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  1. On Site Workshops: Storage and Shelter for Any Industry

    On Site Workshops: Storage and Shelter for Any Industry

    Businesses that conduct work outside require sturdy, dependable shelter to get the job done. Temporary buildings like fabric sheds, garages, canopies, and storage buildings make excellent on-site workshops for a variety of businesses.

    If your business is growing at a rapid pace, or it is simply outgrowing its existing space, a temporary building may be the right short-term solution.

    What Is a Temporary Building?

    Simply put, a temporary building is a structure that is not meant to be permanent. A temporary building like a garage, shed, or carport is cost-effective, and makes the perfect on-site workshop.

    There are a few ways that they differ from permanent structures.

    For example, the materials used to construct a temporary structure are different. While a permanent building could consist mostly of bricks, concrete, and lumber, a temporary building typically uses lighter-weight materials. However, that doesn’t mean a temporary structure is fragile: they are, indeed, built to last. Some temporary buildings are even wind and snow load rated*, which means they are ready to take on tough weather.

    Also, while they should always be anchored** for safety’s sake, temporary buildings do not need to be built atop a concrete slab or a wall foundation.

    Examples of temporary buildings include metal sheds, metal garages, fabric sheds, fabric garages, and canopy tents. While temporary, they are sturdy, stable, and require little maintenance. Temporary structures are easy to assemble and can be taken down or moved when the need arises...

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  2. From Greenhouses to Animal Shade: How These Affordable Farming Supplies Can Benefit Your Land

    From Greenhouses to Animal Shade: How These Affordable Farming Supplies Can Benefit Your Land
    Every farm, big and small has essential equipment that makes a farmer’s life easier and contributes to a successful season. But beyond that, these must-have agriculture tools increase output and benefit lives of the farmer and animals alike. Items like livestock shelters and greenhouses will enhance your ability to get the most out of your land. Here are some affordable farm supplies to add to your toolkit on the farm. However, many types of farming supplies can get expensive. Finding affordable farming supplies and solutions is often important for farmers to help them keep costs down, while simultaneously improving their output and efficiency in both farming and livestock cultivation.

    Affordable Farm Supplies for Increasing Crop Yield

    Some of the most useful farming supplies that help growers extend the amount of time they can cultivate crops are greenhouses. Some farmers may even choose to start certain crops in the greenhouse before transplanting. A greenhouse kit with a smaller footprint can help farmers in multiple different ways.
    “You can continuously be producing crops if you have a market for it,” says Kimberly Moore, PhD, Professor of Environmental Horticulture with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Moore says farmers already know how to maximize their yield in the field. But a greenhouse kit could allow farmers to continue to grow the crop when it can’t be in the field due to weather conditions. “If they have a niche market, they can be growing herbs for a local restaurant and create a specialty greenhouse,” she said.
    Smaller kits can also act as a trial period for farmers who haven’t tested a commercial greenhouse, but may expand in the future. “I suggest buying small first and really learn how to grow in one and control the light and humidity to maximize the effect,” Moore said.


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