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Re-Discover Your Backyard with These Fall Backyard Essentials

From stunning gazebos, to durable carports: we've got everything you need to create the ultimate fall backyard oasis.

Outdoor Storage and Shelter

From wind and snow rated garages and shelters, to custom configurable buildings. Sheltering your valuables has never been easier. Check out our unique lines of outdoor storage and shop what's right for you.

ShelterTech All-Season Shelters

Choose your size, build yor own. Our line of ShelterTech all-weather shelters are perfect for vehicle storage. Shelter your valuables with a reliable, configurable building.

Sojag Everest Garage

Premium grade, available in multiple sizes. The Everest Garage from SOJAG is an attractive and durable wind and snow rated garage. Perfect storage for any season.

Arrow Carport

Tough-weather carport, perfect for every season. The Arrow Carport offers durable, wind and snow rated protection for cars, boats, trucks, and much more.

Stunning Gazebos and Solariums

Entertain outdoors with attractive and sturdy solariums and gazebos from SOJAG.


Choose from a variety of attractive designs and upgrade backyard entertaining.


Discover stunning styles and create a secluded haven for backyard entertaining.

Firewood and Hearth

From firewood seasoning must-haves to hearth accessories, we've got attractive and affordable solutions to make prepping firewood easier and tending to it more fun.

Ultra Duty Firewood Rack

Choose from our selection of firewood storage racks and start prepping firewood even sooner.

Arrow Firewood Rack

All-steel, corrosion resistant firewood rack designed to store and shelter firewood through the cold weather season.

Firewood Seasoning Shed

Keep firewood organized and get it ripe for kindling with the Firewood Seasoning Shed from ShelterLogic.

Backyard Furniture and Seating

Don't forget to enjoy your backyard space with attractive patio furniture pieces, portable chairs, and outdoor accessories.

RIO Innovations Woody Surf Co. Adirondack Chair

Attractive, durable, and stylish: the Woody Surf Co. Adirondack Chair compliments any backyard space. Discover this unique collection.

Heavy Duty Folding Chair

Durable and portable folding chairs are great for tailgating, backyard events, camping, and much more. Set them up easily in your backyard and enjoy the crisp fall season.

Re-Discover Your Backyard This Fall

Fall Backyard Essentials

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  1. $3,449.99
  2. Model #CPHC202907
    Arrow Carport, 20 ft. x 29 ft. x 7 ft. Charcoal
    Arrow Storage Products
  3. Model #CPHC202407
    Arrow Carport, 20 ft. x 24 ft. x 7 ft. Charcoal
    Arrow Storage Products
  4. Model #CPH202907
    Arrow Carport, 20 ft. x 29 ft. x 7 ft. Eggshell
    Arrow Storage Products
  5. Model #CPH202407
    Arrow Carport, 20 ft. x 24 ft. x 7 ft. Eggshell
    Arrow Storage Products
  6. Model #CPHC202007
    Arrow Carport, 20 ft. x 20 ft. x 7 ft. Charcoal
    Arrow Storage Products
  7. Model #CPH202007
    Arrow Carport, 20 ft. x 20 ft. x 7 ft. Eggshell
    Arrow Storage Products
  8. 4 Options Available
    Mykonos II Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo
    • PVC coated mosquito netting included
    • Rust resistant powder coated aluminum
    From $2,189.99
  9. 2 Options Available
    Genova II Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo
    From $2,069.99
  10. From $269.99
  11. From $209.99
  12. Model #TC54SS-1
    Stainless Steel Cooler, 54 qt.
    Camp & Go
    • Rubber grips for easy carrying
    • Integrated bottle opener
  13. Model #T648-1
    Aluminum Camp Table, 25 in. x 48 in.
    Camp & Go
    • Holds up to 400 lbs.
    • Lightweight and easy transport
  14. Model #T456-1
    Expandable Camping Table
    Camp & Go
  15. Model #RC200SSMV-09-1
    Margaritaville Rolling Oval Stainless Steel Cooler, 77 qt. Margaritaville Chill
    • Bottom tray adds storage space
    • Integrated bottle opener
  16. Clearance
    RIO Beach Wonder Cart, Beach Cart
    Model #BCT101-1
    RIO Beach Wonder Cart, Beach Cart
    RIO Brands
  17. 2 Options Available
    Heavy Duty Folding Chair
    Quik Shade
    From $34.99

Items 1-20 of 60

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Take Back Your Backyard with Fall Backyard Essentials

The summer is over, and it’s time to put away the patio furniture, pool gear, toys, and everything else that’s cluttering up your yard. Fall is the perfect time to take back your backyard, and we have the perfect storage solutions to help you do it, as well as the fall backyard essentials you’ll need to get ready for the winter.

Metal Buildings and Portable Garages for All Storage Needs

Whether you need to put away pool noodles and patio cushions for the winter or get your lawn equipment and classic cars out from under tarps, we have the right-size outdoor storage units that are built to last.

Our tough metal garages can be configured to store anything you need to put away for the winter: pick-up trucks, cars, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, bikes, lawn mowers, and more. These metal garages have roll-up front doors and lockable side doors for secure and easy access. Our metal buildings have attractive finishes that make them corrosion-resistant and add to their overall strength. Some are even wind and snow load rated and can take on the roughest weather.

We also make durable wind and snow load rated portable garages that have galvanized steel frames and ripstop tough fabric covers. Despite their mighty strength, portable garages are simple to assemble. These configurable portable garages can address your needs for a fraction of the cost of the cost of a permanent structure.

Our durable metal carports are great for sheltering trucks, SUVs, cars, playground equipment, picnic tables, people, and more from the sun, the weather, and anything else that can fall from the sky. You can place them anywhere in your backyard, or on a patio or driveway, to keep your valuables protected.

Whether you have a huge backyard or a tight space, you’ll find a rugged metal shed to fit your specific needs. Our metal sheds are perfect for storing lawn mowers, rakes, leaf blowers, and all the tools you’ll use to clean up your yard this fall. You can also use our metal sheds to store your patio furniture, market umbrellas, bikes, and more. We make tough rust- and corrosion-resistant metal sheds that are designed to stand up against a fence or home, as well as spacious models for the middle of your backyard. Our metal sheds have sturdy steel frames, sides, and roofs, and are built to last for years to come.

Our steel deck boxes are perfect for storing patio accessories, sports equipment, summer toys, and more. Made for the deck, patio, pool, or garage, they are also attractive enough to use in your living room or family room.

Premium Firewood Storage for Longer, Hotter Fires

Whether you’re chopping down trees on your property or having a few cords of wood delivered, we have the fall essentials you’ll need to get your firewood ready for the fall and winter. From sturdy seasoning sheds to durable firewood racks, our premium firewood storage products will help you burn fires hotter and longer this and every year.

We have seasoning sheds in a variety of sizes to fit anywhere in your backyard. They are designed to create burnable wood fast: two times faster than open air drying, dependent on geography and seasons. They have stable steel frames, a translucent fabric cover that allows light and retains heat, and a vapor barrier to keep excess ground moisture out.

Once your firewood is properly seasoned, you’ll need one of our sturdy steel firewood racks to keep it that way. They are used to keep your seasoned firewood off the ground and under cover during the fall burning season or all year long. Our firewood racks have an open-air design to allow for continued seasoning and easy access to your firewood.

Whether you’re bringing your treated firewood from the seasoning shed to the firewood rack or the firewood rack to the hearts, it will be easier to move with a rolling firewood cart. They have super sturdy metal frames and all terrain tires to make moving wood a simple task. Our rolling firewood carts are easy to assemble and stand up to the elements.

Celebrate Completed Fall Clean-Up With These Shade Solutions

Once you’re done setting up your durable metal storage unit and getting your firewood ready for the season, you’ll want to kick back and enjoy the rest of your fall. Our strong metal gazebos and solariums, sturdy pop-up canopies, and rugged chairs are perfect for when you want to kick back, relax, and enjoy your backyard space.

A solarium is terrific for making your patio a functional, usable room all year round. Our strong, sturdy aluminum solariums have steel roofs, PVC windows, and mosquito screens, and keeps you and your family sheltered from the sun and harsh, unpredictable weather.

You can get more use out of your patio or deck with the addition of a metal gazebo. Whether you choose a gazebo with a steel hard top or a fabric soft top roof, you’ll be protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays, inclement weather, and more. Our gazebos come with durable mosquito netting: you can add a set of curtains to block the wind and sun and give it a more intimate setting.

A pop-up canopy can be used anywhere in your backyard to celebrate the fall season. They have sturdy steel frames and rugged polyester covers to keep you protected from the sun’s harmful rays. They come with a portable carry bag for easy storage and take just a few minutes to set up and take down.

Our comfortable portable folding chairs are terrific to use in the backyard under your gazebo or pop-up canopy on a crisp fall day. They have a sturdy steel frame and a high-quality stain and moisture-resistant polyester fabric. They include mesh cup holders for your drink, and conveniently fold into a carry bag for easy storage.