The ShelterLogic Grower's Guide: Greenhouse Kits, March Growing Season and More

The ShelterLogic Grower's Guide: Greenhouse Kits, March Growing Season and More
March 17, 2017

What is the Grower's Guide Series and Why Choose Greenhouse Kits?

At ShelterLogic, we aim to do more than bring you great products like greenhouse kits, garage kitsall-steel sheds and more at an affordable price. We also want to share innovative ideas with you about how to use our products in interesting and innovative ways. That's why we've developed the ShelterLogic Growers Guide series. Throughout the year, we'll be bringing you great ideas on what to grow no matter what the season.

Spring Into the March Growing Season

This month, we'll cover greenhouse kits and offer advice on what to grow in March. We'll offer you some advice on what you should focus on growing for the month of March, and create a chart with many of the different types of vegetables.

greenhouse kits

Why Choose Greenhouse Kits

Whether you're an expert grower or a novice gardener, having a great set-up in your backyard is important to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. So, how do you choose the best growing system? Greenhouse kits come in a variety of different sizes, and at ShelterLogic we have many different types that'll likely meet your individual needs. Many of our greenhouse kits are perfect for hobbyists and expert growers, but we also manufacture high tunnel greenhouses perfect for commercial use: you can learn more about them here. Backyard greenhouses and greenhouse kits are great for growing vegetables earlier in the season, and can create a stable, well regulated and warm environment for plants to grow and thrive. They are also practical solutions for those of us who want to start planting veggies and herbs earlier. With a greenhouse kit or raised bed it's easy to get a jump start on the spring harvest. There are many different styles and types of greenhouse kits available, such as our  Grow-IT Greenhouse-in-a-Box - great for controlled gardening virtually anywhere.

Green Thumb Pro Tip: Protect Seedlings From Hard FrostsEarly seedlings can be vulnerable to hard frosts that typically set in overnight. When temperatures drop, it can become difficult for plants to survive the cold weather. Use a raised bed greenhouse to cover raised beds, or use a grow house or greenhouse kits to get a start growing seedlings in the early season.

early growing raised bed greenhouse

What can you grow in March?

So the question remains, what can you actually grow in the month of march? It may be hard to believe, but gardening before it's officially springtime is not an impossibility. Many expert growers know that when the ground is soft enough for safe anchoring, it's time to set up the greenhouse kits. Oftentimes, March is the month to do this. March is a great time to convert raised bed gardens into mini greenhouses (more on that later). It's also a good time to get a general leg up on the spring growing season.

Vegetable or Plant Suggested Variety About This Variety
Broccoli Calabrese Broccoli is a great started plant to start growing early, but only if you live in warmer climates. Great to grow in southern states.
Beets Detroit Dark Red Beets thrive in summer heat, but you can plant them now to take advantage of an early summer harvest
Herbs Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Sage and more! Start planting using an indoor greenhouse like our Grow-IT 4-Tier Mini Growhouse. Once the ground is ready, transfer herb plants into your garden in early spring.
Peppers Sweet Banana, Super Chili, Japaleño You can start early growing peppers indoors. These crispy, refreshing veggies often don't take up a lot of space and - given an early spring start - will thrive once transferred outdoors to grow in greenhouse kits.
Green Thumb Pro Tip: Plant Early Spring Veggies When Soil Becomes WorkableAs soon as your garden is cleared of ice crystals and the ground starts to crumble, you can likely begin planting. Take advantage of nice weather conditions and reasonably soft ground to erect greenhouse kits.

Remember, try not to start gardening if the soil is too wet. Wet soil can become easily compacted and will likely reduce aeration. Cooler weather is a great time to start growing early spring crops like peas, lettuces, leeks, and spinach and more. Come back next month for tips on April growing and what to do about those April showers.

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