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Equine + Livestock

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Affordable Shelter for Livestock, Feed, and More

Whether you want to protect your horse or its feed from the elements, shop ShelterLogic for affordable, practical equine shelter solutions.

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    Enclosure Kit for Corral Shelter
    From $99.99
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    Run-In Shelter
    • Premium powder-coated finish resists chipping corrosion
    • Protects animals from the elements
    From $889.99
  4. From $449.99
  5. $379.99
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    Corral Shelter, Galvanized 12 ft. x 12 ft.
    • 100% ASTM A500 galvanized steel
    • Universal cover attachment for corral gates and panels
    From $1,299.99
  7. ON SALE!
    Storage Shelter, 12 ft. x 20 ft. x 8 ft.
    Model #71534
    Storage Shelter, 12 ft. x 20 ft. x 8 ft.
    • $349.99
    • $669.99

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    Practical, Affordable Shelter for Livestock, Horses, and More

    Are you looking to protect your horse from the sun, rain, and heat, but don’t have thousands of dollars laying around to pay for a wood run-in shed? For a fraction of the cost, you can get a super high-quality run-in shelter or corral shelter from ShelterLogic. Our dependable, functional livestock sheds are made of durable steel and rugged fabric and are designed with the health and safety of your animals in mind.

    Why Choose ShelterLogic for your Equine and Livestock Needs?

    ShelterLogic has developed a variety of exceptional, practical shelter products for farmers, ranchers, and anyone who cares for animals to use on the farm. From inventive corral shelters that attach to existing corral panels to tough, sturdy run-in shelters, you can depend on a quality equine and livestock shelter from ShelterLogic to protect your horses, livestock, farm equipment, feed, and more.

    Durable and Practical ShelterLogic Run-In Shelters

    A ShelterLogic run-in shelter are perfect for protecting horses, livestock, feed, and field equipment. They have a high-grade powder coated steel frame that resists chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion, and a durable polyethylene cover that’s treated inside and out to take on the weather. You can set it up in the pasture, so your horses have a place escape the weather and the sun’s damaging UV rays. You can also use one to store farming equipment and feed to keep it safe and dry.

    Convenient, Innovative Corral Shelter Kits

    ShelterLogic’s innovative and convenient corral shelter kits attach to your existing corral panel tubes to keep horses and livestock protected from the sun, weather, and heat. You can set one up anywhere to protect horses, livestock, and feed from the elements. Practical and tough, these portable shelters have sturdy steel frames and ripstop tough waterproof fade resistant fabric covers. You can add a ShelterLogic corral enclosure kit and provide animals additional protection from the wind.

    Storage Shelters for your Farm Storage Needs

    Our rugged storage shelters are built with farming in mind. The portable structures are easy to set up and take down as needed. They have steel tube frames that protected with a chip, peel, rust, and corrosion resistant powder coating, and covers made of triple layered ripstop tough woven polyethylene fabric. Double zippered door panels provide security and allow easy drive-through access from both ends of the unit. Our storage shelters are great for keeping hay, bulk items, heavy equipment, and more protected and secured from the elements.

    Choose ShelterLogic for Dependable Quality

    ShelterLogic uses the best materials available to create best-in-class equine and livestock shelters. Not only that, our products come with clearly labeled parts and easy to follow instructions, so your shelter is ready to build right out of the box. With durable steel frames, heavy-duty covers, excellent engineering, and simple assembly, ShelterLogic’s equine and livestock shelter products are among the finest in the sector!