Foundation & Anchoring Tips

Foundation & Anchoring Tips
March 21, 2023

Creating A Solid Foundation For Your Steel Shed

A proper foundation for your steel shed or garage can ensure a longer lifespan for your product.


Check out these helpful tips and accessories that are sure to help you keep your Arrow Storage Product in tiptop shape for years to come.

Arrow Storage Product Base Kits

Before assembling your Arrow product you’ll want to make sure you have a level base for the best possible assembly.


base kitsbase kits

About Base Kits

Our Base Kits are the perfect accessory to help you create the level base you’ll need to properly assemble your Arrow shed.


Base kits are available for many of our Arrow sheds.


The base kit must be assembled with your selected floor finishing option before you start to build your shed.


Use the flooring material that best suits your needs; you can choose from wood, patio blocks, gravel or concrete!


Size matters: find the base kit size for your shed.


NOTE: Arrow Base Kits do not include floor-finishing materials (If finishing with wood flooring, use exterior-grade plywood, measured to base kit dimensions.)


**Base Kits do not fit EZEE Shed, Sentry, Commander, Mountaineer, Yardsaver, or Vinyl Murryhill Series sheds.

About Floor Kits

Shed Floor kitsShed Floor kits

Arrow Steel Floor Frame Kits
An Arrow floor frame kit makes it easy to construct a raised floor inside of your shed. This is especially useful if your base is dirt, gravel or grass. Unlike the Base Kit, the Arrow floor frame kit is installed after your shed is completely assembled.

To protect your stored items, you should consider having a floor above the base in your shed.

If you are creating your own base, we recommend that you install a floor using an Arrow floor frame kit.

If you are using our base kit, your floor is installed directly on the base kit and you do not need a separate floor kit (although you could consider it).

The floor beams slot easily into the frame of your shed, providing an ideal framework for finishing with 5/8″ exterior-grade plywood.


NOTE: Does not include materials (Use 5/8″ exterior-grade plywood, measured to floor frame dimensions.)

About Anchoring

Shed AnchoringShed Anchoring

Arrow Anchor Kits
As with any large shelter, shed or garage; proper anchoring is essential in ensuring the safety and stability of your Arrow storage product. As such, you’ll want to choose the right anchor for your structure depending on your location and the ground material. For example, if you plan to have your Arrow shed on a concrete foundation, you will probably want to invest in our concrete anchors.


Remember; always choose the best anchor for your foundation and for your needs.


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