The Samara Carport: A Cosmopolitan Structure for your Outdoor Space

The Samara Carport: A Cosmopolitan Structure for your Outdoor Space
November 02, 2022

Adding outdoor storage space may be done in a number of ways, but one of the most efficient is the use of a carport. There are various styles available, each one offering a few different features and elements. Gone are the days, though, when these metal carport fixtures have to detract from the property. In fact, some of the most modern products are quite the added feature to the home for what it offers and how it looks.

What Is a Carport?

First, what is a carport, and why should you consider them? A carport is a type of structure that typically provides an overhead roof and beams or posts to hold it up. Though some have sides, many do not, making them open-air structures.

The most common use for them is to provide protection from the elements to whatever is stored under them, such as a vehicle. Yet, they can also create shaded areas for spending time outdoors or add to the overall functionality of the space with an added work area. It’s much like a garage without a door or sides to it.

How Do You Use a Carport?

A common use for a carport is to provide parking for a car, truck, or even your RV. Yet, that’s just one way you can use this space. It’s versatile enough, depending on the size and style selected, to meet just about any need you may have. Here are some examples of ways to use a carport:

  • Boat storage: One of the best ways to use a metal carport is for boat storage. Instead of paying the high cost of dry docking your boat in someone else’s garage or storage space, create your own. That way, you can do repairs or even get it out onto the water when it suits you well rather than waiting for availability at the docking facility.
  • Outdoor workspace: Do you enjoy working with plants or need a space where you can work on car repairs in the shade? This is a solid solution. The benefit here is that you're still outdoors enjoying the fresh air, but you're also getting lots of ventilation. If it suddenly starts to rain, you have cover overhead to protect whatever it is you're doing.
  • Office space: You could spend some time working outdoors. As long as you have the internet, your laptop can go with you anywhere. Or, turn this into an area where you take a break. You can use it at your office building to create space for your team members to get outdoors to relax or enjoy lunch. It can even be a great place to socialize after work.
  • Patio cover: Choosing the style and size properly, you can also use a carport as a tool for covering your deck, pool area, or patio. It can work much like an awning that’s far more stable. Consider placing it over your grilling area, so you can cook dinner even in the middle of the winter on the grill.
  • Shaded areas: For residential or commercial use, carports work well as shade-creators. That is, you can place them in a parking lot with a few picnic tables to welcome your guests to enjoy a meal outdoors. You can put them near a bus stop or place one near a play area. They offer fantastic shade in an easy-to-maintain design.

These are just a few of the options available to you. Any time you need to create a way to keep things out of the sun or out of the weather, a carport can work to meet that need.

Is a Carport a Good Investment?

Carports can provide many benefits to property owners. They are also solid investments. Note that if you purchase a quality product and install it according to the manufacturer's recommendations, chances are good you'll have a space that remains in place for years to come requiring very little maintenance. Some of the key benefits they offer include:

  • Affordability: They tend to be much more affordable than building a permanent structure. They are also easy to maintain without a lot of yearly maintenance to them.
  • Protection: They provide protection to items you store under them, such as providing protection from hail during a storm.
  • Add value: Quality carports installed properly add value to a property, especially if there is no existing garage on the property.
  • Expand footprint: Carports also give you more room to work or enjoy life outdoors. That means they can help you with added workspace, hobby areas, or other added square footage.
  • Long lasting: Many come with a long-term warranty and offer years of benefit to you.

If you have a need for more space and want an affordable solution, a metal carport can be an exceptional solution. It is a reliable option for just about any need.

What Is the SOJAG Samara Carport?

Though there are many types of carports on the market, the Samara Carport offers a few key differences that make it a standout of options available today. There are a number of things to know about the SOJAG Samara Carport. This is a cosmopolitan carport. While it looks fantastic and offers fantastic appeal to any space, it is also a carport you can put up on your own as a do-it-yourselfer. Far more stylish and upscale than your average carport, you'll find this to be an exceptional option when you want a space that creates shade, protects your car, and still looks like it fits right into your higher-end neighborhood.

There are some key features to check out in these carports:

  • They are beautiful but still super strong and protected. That includes having an Interpon AkzoNobel powder coating on them.
  • There are no tools needed for the building of the carport. There are no complex or hard-to-follow instructions either. You can get it up and in place within a matter of an hour or so.
  • The high-pitched roof provides ample interior space and helps ensure snow, ice, and rain move away from the structure instead of sitting on the roof.
  • There's ample room between the posts to pull a car in under it, even if you're an uneasy driver worried about getting a proper alignment.
  • It’s long lasting thanks to the corrosion resistant design. You can count on using it for numerous years with good results.

How Does a SOJAG Samara Carport Differ from an Arrow Carport?

The Samara carport is an excellent investment for many reasons. Arrow carports can be as well. There are a few key ways these two models differ, though.

  • The Samara has a more cosmopolitan, upscale design. The Arrow models are more of what you can expect from a traditional carport design.
  • Both are durable, with the Samara model featuring aluminum posts and a durable steel roof. The Arrow models typically are all-steel.
  • Both models are super flexible in the way you can use them. For example, you can easily use either one to create a cover over a concrete slab patio or even the wood deck next to your pool. The difference is the Samara model is more upscale and more inviting. It’s also more natural looking, fitting into most spaces.
  • When it comes to durability, both are solid options. However, the Arrow model is designed to handle strong winds and even heavy snow.

Overall, it’s worth considering both options to determine which works best for your needs. When aesthetics matter, the Samara carport stands out.

Is the SOJAG Samara Carport Built for Year-Round Use?

Most certainly! One of the best things about these carports is that you can use them all year long. They are durable enough to handle most types of weather conditions, making them a reliable option for the car you don't drive during the winter or the RV you need to park. Use them for a covered area and storage area for your belongings, so they stay within reach even when the weather gets rough. You'll also find they are the perfect place to create some outdoor space for those cool spring days when you just want to get outside for a bit.

More so, you can also purchase the Samara carport enclosure kit. This kit creates more of a garage-like function for your carport by providing an enclosure on three sides. That still allows for easy access into and out of it, but it's more protective of flying debris during a storm or snow drifts. You can also transform the carport into a shelter you can use throughout the year for various activities. That may include getting early planting on your spring seeds or using it to fix the snowblower when it stops working.

When you want an outdoor space that’s perfect with a bit of sun coverage, a carport works well. You don’t have to go with a boring, basic look. Consider all of the models available to find one that fits your space and needs.

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