4 Reasons Why You Need RV Storage at Home

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May 20, 2021

For many RV owners, your vehicle is your home away from home. Whether using it for a quick weekend camping trip or cross-country travel, it’s crucial to have safe and reliable RV storage. Keeping your RV outside without proper protection can not only wreak havoc on your expensive investment, but it can also open your vehicle up to theft and other undesirable risks.

There are several types of camper trailer storage options you can utilize depending on your budget, size requirements and space availability. If you’re still debating about whether you really need RV storage, here are 4 reasons why you should invest in a shelter today.

RV shelter protect the exteriorRV shelter protect the exterior

1. Protect the Exterior of Your RV or Camper

While you may enjoy the creature comforts of home inside your RV, don’t forget the outside. Protecting an RV’s exterior isn’t just about keeping your investment looking new. Providing a safe place to store your vehicle also means the exterior is shielded from things like moisture and extreme weather, which can have a negative impact on your vehicle’s structure.

The sun’s harmful rays can damage the paint job, or even worse. Too much sun for extended periods of time can even cause the roof to buckle, leading to a much larger repair bill than the price of camper trailer storage. RV storage also aids in controlling moisture. Leaving your camper trailer outside to contend with mother nature can lead to condensation issues, which can harm several areas of an RV, including roofs and awnings.

RV storage protect interiorRV storage protect interior

2. Shield the RV’s Interior

While the exterior of an RV may be top of mind, considering it has most exposure to Mother Nature, many people forget the wear and tear the sun can cause on the interior of your vehicle. RVs are unique in that the sun can attack many more surfaces than just your seating areas and dashboard. Because they are essentially roaming homes, harmful UV rays can do some costly damage to multiple surfaces.

Many inside areas or your RV are susceptible to the sun’s harsh rays. The dashboard can crack and fade from consistent sunlight; painted surfaces, bedding, carpet, and even appliances can also suffer sun damage. Camper trailer storage provides long-term critical protection for every area of the interior of your vehicle. Blocking ultraviolet radiation from the interior of your vehicle will keep it looking new, and likely save you repair or redecorating bills in the future.

RV storage year round convenienceRV storage year round convenience

3. Year-round Convenience

While storing an RV at an established rental facility may seem ideal at first, there is a major pitfall to keeping your vehicle offsite: it’s just plain inconvenient. When you want to get away for the weekend or take an extended vacation trip with the family, you’ll have to budget extra time to drive to your storage unit offsite and retrieve your RV. Depending on where you live, that can add a ton of extra time to your day along with added hassle you don’t want before hitting the road.

Camper trailer storage off your property also means it may take you some extra time to get your RV ready. If you have a storage solution at your home, you can pack up quickly while also making routine maintenance checks for the big trip for an all-around smoother experience. If you don’t think you have room for a larger structure at home, carports from Arrow might be a perfect choice.

RV storage save moneyRV storage save money

4. It Can Save You Money

While RV owners may not want to invest upfront for camper trailer storage units on their own property, it will end up saving money in the end when compared to foregoing storage or renting a space offsite. Depending on the type and size of RV you are storing, along with amenities of the unit and facility, it can cost hundreds of dollars a month to keep your vehicle save from the elements and also thieves.

If you purchase a storage solution to place on your own property, it will pay for itself over the amount of time you have an RV to store. In addition to the cost savings on securing an offsite shelter, you’ll also have immediate access to the vehicle at your home to make maintenance checks and repairs, which can also be an economical win in the long run.

RV Storage Ideas for your Backyard or Property

Now that you know why you need to invest in a shelter for your RV, let's look at some solutions that are engineered for use in your backyard, property, or wherever you need protection:  

Arrow Carports for RVs

Arrow Carport RV StorageArrow Carport RV Storage

Arrow makes carports specifically for RVs, manufactured with a metal cover made from galvanized steel. RV owners can choose from multiple size options ranging from 21 to 51 feet long. Carports are all about ease and accessibility, providing added convenience without a huge price tag. Although carports may not provide quite as much shade protection as other structures, these products from Arrow are heavy-duty and built to withstand 100-mph winds with a 35-psf snow rating. Other benefits of an Arrow carport for your RV include:

  • Simple assembly you can complete without professional help.
  • A black powder coated finish resists rust and corrosion.
  • 14-foot-tall canopy can double as a picnic area cover or shade solution for gatherings.

ShelterTech SP Series Buildings

ShelterTech RV storageShelterTech RV storage

ShelterTech has an impressive line of camper trailer storage options to keep your RV’s exterior safe from the elements. ShelterTech’s SP Series shelters are single pipe fabric buildings manufactured to withstand rough weather. They are even wind and snow rated to take on tough weather. Made from high-quality galvanized steel with an ultra-durable PVC fabric, this option is even more affordable than other options like steel or concrete. No matter the size of your RV, the SP Series is customizable, allowing customers to choose from multiple shapes and sizes. These structures can be trusted to protect the exterior of your RV thanks to:

  • Galvanized USA-manufactured carbon steel construction with rust and corrosion protection.
  • Rugged 14.5 oz. commercial grade fabric is UV treated inside and out to protect your RV.

ShelterCoat Garages

ShelterCoat RV StorageShelterCoat RV Storage

ShelterCoat’s series of customizable RV storage structures allows owners of RVs of any size to create a storage solution that fits your budget and needs. This is the ideal option if you’re looking for camper trailer storage that is portable and easy to assemble. You can also choose from round, peak, and barn style options for your backyard or property. ShelterCoat offers interior protection of your RV with features such as:

  • Powder-coated all-steel frame that protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Standard, heavy-duty, and ultra-duty fabric options to choose the level of protection you need within your budget.
  • Frame stabilizers and ratchet tensioning system for secure shelter frame.

RV Storage: Simple Solution for Protecting Your Investment

While owning an RV can be expensive, you can easily tack on unwanted costs by ignoring simple measures like protecting your vehicle from the elements. Utilizing a shade solution for camper trailer storage will keep an RV looking and running like new. Purchasing a durable RV storage unit will protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle along with all of the other expensive amenities inside the RV such as furniture and flooring.

When choosing the ideal storage unit for your backyard or property, make sure to check HOA rules and pick a product that fits best for your RV and home’s needs. Options from ShelterTech, ShelterCoat, and Arrow Storage Products provide customizable size and cover choices for any RV and budget. While it may be an additional investment you may not have bargained for when purchasing your vacation vehicle, a dependable shade solution on your property will pay you back in dividends.

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Jun 16, 2019 23:15
I am considering a storage unit for a 5th wheel camper.. It will be stored in Holland VT which can get frigid during the winter. I will utilize the camper only during the months of June thru October.. Do you recommend a prefab steel motor home shelter or a wooden garage or something similar.
Sep 04, 2019 13:53
Hi Vincent,

We believe our <a href="https://www.shelterlogic.com/shop/manufacturer/sheltertech" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">ShelterTech</a> series is an ideal option for you!
It is live load rated and stand up very well in inclement weather conditions. They can also be anchored on the ground or on concrete with adequate anchors.
Our Customer Service representatives are available 7 days a week and are happy to discuss your needs further and find the right shelter for you. Feel free to give them a call at 1-800-932-9344.
Denise Haberman
May 26, 2019 16:39
We have a 13 ft high (a/cs included) and 38 ft long 5th wheel that we want to protect. But, we live in Conifer ,Co. which is in the foothills....hence heavy snow. Will one of your structures be appropriate for us? Also we have a packed dirt drive that we will put it on. If your structure needs concrete anchors, we will do those.
Appreciate your info,
Denise Haberman
Sep 04, 2019 13:34
Hi Denise,

Yes! Our <a href="https://www.shelterlogic.com/shop/manufacturer/sheltertech" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">ShelterTech</a> series is an ideal options for you!
It can be configured up to 30'W x 100'L and 21'H.
Our Customer Service representatives are available 7 days a week and are happy to discuss your needs further and find the right shelter for you. Feel free to give them a call at 1-800-932-9344.
Elsa Anderson
Apr 19, 2018 16:17
My husband and I recently bought an RV for family vacations and I had no idea that RV protection is important so I am glad that I found this article. I like that you say you need to shield the exterior of your RV from harmful UV rays that will typically concentrate on the roof. Also, the fact that the sun rays on the RV can also increase the energy needed to get the interior to a cooler temperature is very important because you can save a lot of money by using an RV cover.
Aug 27, 2019 13:51
That is correct! We are glad to see that you found this article informative and beneficial. We now offer <a href="https://www.shelterlogic.com/shop/arrow-carport" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Arrow Carports</a> which are also a viable option for covering your RV and protecting your home away from home.
Celestia Stratheimer
Jan 31, 2018 23:48
What grabbed my attention was how you said that having a storage unit will ensure that the RV was protected from harsh elements, like the UV rays of the sun, that can damage its exteriors. I know that this information will also grab the attention of my sister because she was the one who bought the RV. I'm sure she wouldn't want her precious investment to be destroyed so easily, it would break her heart. It might be a great idea to ask her to get the RV stored when it's not in need. Thank you for sharing.
Aug 07, 2019 18:23
Glad you found this article informative and we hope it helps convince your sister to protect her investment!
Ysabella Minelli
Nov 25, 2017 04:27
I agree with you that long exposure to the sunlight can fade the materials inside my RV, from the dashboard to the living area, not to mention deteriorate the conditions of these materials. I have been telling this to my husband, but he just won't listen to me. Now I can just present this article to him and hope he finally changes his mind and agrees to get the RV stored. Thank you so much.