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Replacement Covers

  1. Why Buy New? Extend the Life of Your ShelterLogic Garage When You Replace Your ShelterLogic Garage Cover

    garage cover | shelterlogic replacement covers

    Did You Know You Can Replace The Garage Cover to Many ShelterLogic Products?

    When we develop products at ShelterLogic...

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  2. Top 5 Fun Fall Backyard Activities

    fall activities | backyard activities

    The fall is a fun time to get outdoors and have a great time with the people you love hanging out with. But your fall fun doesn't have to be limited to...

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  3. 4 Simple and Easy Shed Repair Tips

    shed repair tips

    No matter how well you take care of it, after years of standing up to the elements, your backyard shed will eventually start to show its age. Properly...

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  4. How to Replace a Shelter, Garage or Shed Cover

    How to Replace a Shelter, Garage or Shed Cover

    Replace a Shelter, Garage or Shed Cover...

    When replacing a cover, squaring of the frame and anchoring is recommended. Please refer to the instruction manual.
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