SOJAG: Manufacturer of Stylish and Modern Backyard Gazebos and Solariums

Since 1993, SOJAG has developed and distributed sun shelters, solariums and outdoor furniture. Our products are top-of-the line, premium quality outdoor lifestyle items that can be found at many vendors throughout North America. As an industry leader, we are passionate about providing superior products that will help you transform your outdoor space, extend summer seasons and create an incomparable relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests.

Using only fine quality materials and innovative designs, we offer avant-garde structures that will last for years to come.

With over 20 years of experience, quality customer service and support, and over 400,000 replacement parts in stock, we look forward to helping you extend the lifespan of your product. At SOJAG we are dedicated to maximizing your outdoor quality of life – let us help you rediscover your yard !


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Structures Sold in 2017

Innovations in Shade, Shelter and Storage

AccelaFrame™ Quick Assembly

The revolutionary design of the AccelaFrame™ System allows quicker assembly and disassembly while retaining an overall stronger building. The pre-assembled ribs simply unfold and lock with an easy press of a lever.

AccelaFrame™ Quick AssemblyAccelaFrame™ Quick Assembly
ShelterLock™ Steel StabilizersShelterLock™ Steel Stabilizers

ShelterLock™ Steel Stabilizers

Patented ShelterLock™ Steel Stabilizers add 3X the frame strength and stability as the original.

Ratchet-Tite™ Tensioning System

For ease of installation – unique Ratchet-Tite at every corner leg ensures a drum tight cover and door panel attachment to shelter frame. Quality ratchet and web strap components make it easy to keep your cover tight and neat looking.

Ratchet-Tite™ Tensioning SystemRatchet-Tite™ Tensioning System
Easy Slide Cross Rail™ SystemEasy Slide Cross Rail™ System

Easy Slide Cross Rail™ System

Best-in-class feature makes initial and continual cover tightening a reality. Bolt together brackets allow easy access to pressure points and deliver optimal shelter performance.

Advanced Engineered Fabric

It’s not a Tarp. It’s Advanced Engineered Fabric. Our shelter covers are triple-layer woven polyethylene that are tear-resistant. UV treated inside and out with added fade blockers, anti-aging, anti-fungal and anti-yellowing agents.

Advanced Engineered FabricAdvanced Engineered Fabric

Discover SOJAG Products

Hard Top GazebosHard Top Gazebos
Hard Top Gazebos

Hard Top Gazebos

Stylish and durable aluminum and steel gazebos made to last season after season.

Soft Top GazebosSoft Top Gazebos
Soft Top Gazebos

Soft Top Gazebos

Attractive designs and functional shade, offer stunning shade to any backyard.

Grill GazebosGrill Gazebos
Grill Gazebos

Grill Gazebos

Cover your grill and enhance your prep area with an attractive and durable grill gazebo.

ShelterLogic Commercial Buildings and Greenhouses

Discover tough-made, custom configurable premium buildings and shelters. Made to order, manufactured in the U.S.A., and made using top-of-the line materials. Build your own today.

ShelterLogic Commercial Buildings and GreenhousesShelterLogic Commercial Buildings and Greenhouses
ShelterLogic Commercial Buildings and Greenhouses