How to Assemble a ShelterLogic® ClearView® RoundTop® Garage

ClearView® RoundTop® Garage

Distributed exclusively in Canada, the ShelterLogic® ClearView® RoundTop® Shelter features a translucent rip-stop 7.5 oz triple layer woven, polyethylene heat-sealed fabric cover. The cover includes clear windows for safety and visibility. 1-3/8" (34mm) diameter steel frame with premium powder coat finish for rust- and corrosion-resistance. ShelterLock® 3X steel stabilizers provide up to 3 times more frame strength. Clear snow/ice from the roof of the shelter regularly with a soft-sided instrument; remove snow/ice from outside of the structure. Anchoring is the responsibility of the owner. Proper anchoring is critical to the overall safety and longevity of your ShelterLogic product. Video produced by Middlesex Community College Corporate Media Center in Middletown, CT.