Grower’s Guide: 4 Early Spring Gardening Tips

Grower’s Guide: 4 Early Spring Gardening Tips
March 06, 2018

As the winter season comes to a close and spring is just around the corner, we’re sure all you green thumbs out there are anxious to start your planting season. Well we’ve got good news –starting your spring gardening this month is completely possible! With a few useful tools and some careful planting, you can start working on your garden sooner rather than later. Check out these helpful tips for efficient and successful gardening right from the spring season’s start.

Early Spring Gardening – It’s About Preparation

You may be eager to grab your gloves, spade, and other gardening tools from storage and immediately get to work. But before you “spring” into the new season, make sure you properly prepare your outdoor space for easy gardening all season long. With that being said, clean up last season’s mess first and foremost. Winter probably left havoc in your yard – take care of that first. See what’s blown into your garden and clear it out. Pick up leftover foliage, pull overgrown weeds, and make sure your garden décor or accessories aren’t damaged if they weren’t put away for the season. Give pots and planters a good wash before starting new seedlings, and organize your garden shed sooner rather than later. Cut back perennials, aerate your lawn, and carefully fluff any mulch so as not to damage emerging bulbs underneath the surface.

Know Your Zone

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Winter’s end means very different climate expectations depending on your region. Even after the first official day of spring, the weather in your region may not be completely ideal for starting certain plants. Fragile seedlings and budding plants will not survive those particularly chilly mornings or evenings many regions experience the first few weeks of spring. We recommend you know and understand your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone. This helpful map indicates your region’s typical frost dates and average climate so you can plant accordingly the first few weeks of spring. If you’re itching to start planting now, check out this list of frost tolerant vegetables that could be planted sooner in your region.

Get a Head Start with a Raised Bed Garden

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Even as the temperatures rise, the ground is often still relatively frozen when spring begins, which makes getting a head start on the planting season extremely challenging. The digging, weed-pulling, and ground-tearing becomes much more grueling when the soil is completely solid and compacted after a long winter. But don’t give up just yet! A raised bed garden can help you start new seedlings frustration-free. A raised bed garden offers the ability to start planting vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers ahead of schedule with ease. With a raised bed, seedlings are placed in loose, aerated soil for optimum drainage and weed or pest control even as winter finishes thawing out. Check out our SpaceMaker Raised Bed Garden for a rot, insect, and weather-resistant gardening container – perfect for growing healthy plants virtually anywhere.

PRO TIP: Convert your raised bed garden into a mini-greenhouse for added insulation, airflow and temperature control this season. This innovative and useful accessory allows your plants to flourish in sufficient warmth even if the outdoors temperatures still haven’t reached highs yet.

Extend the Season with a Greenhouse

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For the ultimate way to extend your growing season, a greenhouse provides the perfect environment for healthy and happy plants. But don’t worry – you don’t have to invest in an inexpensive permanent backyard structure for a longer planting season. Our GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box provides a durable, portable, and lightweight greenhouse for hassle-free plant growth and protection. This ingenious solution features a water and rip-proof cover that seals in heat while providing sufficient airflow and enhanced illumination. The strong steel frame makes for a sturdy structure that will protect plants as they grow for your longest planting season yet.

Shop Greenhouses

Stay tuned for more gardening tips and tools with our Grower’s Guide series! Feel free to contact us for questions and more information for your ultimate garden this season.

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