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Car Storage

Need the ultimate car storage or car shelter? Whether you are looking to keep that classic car under cover, or you simply need an extra garage for your property, you can look to our car storage buildings for the perfect solution. Discover a range of more temporary and portable car storage shelter solutions, or custom configurable car storage for your property. We offer wind and snow rated options for your car storage that will last season after season and offer durable and reliable protection for your vehicle. Discover our car storage options and choose the one that best fits your needs today.

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Strong and Reliable Car Storage for Every Budget 

Storing a car in a garage is one of the simplest ways to protect and preserve your investment. Whether you need to stow away a classic car for a long period of time, or simply need to shelter an everyday vehicle, a reliable storage garage can pay dividends in the long run by shielding it from sun, wind, rain, and other elements that can take its toll on your car. There are a variety of different types of storage solutions ideal for storing a car from fabric to metal that can fit any budget. 

Reasons to Use a Car Garage 

If you are deciding whether storing a car is worth it, you’ll be surprised to realize how many different benefits can come from utilizing a standalone car garage. Here are a few benefits to purchasing a car garage for your property as opposed to parking your car on the street or outside of a shelter. 

  • Protection from theft: It is more difficult for thieves to break into or steal your car when it is out of site. If your vehicle is inside a locked car garage, it also provides an extra layer of security when compared to parking an automobile in the street where it is more easily susceptible to theft and damage. 
  • Save money on insurance: When shopping for car insurance, ask if the company provides a garage discount. Some insurance companies will deduct money from your premium because a storage garage can often protect your vehicle from damage, which means you could make fewer claims. 
  • Weather protection: Nothing can wreak havoc on a vehicle like rough weather. Rain, snow, extreme heat, sand, and other environmental hazards can cause serious damage to your vehicle. 
  • Longer engine life: Storage for vehicles isn’t only used to keep your car looking pristine. The protection a car garage offers will also keep your engine in better shape, and your car running longer assuming you keep up on routine maintenance as well. 
  • Convenience: How many times have you had to scrape ice or snow off the windshield of your vehicle? Storing a car inside a storage garage will make your morning routine easier by protecting your automobile from winter’s fury. 
  • Save money on offsite storage: If you pay a monthly fee for a storage unit, purchasing an outdoor building for your vehicle will save money over the long term. Rather than spending a monthly fee for the foreseeable future, you can invest in a car garage to have easy access to your vehicle when you need it.  


Car Storage: Fabric or Metal Garage? 

When deciding on what car garage best fits your needs, it is important to know the benefits of both metal and fabric garages. While both are strong and reliable, one may fit your property or needs better than the other. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding between fabric or metal car garages. 

  • What is my budget? When making any investment, it’s important to stay within your budget. Fabric car storage options tend to be less expensive than their metal counterparts. Fabric storage solutions provide strong and reliable coverage at a value. If you want heavy duty protection and have a larger budget, a metal outdoor building might be ideal for your needs. 
  • Will I need to move my car garage in the future? If you anticipate needing to move your storage garage to another area of your property or an entirely new location, a fabric shed is your best option. Metal garages don’t have the capability to disassemble and reassemble like their fabric counterparts.
  • Do I need a building to withstand heavy wind or snow? If you live in a climate where you anticipate heavy snow or extreme wind, make sure to purchase a wind and snow load rated storage garage for ultimate protection of your vehicle. 


Metal Storage for Vehicles 

Storing a car in a Sojag or Arrow garage or an Arrow carport means your vehicle is protected by ultra-strong steel with incredible corrosion and rust resistance. These reliable outdoor buildings will last season after season thanks to the quality materials and all-steel construction. These storage garage options also offer: 

  • Stylish aesthetic: Choose from gorgeous metal car garages with two tone aesthetics that blend seamlessly into your outdoor area. These storage solutions offer a touch of elegance along with their impressive strength that also add curb appeal to your yard. 
  • Multiple sizes: Whether you are looking for a compact storage solution to fit one vehicle, or a more spacious area to add other belongings, you can choose from multiple sizes for the perfect fit to your property.
  • Simple assembly: With a little DIY know-how and a team of two, you can skip professional assembly thanks to precut and pre-drilled parts with your Arrow storage building. It takes a fraction of the time to assemble these sheds compared to adding on to an existing structure.
  • Roomy construction: Choose from storage garage options with ultra-tall walls and wide doors for easy access and increased vertical storage space for anything else you may want to store inside along with your vehicle. 
  • Rugged durability: The galvanized steel provides unmatched strength and durability to stand up to Mother Nature for ultimate protection. The high gable roof also keeps water from pooling on the roof offering an extra layer of protection to your storage solution and belongings inside. 


Fabric Storage Solutions with Deluxe Features 

Fabric storage solutions from ShelterLogic are some of the strongest options on the market thanks to high-quality polyethylene fabric that is built to last. These storage garage options are highly versatile and can be disassembled and assembled again anywhere depending on changing needs. Other incredible benefits include: 

  • Customization: Fabric car garages from ShelterLogic can be customized to fit your needs with different sizes, shapes, and strengths of fabric. From compact storage garage options to spacious fabric shelters, you can create the ideal solution to fit your needs. 
  • Weather resistant fabric: The ultra-strong fabric is UV treated inside and out and 100% waterproof for ultimate protection of your belongings. 
    Simple assembly: With a team of two, these car garages can be constructed in hours instead of days. This provides incredible convenience while saving money on professional assembly. 
  • Budget-friendly: When compared to creating a permanent building, storing a car in a fabric shelter is friendlier on the wallet yet still strong enough to protect your vehicle. 
  • Expandable: Choose from fabric options that can be expandable if your storage needs change. If you anticipate needing increased storage in the future, you can purchase a smaller product and add to it as you go with select models.
  • Wind and snow load rated: Choose from fabric buildings with a 35 PSF snow load rating that can withstand up to 100 mph.  


Custom Car Garages for Impressive Protection 

Whether you choose an all-metal car garage or a fabric shelter, each one comes with incredible strength, convenience, and durability. Your vehicles will be protected from the elements and also help combat theft and vandalism. When compared to constructing a permanent garage onto an existing structure or purchasing an offsite storage unit, these fabric and metal car garages will save you money and provide a safe storage solution for years to come.