ShelterLogic's AccelaFrame Canopy: Strong Canopy, Faster Assembly

Get the canopy that will save you time with ShelterLogic's AccelaFrame Canopy.

With summer here, many of us have plans for a bit of fun in the sun. For those hot summer days, ShelterLogic canopies are perfect for getting out of the heat and cooling off. Many canopies can take some time to assemble, but who wants to spend their time outdoors putting their canopy together when they could be enjoying the fantastic weather, instead? We know how precious your time is, and that’s why we’ve developed ShelterLogic’s AccelaFrame Canopy. Whether you are going to the beach and need some shade, or you're looking for the perfect outdoor canopy or patio cover, ShelterLogic’s AccelaFrame Canopy is the perfect shade solution, and it’s our most versatile, functional canopy yet.

Assembling Your AccelaFrame Canopy

AccelaFrame Canopy Engineered to save you time, the AccelaFrame Canopy is a sturdy and functional shade that takes about 15 minutes to assemble. Not only is assembly faster, it’s also easier than ever before. Setting up the AccelaFrame Canopy is effortless because it comes pre-assembled – so all you need to do is unfold the ribs and, voila! Once you've put your canopy frame together, install the cover and you are ready to enjoy the shade.

How Can I Use A ShelterLogic AccelaFrame Canopy?

AccelaFrame Canopy When we said it was versatile, we weren’t kidding. The AccelaFrame Canopy is durable and has a variety of different uses. It's perfect for:
  • Farmers markets and roadside events
  • Picnics and barbecues
  • Shelter for your boat, vehicle and more
  • Shade for plants and vegetables
  • Outdoor patio covers
ShelterLogic's AccelaFrame Canopy is a highly functional and convenient shade solution for just about anything you can think of! Find out more about the AccelaFrame Canopy here.  

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