DIY vs. Professional Installation Services

DIY vs. Professional Installation Services
October 28, 2020

When it’s time to make that long-awaited addition to your property, you want the installation to off without a hitch. All the components of your SOJAG shade structure or garage are made of top quality materials, but they need to be assembled well to hold up to their intended specifications. If you’re on the fence about assembling the structure yourself, this guide will help you decide whether our installation services are right for you.

DIY or Professional Installation Services: How To Know What You Should Do

To find out whether a DIY or general contracting would work for you, first examine what you want and need. It helps to go through a checklist of criteria that typically influence whether professional help is the best route for you. Overall, if you have the time, tools, know-how, extra help, capability, and confidence, then DIY is an excellent option. If you lack any of these resources, it’s better to get help. Here are some of the main points to evaluate as you assess your readiness to do a DIY project.

Assess Your Physical Fitness

If you find that it’s difficult to work with tools, lift heavy objects, or safely work with the DIY building kit, then you need to get help. Whether you have a physical disability, an injury that prohibits your range of motion, or a simple lack of physical strength, it can be difficult to do the hauling and hours of work that DIY jobs of this scale require. Hiring someone to do the job for you can be a great help and also prevent any injuries.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Busy schedules can be an impediment to performing a DIY job. Many individuals don’t have the time to spare to plan for large-scale construction. There can also be extenuating circumstances like an important project at work, small children, or elder care that restrict one’s schedule. Whatever your reason for being restricted on time, you can make up for it by getting the pros to do the job on your property. By using our installation services, you’ll have the peace of mind of having the job done correctly and you can focus your time on your own prioritized tasks.

How Much Help Do you Have?

It can also come to a simple matter of logistics. Our SOJAG garages and structures typically require two people to assemble everything safely and correctly. If you don’t have the extra help, don’t try to do the project alone. In this case, getting professional support is key to your physical safety. Conversely, If you have a handy friend who is excited to help you with your new installation, willing to share their tools and expertise, then you are off to a good start to a DIY adventure. You'll be able to enjoy the project and conduct it to spec by following our detailed installation tutorials.

How Much Do You Want to DIY?

The decision can also come down to one simple question: do you want to do a DIY project? If you do, we’ll guide you to doing the installation safely. Our garages and gazebos all come with handy installation videos that will teach the able-bodied novice how to get the job done with one extra person to help. On the other hand, you may simply prefer to outsource the work, even if you can do it yourself. There’s no reason to delve deeper into the “why”, either. Simple convenience is reason enough to get GoConfigure’s general contracting support.

Benefits of DIY Installation

Choosing DIY or professional installation has certain benefits that ultimately draw different people toward either decision. If you choose to assemble your SOJAG structure yourself, you will experience these benefits.

You’ll Save Money on Labor

SOJAG structures always come as a default DIY kit with the intention to save our clients money. If you have your tools, safety equipment, and the help already on hand, you will be able to save quite a bit of money on professional labor by doing it yourself.

You’ll Have a More Flexible Time Schedule and Control Over the Project

When you build a structure on your property and with your own labor and tools, you can do everything on your own time. This allows you to decide when to start and stop your project. You don’t have to be present at your property all day to oversee contractor work. In short, you’re in total control. If that's on your list of preferences, then DIY is a route you might prefer.

Professional installation comes at an extra cost, but many people find the expense worth it. Here are some of the most appreciated benefits of ordering professional help.

You Can Save Time if You Lack Construction Experience

If you lack the equipment or know-how, you can easily spend more time finding tools or correcting potential mistakes. Even with the best diagrams and videos, novices that are learning from scratch have a higher chance of needing to backtrack and redo steps. This can make the project last longer. Contractors have experience building the same structures again and again. This will make short work of a project that might take you a long time if you’re doing a large-scale construction for the first time.

You Will Save Money on Tools and Equipment

If you do a DIY project, you need to have tools and safety equipment for the job. This can amount to a significant cost if you’re starting from zero. If large-scale DIY construction isn’t your hobby, then the chances are that you’ll be hitting the hardware store as soon as possible to get all the gear you need. The costs of the tools can quickly add up. But if you hire a contractor to do the work for you, they will come with their safety equipment, tools, and other resources.

If DIY Normally Stresses You Out, A Contractor Can Take the Pressure off of You

If the thought of DIY makes you apprehensive, especially when it comes to a project that determines a lot of resale value, then you may be feeling a lot of pressure to get it done correctly. By offloading the responsibility to someone else who has experience in the job, you can rest easy that your investment is secure.

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