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ShelterTech High Tunnel Greenhouse

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Commercial Greenhouse and High Tunnel Kits

Protect your plants and crops with a high tunnel commercial greenhouse kit from ShelterLogic. Configure you greenhouse today and get the size and specifications you want.

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    High Tunnel Greenhouse, Frame and End Panel Frame
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    High Tunnel Greenhouse, Full Kit
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    High Tunnel Greenhouse, Frame and Cover
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How do High Tunnel Greenhouses Work?

Greenhouses convert sunlight energy into heat, which is trapped inside the greenhouse giving the plants a warmer and more suitable environment. The sun’s rays enter the greenhouse where they are absorbed by plants and crops and turned into heat. The plants and crops release this heat into the greenhouse where it is trapped, therefore creating a warmer atmosphere. Depending on the size of your greenhouse, it may get too hot, which is where ventilation windows may come in handy.

Smaller, single plant greenhouses are known as cold frames. Cold frame greenhouses are typically much smaller and cover one or two plants. They still function like a typical greenhouse in that it provides shelter and warmth to the plants year round.

Configure a Commercial Greenhouse for Year Round Growing and Protection

If you’re looking to grow healthier plants faster in a controlled, protected environment, then you need a
ShelterTech High Tunnel Greenhouse. Our dependable, fully configurable high tunnel greenhouse kits
can be used to extend your growing season into the cooler weather and will help you get a head start on
seedlings before the next growing season. They help to keep plants and veggies protected from pests
like bugs, animals, and disease. Wildlife such a deer, bears, or even dogs can eat and ruin your plants. A cold frame greenhouse is a perfect solution to deter wildlife from disrupting your growth. Similarly, insects are less likely to enter your greenhouse and cause damage to your crops.

What Crops Can You Grow in a High Tunnel Greenhouse?

While there are multitude of crops that can be planted in a cold frame greenhouse, it is important to remember that cold frames do not supply additional heat, unlike modern greenhouses that may utilize electricity or gas to provide an additional heat source. That being said, you still have plenty of options when it comes to commercial greenhouse farming.


Feb – April (Early Spring)

·        Arugula

·        Broccoli

·        Spinach

·        Kale

·        Radishes

·        Chard

·        Lettuce

·        Cabbage

·        Cauliflower

·        Scallions


April – May (Late Spring)

·        Melons

·        Cantaloupe

·        Pumpkins

·        Tomatoes

·        Peppers

·        Eggplant

·        Corn

·        Beans

·        Celery

·        Squash



·        Cauliflower

·        Lettuce

·        Spinach

·        Kale

·        Radishes

·        Cabbage





Fully Customizable Sturdy Steel Frames and High-Tech Covers

Our high tunnel greenhouses are built to order and are made with tough galvanized steel frames and
super high-tech LUMINATE diffusion fabric covers. The frames are treated for maximum resistance
against corrosion and rust, and the LUMINATE covers are designed to diffuse light more evenly
compared to other greenhouse units on the market. If you’re looking to grow plants more economically
and efficiently, look no further than the ShelterTech High Tunnel Greenhouses.

Buy a Whole Kit, or Just What Your Need

Need a complete greenhouse kit? We have it! Don’t need a complete greenhouse kit? That’s okay: we
give you the option to choose what you need and to build your own. You can choose from four different
bundle options: just a frame, a frame and end panel kit, a frame and cover kit, or a full greenhouse kit.
Our high tunnel frames can be ordered in widths up to 38 ft. wide, lengths up to 100 ft., and with a
round or peak style roof as high as 15 ft.

Discover the ShelterLogic Group Difference

ShelterLogic Group takes pride in its products and strives to offer the best quality fabric high tunnel
greenhouses on the market. Our goal is to offer you the best high tunnel greenhouses and greenhouse
accessories for your needs at a great price. We also hope you’ll shop ShelterLogic Group for portable
sheds and garages, party tents and canopies, carports, camping essentials, tailgating necessities, and

Frequently Asked High Tunnel Greenhouse Questions: 

What is the difference between a high tunnel and a greenhouse?

The main difference between a high tunnel and a modern greenhouse is that high tunnel greenhouses utilize passive ventilation for cooling and air exchange. Modern greenhouses are typically equipped with electricity or gas to provide automated heating and ventilation.

How tall is a high tunnel greenhouse?

High tunnel greenhouses by ShelterLogic are either 11ft 6in or 12ft, depending on width and length. All ShelterLogic cold frames are fully customizable to desired specifications.  They can range from 18-34ft wide and 4-100ft long.

How hot is too hot in the high tunnel?

Certain crops such as peppers, tomatoes, and beans are susceptible to higher temperatures. Temperatures exceeding 85°F may cause certain crops like lettuce to not germinate. Proper ventilation in your cold frame greenhouse is vitally important to ensuring your crops stay healthy.