Condensation Tips

March 15, 2023

What Is Condensation?

Condensation is water that accumulates and occurs when moist air comes into contact with a surface that has a lower temperature. This will cause small water droplets to form on the cooler surface.

Condensation isn’t a problem in everyday life, but can become one if you’re looking to maintain your Arrow Shed over time. That’s why it’s important to control condensation.

To help you avoid condensation inside your shed or shelter, here are some helpful tips.

Wood condensationWood condensation

Tips On Controlling Condensation

The best way to control condensation over time is to ensure that it starts at the assembly process. Before assembling your Arrow steel shed or garage, you’ll want to keep these helpful tips in mind. This will likely reduce condensation in the future.

Gravel drainageGravel drainage

Before Building Assembly

Provide a well-drained base course such as crushed rock or gravel to help prevent moisture from permeating into the building through the base.

Provide for adequate ground water drainage away from the building’s base.

Divert rain and melting water accumulations away from the building’s base.

Install a continuous unbroken plastic vapor barrier between exposed ground surface and the building’s base.

Before building assemblyBefore building assembly

After Building Assembly

Move storage items away from walls to allow air to flow easily around the walls.

Create air passages around and between storage items for better air movement.

Divert standing water away from the base of the building.

Insulating your building can help! See next page for installation guidelines.

NOTE: It’s not always possible to remove all condensation from your building – but it is something that can be managed with adequate care of your Arrow Shed using these helpful tips.

Foam Insulation Placement

Looking to install foam within your steel shed?

Check out these best practices to help you properly place and position the foam inside of your shed:

Roof beams and air gapsRoof beams and air gaps

Shown is the typical placement of the foam insulation board. Allow for air gap between roof panels and foam insulation. Use aluminum tape to secure foam insulation.

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