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    20 x 30 Gazebo Party Tent
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    Party Tent with Enclosure Kit
    • 100% galvanized steel frame
    • Heavy-duty fire-rated PVC fabric
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    Party Tent
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While you plan your next outdoor event, are you prepared for whatever the weather may bring? With a heavy duty outdoor party tent from ShelterLogic, the party goes on rain or shine.

Pop Up Party Tents Make Hosting Your Next Outdoor Event Easy

Pop up heavy duty party tents allow you and your guests to enjoy outdoor weddings, parties, corporate events, and more in a cool, relaxed and sophisticated environment. Protect yourself and your guest from the sweltering summer heat or inclement weather that could rain down on your parade with waterproof PVC fabric that offers protection against UV rays.

Featuring 100% galvanized steel for superior strength and 100% waterproof heavy-duty fire-rated PVC fabric, ShelterLogic Party Tents deliver durable and reliable shade and shelter you can utilize virtually anywhere. Our party canopies offer tool-free assembly and a decorative design for a stylish weather solution in a cinch.

Choose Your Perfect Party Tent

Look no further for affordable, attractive, and useful canopy party tents for your next outdoor event. Utilize our classic 10 x 20 ft. party tent to enjoy elegant shade at smaller events. Or cover your entire guest list with the spacious 20 x 20 ft. tent canopy. Upgrade either with a fitted enclosure kit with convenient clear PVC windows and two double zipper doors for more privacy and multiple entry options. Find enclosure kits, anchors, and much more for your party tent in our outdoor shade accessories section. Whether you need shade and shelter in your backyard or next event, ShelterLogic has stylish and spacious tents for every outdoor occasion.

Party Tents Frequently Asked Questions

How do you size a party tent?

The party tent size you need will depend on the number of guests, seating or standing arrangements, as well as other items that will be placed under the tent. That being said, a general rule of thumb is accounting for 10-12 square feet per person, ensuring there is enough room for each guest to be seated comfortably at a table.

Here are a few more things to consider when choosing a size for your heavy duty party tent:

  1. Seating styles: The first thing you will need to consider is how your guests will sit beneath your party tent, as well as how many seats and tables you want to accommodate for. Will your guests be arranged in theater style seating with several rows of forward-facing chairs? Or will your guests be seated around round or rectangular tables? If so, how large will the tables be and how many chairs do you plan on having around each table? Remember to account for 3 feet of space between tables and isles for walking room and wheel chair clearance.
  2. Standing room: You will also want to account for standing room under your party tent if you plan on having cocktail bar tables, a dance floor, buffet line, open bar, or space for socializing. Generally, 6-10 square feet per person is a good rule of thumb when calculating space for standing room.
  3. DJ booth or stage: If you plan on hosting a DJ or live music at your events, you’ll also want to take that into consideration when investing in a party tent. Space requirements will vary, as each DJ or band has their own set up. Consider saving 100-200 square feet for entertainment, but make sure to confirm precise square footage requirements.
  4. Buffet lines: For buffet-style meals, it is important to account for the number of buffet lines, the size of the buffet tables, as well as standing room.

What size tent do I need for 50 guests?

The exact tent size you need for 50 guests will depend on your seating or standing arrangements, as well as whether or not you will need extra space for DJ booths, buffet lines, bar tables and dance floor arrangements. However, based on the rule of saving 10-12 square feet of space per guest, a 20x30 foot party tent should comfortably accommodate 50 guests.

How do you heat a party tent?

The covers of ShelterLogic tents are fire rated, so a torpedo heater or small space heater may be used to heat the inside of the tent in cooler conditions. We do not advise using any kind of open flame sources inside of the tent.

Can the tent be left up for frequent use?

Although our party tents are heavy-duty and built tough to withstand the elements, we do not recommend leaving them up year-round or for extended periods of time. If the tent is set up during snowy conditions, we suggest brushing off any snow accumulation on the roof. In severe weather conditions, we suggest storing the tent or, at the least, removing the cover to prevent damage. To discuss this question in more detail, please feel free to call us at 1-800-932-9344.