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  1. Choosing the Best Canopy Tent for Outdoor Gatherings

    Choosing the Best Canopy Tent for Outdoor Gatherings

    An outdoor gathering is the best way to enjoy yourself with your loved ones in almost all cases. Whether it's a success party at your office, a barbecue with your mates, a family reunion, or a romantic dinner with your better half, there are always countless outdoor venues waiting to welcome you and cherish your moments. You can go to a riverbank, park in the valleys, find a spot in the forest, occupy the shore, experiment with caverns, or choose any site that is spacious, quiet, and safe, and you'll have a dreamy venue. That, too, for free!

    With that said, you’ll still need to care for specific arrangements. When you’re planning an outdoor gathering, you’re keeping people away from the comfort and safety of an overhead shelter. And as much thrill and joy it brings to eat under stars or screaming seagulls, a completely roofless outdoor party isn’t going to be safe or even enjoyable to the fullest potential! You see, the natural world follows its seasonal courses without any regard to your plans. The rainy spell doesn't know how expensive your shirt is when it decides to pour down, which makes it necessary to have an overhead shelter arrangement so that you can enjoy yourself at any time of the day and during any season. And that is where a canopy tent comes to your rescue!

    What Is a Canopy Tent?

    Have you ever seen a tree’s canopy? It’s the crown or the upper layer of the leaves of a tree that overlaps amongst itself to shelter the forest floor below. Life in the forest largely...

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  2. Get the Perfect Pop-Up Canopy and Tailgate Tent for Your Event

    Get the Perfect Pop-Up Canopy and Tailgate Tent for Your Event

    Whether you’re heading out to the big game or you’re hosting a backyard BBQ, having a tailgate tent or a pop-up canopy can make all the difference. This is one of the best ways to protect you and your guests from the elements and ensure everyone has a great time.

    If you don’t already own a shade tent, you might wonder whether it’s really worth the effort and expense. The answer is a resounding yes! Once you have a portable shade solution, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

    Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at the benefits of owning a tailgate tent, some fun ways to use them, and some of the most popular sizes and styles you can choose from.


    Benefits of a Tailgate Tent

    A pop-up canopy or shade tent will provide you with protection from the sun, rain, wind, and other elements. Since they come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, they’re very versatile. It’s also easy to find one that will fit your budget. If you choose a durable canopy from a reputable company – like ShelterLogic – you can use it season after season and have the confidence of knowing it will continue to look great and perform as it should.

    Most pop-up canopies are lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble in just a couple of minutes – especially if you have a few people to help you. This makes it easy to take them with you when you go to football games, picnics in the park, and any other type of event where people gather. When tailgating in a parking lot, setting up a shade canopy will also mark your designated space. This can come in handy when you’re surrounded by other tailgaters or event attendees.

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  3. Haunting Halloween Party Ideas: Ghoulish Themes for Every Age

    Haunting Halloween Party Ideas

    Halloween is a fun holiday that has the versatility to be enjoyed by people of all ages. So whether you are a kid ready to dress up and head out for a night of trick or treating or an adult ready for a spooky night of quirky drinks and haunted baked goods, there are party options for you to enjoy.

    This might be your first year throwing a Halloween party, or you might need some fresh ideas for the next year of festivities. Whatever you need, we have compiled a list of the best ways you can prepare for a unique, fun night of celebrating this spooky season.

    Halloween Party Prep and Accessories

    Creating a ghoulish atmosphere or a perfected haunted house is no laughing matter. There is plenty of work and planning that goes into a great Halloween party! Get started with our Halloween party ideas, or use them for inspiration to create your own spooky decorations and eerily great snacks.

    Start at the Beginning: Haloween Party Invitations!

    Whether you choose to use e-vite's or go classic with snail-mail invitation cards, you have the chance to start the Halloween festivities with a mood-setting invitation. Use greeting cards to call out whatever theme you choose, and make sure people are prepared for whatever you might have in mind.

    Creepy Crawly Decorations

    Halloween started in North America in the 1840s, brought over by the Irish immigrants. Since then, it has become highly commercialized for the benefit of things like fabulous Halloween parties. As a result, you can get all kinds of creepy, ghoulish decorations. Since they are so varied and can fit into a range of budgets, you should figure out your theme before investing too much.

    Whether it be bloody decorations that set a scene like a scary butcher shop or a creepy den of spiders and insects, you can find the right decorations to make your Halloween party feel like a theme...

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  4. Kick Off Football Season with Must-Have Football Party Accessories

    Kick Off Football Season with Must-Have Football Party Accessories

    With summer winding down and temperatures dropping, it’s every football fan’s favorite part of the year. Now is the time to plan the perfect tailgate party complete with tasty food, fun drinks, and games for the whole family. But one thing every great tailgate party has in common is comfort and relaxation. Here are the must-have football party accessories no matter where you plan to celebrate the big game.

    Accessories for the Best Stadium Tailgate Party

    Planning ahead is essential to throwing a football party outside the big game. Whether watching kickoff from inside the stadium, or on a television by your camper in the parking lot, make sure to bring along these accessories to elevate the fun and comfort on game day.

    Pop Up Canopy for Cool Coverage

    Although the fall weather tends to usher in cooler temperatures, it doesn’t mean you will be fully protected from the sun during a tailgate football party. Damaging UV rays can cause a sun burn in as little as 15 minutes and even lead to more serious issues like skin cancer. Add a pop-up canopy to any football party for superior comfort and safety while enjoying time with family and friends. Durable pop-up canopy options from ShelterLogic and QuikShade provide:

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  5. Rediscovering The Outdoors: Backyard Activities for Family Fun

    Rediscovering The Outdoors: Backyard Activities for Family Fun

    Do you love the outdoors, but aren't a fan of traveling to do things outdoor with the family? There are plenty of things you and your family can do right in your own backyard!

    Now is the perfect time to look at your backyard in a whole new way. Whether you choose to redesign your garden with a whole new plan or embark on new backyard adventures with your family: now’s the perfect time to rediscover your backyard space.

    Check out these backyard activities you can do while you’re stuck at home, by yourself, or for family fun:

    Have a Backyard Campout

    There’s no need to go deep into the woods or to a campground to have an outdoor sleepover with your family. A backyard campout gives you the best of both worlds. You get to sleep in the fresh air, under the stars, with indoor plumbing just steps away!

    If you want to sleep outdoors, the choice is yours. If you do, you will need a tent, of course, and a comfy sleeping bag. If you don’t want to feel like you slept on a rock, the you’ll want to get a camping cot.

    You can add some modern conveniences to your backyard campout. For example, you can run an extension cord from the house to stream movies or shows from your laptop. Instead of building a campfire, you can use your grill to make smores.

    You’ll also want to get some durable camping chairs, as well as some camping tables, so you can kick back and relax. Also, a sturdy canopy tent will keep you protected from the elements as you spend your day camping in your backyard.

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  6. Memorial Day BBQ Essentials for the Backyard, Park, and Beach

    Memorial Day BBQ Essentials

    When temperatures start heating up, you know the unofficial start of summer is right around the corner. Memorial Day is a day to honor fallen military heroes while recognizing their sacrifices. As families take the day off to commemorate the occasion, Memorial Day BBQ celebrations become a simple yet traditional way to reflect what matters most by spending time with loved ones.

    Whether you plan to keep the party at home or travel to a park or the beach, there are plenty of ideas for grilling, games and patriotic treats that will turn your Memorial Day BBQ into a patriotic bash.

    Memorial Day BBQ in Your BackyardMemorial Day BBQ in Your Backyard

    Memorial Day BBQ in Your Backyard

    If you have a spacious backyard or a pool to host a summer bash, you may choose to keep your gathering right in your backyard. Aside from the convenience of not having to travel to commemorate the holiday, you’ll get to create a unique party to show off your home and décor. Here are a few ways to make your Memorial Day BBQ one of a kind while keeping your guests entertained and comfortable.

    ·         Highlight patriotic decor: You’ll already have your American flag flying high for the occasion. But you can also...

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  7. Event Canopy Accessories to Enhance Your Shade Solution

    Event Canopy Accessories to Enhance Your Shade Solution

    An event canopy provides essential shade for outdoor weddings, company picnics, and other al fresco dining occasions and events. This summer, enhance your shade solution with a few canopy accessories for your ShelterLogic event canopy! Check out these must-have accessories that increase shade coverage, secure your canopy, and more.

    Event Canopy Accessories for...

    Added Privacy

    event canopy

    Party Tent Enclosure with Windows: Add ultimate privacy and wind protection at your next outdoor event with this enclosure kit for your party tent. Use one or all six individual clear PVC windows and two double zipper doors for multiple entry options. 100% waterproof, UV-treated, and heavy-duty fire-rated PVC fabric - this classy enclosure comes in multiple colors to fashionably and effectively shelter all your guests. 

    More Shade for Canopy Owners

    event canopy

    Extension and Sidewall Kit: The ShelterLogic Canopy Extension Kit serves a dual purpose to offer shade and privacy! Quickly add 280 square feet of shade coverage or include a single or double wall windbreak to your canopy in minutes. This canopy extension kit comes ready to install out...

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  8. ShelterLogic's AccelaFrame Canopy: Strong Canopy, Faster Assembly

    ShelterLogic's AccelaFrame Canopy: Strong Canopy, Faster Assembly

    Get the canopy that will save you time with ShelterLogic's AccelaFrame Canopy.

    With summer here, many of us have plans for a bit of fun in the sun. For those hot summer days, ShelterLogic canopies are perfect for getting out of the heat and cooling off. Many canopies can take some time to assemble, but who wants to spend their time outdoors putting their canopy together when they could be enjoying the fantastic weather, instead? We know how precious your time is, and that’s why we’ve developed ShelterLogic’s AccelaFrame Canopy. Whether you are going to the beach and need some shade, or you're looking for the perfect outdoor canopy or patio cover, ShelterLogic’s AccelaFrame Canopy is the perfect shade solution, and it’s our most versatile, functional canopy yet.

    Assembling Your AccelaFrame Canopy

    AccelaFrame Canopy Engineered to save you time, the AccelaFrame Canopy is a sturdy and functional shade that takes about 15 minutes to assemble. Not only is assembly faster, it’s also easier than ever before. Setting up the AccelaFrame Canopy is effortless because it comes pre-assembled – so all you need to do is unfold the ribs and, voila! Once you've put your canopy frame together, install the cover and you are ready to enjoy the shade.

    How Can I Use A ShelterLogic AccelaFrame Canopy?

    AccelaFrame Canopy When we said it was versatile, we weren’t kidding. The AccelaFrame Canopy is durable and has a variety of different uses. It's perfect for:
    • Farmers markets and roadside events
    • Picnics and barbecues
    • Shelter...
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  9. Creative Mother's Day Home and Garden Gift Ideas

    Creative Mother's Day Home and Garden Gift Ideas

    Skip the flowers this year and check out some of these creative Mother's Day home and garden gift ideas!

    Most of the Mom’s we know are super-women who wear many hats: splitting their time between working inside and outside the home, how often do they really have the opportunity to relax?

    This year, instead of spending on Mother’s Day flowers, consider giving mom an even greater gift - the gift of relaxation. Celebrate Mom right with some creative Mother's Day home and garden gift ideas.

    Bring the Spa Experience to your Backyard

    Relaxation doesn’t have to mean a pricey trip to a 5-star spa or resort (although that would be nice). There are plenty of ways that you can bring the “spa experience” home, at a fraction of what it would cost for that fancy spa trip.

    You can do this by transforming your space into a haven of comfort and relaxation by converting even the most modest of outdoor spaces into attractive, and rejuvenating locations. The best part? Since you’ll be converting your own property, it won’t be a “one-time gift,” but rather something she’ll be able to enjoy again and again.

    Change of Scenery

    Unlike traditional canopies, the rounded Monarc Canopy is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. When strategically placed in your backyard or patio, and surrounded by Mom’s favorite plants, shrubbery or flowers; this canopy can be converted into a peaceful covered walkway that offers the opportunity for Mom to step away from the hustle and bustle of her busy life and focus instead on relaxation, meditation...

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