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On the job site and need a safe space to keep your tools protected? ShelterLogic, Arrow Storage Products and ShelterTech offer portable shelter solutions to meet your shelter and storage needs. Need more space for large projects or construction work? ShelterTech buildings provide an easy-to-use shelter for construction site storage or on-site work space.
The ShelterTech lets you customize a construction site tent with the ideal dimensions to house bulk supplies, shelter workers on the job, and more. Configure yours up to 100 ft. long! Easy to utilize our all-weather shelter for year-round productivity. Portable enough to take with you to any job site. Choose from custom configurable options. High grade construction and materials make our buildings durable, reliable and long-lasting construction site tents that will last with you job after job.

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Construction Tent Options to Protect Your Equipment 

Construction sites have everchanging storage needs based on the phase of the project and tools utilized throughout the process. Protecting construction equipment is important for a number of reasons, including saving money, staying organized, and keeping on deadline. While a construction supervisor can choose to utilize rental storage containers to stay organized and protect items, a construction site tent can be a cost-effective alternative that can be used over and over again for ultimate versatility. There are multiple options to choose from based on your storage needs and budget. 

How Shelters Help Construction Sites 

A sturdy and reliable outdoor storage building for construction materials is crucial to keeping a job on deadline while offering a safe area to store materials and stay organized. There are several ways a construction site tent will benefit your project, including: 

  • Protecting equipment from thieves: Unfortunately, theft on construction sites is common. Expensive equipment and materials are an attractive sight to thieves looking to make a quick buck. It is important to store everything from your construction site safely inside a shelter to help prevent thieves from gaining entry and swiping equipment. Theft can contribute to delays in completion dates which could lead to budget overruns.  
  • Shielding equipment and materials from the elements: Anything from heavy rain to humidity and dirt can take a toll on construction equipment and materials. Keeping these items inside of a shelter can save money on repairs and material losses throughout the length of your project. 
  • Organization: Practicing proper organization will help keep your project on time and on budget. Maximizing your construction site organization is simple by utilizing a construction tent to keep materials where you need them. 
  • Save money: There are a variety of ways the addition of a construction tent can save your business money. Instead of purchasing high-cost standalone buildings for your property or rental storage containers, purchasing a fabric or metal shelter is a more cost-effective option. This choice can save you money on lost and stolen items while increasing productivity thanks to a boost in organization.
  • Worker safety: Construction workers can benefit greatly from the addition of shelters on any job site. In addition to utilizing it in case of severe weather, these shelters also provide a level of organization and tidiness that contributes to a safer workplace in general.
  • Store bulk supplies: Having supplies all in one container elevates convenience while decluttering your job site providing an overall more effective environment for getting the job done on time. 

Metal Construction Shelters for Work Sites 

If you are in the market for a strong metal construction shelter to store anything from vehicles to supplies, you will enjoy a fully customizable option to fit your budget. These all-weather storage solutions are ideal when you need a spacious place to protect materials and even construction workers from the elements. Features and benefits of a metal construction shelter include: 

  • Multiple sizes: Whether you need a compact storage solution or a spacious option for multiple vehicles, these metal shelter options offer a variety of choices to fit any need. Choose from options as long as 31 ft. and as wide as 14 ft. 
  • Wide door: The ultra-wide roll up door design allows for larger equipment to move in and out with ease, which is important to the safety of workers at your job site. 
  • Sturdy steel: Manufactured with rugged galvanized steel, these metal construction buildings provide unmatched strength when you need to protect your valuables on a work site or keep heavy machinery from being exposed to the elements.
  • Attractive aesthetic: Choose from a two-tone finish in aesthetically pleasing earth tones to provide a professional look to any property. Don’t just add a reliable place to store construction equipment. Offer a gorgeous addition to any site with thoughtfully designed construction storage options. 
  • Simple assembly: When compared to standalone buildings that will take months to build, these options take a matter of days. The pre-cut and pre-drilled parts make DIY simple for a fast addition to your property with less down time. 

Sturdy Fabric Construction Tent Options  

Fabric construction tent options are a more cost-effective alternatives to both permanent standalone buildings and metal sheds on the worksite. These storage solutions provide maximum strength with all-steel frame construction and ripstop tough fabric. The biggest benefit to choosing a fabric construction tent over an all-metal solution is the ability to disassemble and reassemble when needed. Here are the features that make owning a fabric construction tent worth it for your next job. 

  • Portable: Whether you need to move your construction equipment storage to another spot on your current worksite, or transfer it to a separate property altogether, reassembling is a snap with fabric construction tents. This can also save you money on future jobs knowing you won’t have to purchase an all new storage unit when you need reliable storage on the go. 
  • Affordable: Fabric shelters are more affordable when compared to their all-steel counterparts, which makes it an attractive option when trying to trim any construction budget. You will reap all the benefits of secure construction storage without the huge price tag when you decide on a fabric shelter.
  • Multiple sizes and shapes: Fabric construction tent models can be completely customized based on your storage needs, with ultra-spacious options up to 100 ft. long to store multiple vehicles, bulk items, tools, or anything else that needs to stay tidy and organized throughout the length of your job. 
  • Fast assembly: Fabric buildings come together lightning fast thanks to patented ShelterLock stabilizers and Easy Slide Cross rails for simple assembly with a sleek finished product. Putting together these fabric construction tents take a fraction of the time of their all-metal counterparts. 
  • Snow and wind load rated: Just because these storage solutions are made from fabric doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly rugged. Choose from options that can withstand over 100 mph winds and 35 psf snow load ratings. If rough weather is a possibility, there are a variety of construction tents with exceptional strength to choose from. 
  • Waterproof covers: The ripstop tough polyethylene covers are 100% waterproof and UV treated inside and out. This means you can rest assured the cover and the contents inside will be protected from harsh UV rays as well as moisture that can lead to long term damage.
  • Strong all-metal frames: The frames are constructed with galvanized steel which staves off rust and corrosion for all-around strength and stability season after season. The heavy duty 2 in. diameter steel provides incredible durability to protect everything at your construction site. 
  • Replacement options: Purchasing a fabric storage solution for construction sites will provide a stable shelter for years to come. If it experiences wear and tear through the seasons, there is a ShelterLogic Replacement Cover Program to elongate the life of your fabric construction tent.  

Construction Storage for Every Budget 

Whether you are on a tight budget and need a compact storage solution, or in the market for a spacious shelter for vehicles and large construction equipment, ShelterLogic has a variety of options that will fit your needs and budget. From fabric to all-metal solutions, these units provide unmatched durability, strength, and versatility no matter the season.