COVID-19: Temporary Buildings Will be Needed for Mass Vaccine Clinics

COVID-19: Temporary Buildings Will be Needed for Mass Vaccine Clinics
November 18, 2020
Cities, counties, and states from coast to coast are upping the ante on lockdowns and restrictions due to an uptick in positive COVID-19 cases, but the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen. As more news of successful clinical trials of a vaccine are being reported, temporary vaccine clinics will be needed to handle the demand for vaccinations.
The demand for temporary fabric buildings, portable party tents, and commercial-grade canopies are going to be on the rise as pharmacies and medical facilities look to create short-term and long-term solutions for vaccine clinics. These structures can be quickly assembled and anchored* to a variety of surfaces and allow vaccine clinics to be set up quickly.

What Types of Structures Can Vaccine Clinics Use?

ShelterLogic Group manufactures a wide variety of fabric buildings, party tents, and portable canopies that medical centers can use to set up vaccine clinics in parking lots, public spaces, or wherever there is a need. These structures can also be used by the medical profession as a medical screening tent, testing stations, containment tent, surge tent, triage tent, test lab, storage area, patient waiting area, and more.

ShelterTech SP Series Shelters

Fabric buildings like ShelterTech SP Series shelters can be configured to host a variety of needs for vaccine clinics. These temporary structures can be assembled in a matter of days and can be configured in a variety of sizes based on a medical center or pharmacy’s needs.
These strong, stable buildings are made with tough galvanized steel frames, and rugged PVC covers that resist mold and mildew. Also, ShelterTech buildings are wind and snow-load rated** and are designed and tested to stand up to tough weather conditions.
ShelterTech SP Series buildings come as small as 12 feet wide by 20 feet long by 8 feet high and as large as 24 feet wide by 100 feet long by 18 feet high. They are large enough to be used as a hangar for small airplanes. That means they can be designed as vaccine clinics to include a registration and waiting area, examination rooms, storage rooms, and much more.
These shelters can also be ordered in three different styles to match the aesthetics of an existing building:

ShelterTech SP Series Peak

ShelterTech SP Series Round

ShelterTech SP Series Barn

ShelterCoat Custom Shelters

ShelterCoat shelters and garages are ideal for vehicle and bulk storage but can also be used as temporary vaccine clinics. Like the ShelterTech SP Series, the ShelterCoat can be assembled in a matter of days. You can anchor* a ShelterCoat shelter to several surfaces, including pavement, concrete, and grass.
You can order a custom ShelterCoat as small as 8 x 12 x 8-ft. high ceiling, as big as 28 x 100x 20 ft., and thousands of sizes in between. A ShelterCoat shelter can be used to store items you may need to run your vaccine clinic or house your entire operation.
ShelterCoat shelters are made with heavy duty 1-5/8 in. diameter powder coated steel frames, and waterproof ripstop-tough polyethylene fabric covers in your choice of three different weights. ShelterCoat shelters also have bolt-together hardware at every connection point to ensure maximum strength and durability, ShelterLock stabilizers at every rib connection for rock-solid strength and stability, Ratchet Tite tension system, and Easy-Slide cross rails keep the cover smooth and taut.
These shelters come in three different styles:

ShelterCoat Peak

ShelterCoat Round

ShelterCoat Barn

ShelterTech High Tunnel Greenhouses

A high tunnel greenhouse can be an excellent energy-efficient solution for vaccine clinics. With its Luminate Diffusion Fabric cover, a ShelterTech high tunnel greenhouse is designed to provide enhanced illumination, and evenly disperses light throughout the building. That natural lighting can help save on electricity. Greenhouses are also designed to hold heat, which will keep your energy bills down.
All ShelterTech high tunnel greenhouse units come equipped with 30-in. base pipes. Once anchored securely*, these pipe anchors will prevent the greenhouse frame from racking or wobbling at connection points.
Like the ShelterTech SP Series shelters, our high tunnel greenhouses have galvanized steel frames for ultimate strength and durability. You can order a custom high tunnel greenhouse as large as 38 x 100 ft. and as tall as 15 feet. That will give your medical center plenty of room to perform mass vaccinations!
ShelterTech High Tunnel Greenhouses come in two different styles:

High Tunnel Greenhouse Round

High Tunnel Greenhouse Gothic

ShelterLogic Party Tents

Party tents are an excellent option for pop-up vaccine clinics. Using two maintenance workers, a 10 x 20 ft., 20 x 20 ft., or 30 x 20 ft. party tent can be assembled and anchored* in a parking lot or grass field in a matter of hours. Even better, no tools are needed to assemble these party tents!
ShelterLogic party tents are designed for durability and strength. Party tents have sturdy, stable galvanized steel frames, and strong, rugged PVC covers and panels. Also, the covers and panels are mold and mildew resistant, which makes them easy to clean. In addition, party tents can be used without wall panels attached, or with one or two walls installed, for better air circulation and natural filtration.
Pharmacies and medical centers can use party tents to set up all-in-one pop-up vaccine clinics, or use them simply as waiting areas, temporary offices, examination areas, labs and testing areas, storage facilities, and more.
ShelterLogic party tents come in three different sizes:

10 x 20 ft.

20 x 20 ft.

20 x 30 ft.

Commercial-grade Pop-Up Canopies

ShelterLogic’s Quik Shade brand makes a series of commercial-grade pop-up canopies that can be used by vaccine clinics for a variety of reasons. For example, a 10 x 20 ft. pop-up canopy can be used as a check-in and vaccination center, while a 10 x 10 ft. canopy can be used for check-ins, as a waiting area, as a prep station, and more. These pop-up canopies can be assembled effortlessly by one worker, and easily moved without having to be taken down.
Quik Shade commercial-grade straight-leg pop-ups have multiple height positions to deliver excellent protection from the elements. These commercial models feature sturdy powder coated steel frames and rugged waterproof fabric canopy covers and can be anchored* to a parking lot or grass surface.
Commercial-grade pop-up canopies from Quik Shade come in three sizes:

10 x 10 ft.

10 x 15 ft.

10 x 20 ft.

Choose ShelterLogic Group Structures for Your Vaccine Clinics

When your medical center or pharmacy needs a temporary building manufacturer for its vaccine clinics, rely on a brand you can trust. For more than 70 years, ShelterLogic Group has manufactured tough, versatile outdoor shade, shelter, storage, and furniture for a variety of needs. Our brands are known for their innovation, affordability, durability, and ease of assembly. Consider ShelterLogic Group brands when you need a temporary building for a vaccine clinic, storage, medical tent, containment tent, surge tent, triage tent, and more.

* We always recommend a properly anchored structure. Please reference your manual for anchoring best practices or check out this anchor guide.
*** Wind and snow loads given are for reference only and assume a securely anchored frame according to local building codes and ordinances. These have been calculated using combined snow and wind load provisions in accordance with ASCE 7-05. These calculations are based on an unoccupied, fully enclosed building. Local building code requirements vary by location; conformance to local codes is the responsibility of the purchaser.
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