BBQ Grill offers great protection for you and your grill, and offers counter space for food prep where you need it most. Many of our other hard roof gazebos feature premium powder coated aluminum frames that not only offer protection from rust and corrosion, but are also made to last season after season.


Hardtop Gazebos with a Twist

If you love the idea of an outdoor hardtop gazebo for your backyard space, but want something a little outside of the box, or something that could serve as an extension of your home, the Portland may be the perfect option for you. The Portland is a wall mounted option that will add character and more living space to your backyard, and it features a durable nylon mosquito netting that attaches easily and protects you and your guests from pesky bugs and wind and inclement weather.


Outdoor Hardtop Gazebo Clearance Sales

Looking for additional savings on an outdoor hardtop gazebo? Check the SOJAG website for hardtop gazebo clearance sales. When there is a hardtop gazebo clearance sale, those price reductions will be posted on this site.