5 Benefits to Using an Auto Protection Solution

5 Benefits to Using an Auto Protection Solution
November 30, 2021

When looking for a safe spot to store your vehicle away from the elements, portable garages may be an ideal option. Even if you already have a garage attached to your home, do you know that one in four Americans can’t even fit a vehicle in their garage due to clutter? A portable car garage is a smart investment and great addition to any outdoor space. Here are 5 benefits to using portable garages along with some durable and affordable options for your property. 

Provide Shelter from the Elements 

No matter the climate, Mother Nature can wreak havoc on any type of vehicle. From wind, snow, rain, and salt, a portable car garage will help minimize exposure to weather that can ruin your vehicle. Here are different threats to your automobile that a reliable portable car garage can help to prevent. 

  • Wind: If you live in an area prone to tornadoes or strong storms, you already know that wind can blow a tree limb and other debris onto your vehicle causing serious damage. When cars stay safely inside portable garages, you minimize the risk of this type of damage. 
  • Snow: When snowfall occurs on your vehicle, it’s more than the pesky windshield scraping you have to contend with. The weight of snow can actually have a negative impact on your vehicle. It can cause denting and windshield cracking while the moisture can also lead to rust issues. 
  • Rain: That rain shower doesn’t actually help to clean your vehicle. In fact, the rainwater evaporates and leaves a thin layer of pollutants that can cause exterior damage.  
  • Salt: Whether you live by the beach or in a snowy climate, chances are your car is prone to salt damage. Whether from salt by the ocean or salt on the roads in winter weather, salt can cause corrosion that can irreversibly damage a car. 
  • Debris: Environmental pests like sap and bugs can also create a problem for your car’s paint job. When your vehicle is protected by a portable car garage, it can prevent debris from caking onto the paint. 
Garage in a Box peak XLGarage in a Box peak XL

Protection from Sun Damage

Even if you store a vehicle in a milder climate, consistent sunlight can contribute to problems for the exterior and even the interior of your vehicle. Leaving a car in the heat means interior air temperatures of up to 145 degrees, which may lead to a faded dashboard and even damaged electrical components within your vehicle. Portable garages offer a safe place to shelter a car from harmful UV rays. Here are some other ways direct sunlight can damage your car or truck. 

  • Cracked or peeled paint: Sunlight can not only fade the paint and make your car look dull, it can even crack and peel causing you to pay for a whole new paint job. 
  • Engine problems: Harmful UV rays don’t just harm the exterior of your vehicle. It can even cause problems with performance. Heat can create cracking in the tubing, hosing, and belts which can cause fluid leaks and even bigger engine trouble. 
  • Upholstery breakdown: Excess heat and sunlight can dry out your vehicle’s upholstery, causing discoloration and breakdown. Both fabric and leather upholstery can fall prey to UV rays. 
Sojag Everest steel garageSojag Everest steel garage

Theft and Vandalism Prevention 

A vehicle sitting out in a driveway unprotected can be a sitting duck for potential thieves and vandals. The National Insurance Crime Bureau estimated over 870,000 vehicles were stolen last year alone. Although more vehicles than ever have anti-theft software to prevent this type of crime, you can add an extra layer of security by storing a vehicle inside a portable garage. Here are other ways to minimize the threat of theft. 

  • Choose lockable storage: When deciding on portable garages for your property, investing in one with a locking mechanism just adds even more security, making it tougher for thieves to gain access.
  • Never leave valuables in your vehicle: If for some reason the bad guys are able to gain access to your car, make sure there’s nothing inside of any value. This includes your car’s title. 
  • Keep area well lit: Potential burglars scope out easy targets, like dark areas where they may be able to get away without being seen. Add lighting to the area around your portable car garage to deter thieves. 
Arrow CarportArrow Carport

Save Money with Better Insurance Rates 

There are several different factors a car insurance company will take into consideration when calculating a monthly premium. Aside from driving history and vehicle type, where you store a car is also high on that list. While carports can offer some protection, an enclosed garage is an even better bet. Don't expect to see a massive difference in your rates though. You can bet on a 5% decrease when your company calculates the premium. Why does an insurance company consider parking in portable garages safer? 

  • Less collision risk: When your car is parked in the street or outside of a garage, there’s a higher likelihood a car or even a motorcycle can collide with the parked vehicle. 
  • Protection from theft: It’s a lot tougher for a burglar to gain access to a car if it’s behind lock and key. 
  • Safer from storms: Aside from a tree limb falling and cracking a windshield, your car is safer from hail damage and other types of rough weather when inside a portable car garage. 
Arrow Vinyl Murryhill GarageArrow Vinyl Murryhill Garage

Ultimate Convenience 

No matter the climate, you’ve probably been in a situation where the weather has added extra time to your morning commute. Have you ever spent an extra 15 minutes shoveling snow or ice off your windshield before even jumping in the car? Maybe you’ve had to wait out the raindrops before walking out of your house to get going. Even in blistering heat, drivers tend to get the car started and get the air going before jumping in and experiencing hot temperatures. With portable car garages, your car stays at a more manageable temperature, offering extra convenience by ensuring your car is ready to go whenever you are. 

ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box RoundTopShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box RoundTop

Benefits of Portable Garages 

Now that you’ve seen the many reasons why portable garages are an asset to any property, it’s time to choose a perfect structure that fits your unique needs. Whether you need a garage with a smaller footprint, or a larger shelter with a little extra space for storage or hobbies, you’ll be able to find a durable and cost-effective storage solution. When purchasing a ShelterLogic garage, you’ll receive: 

  • Quality construction: ShelterLogic portable garages are built to last, with rugged ripstop tough fabric choices that are UV treated, waterproof, and ready to stand up to the elements. These portable car garage options are constructed with high-quality steel frames with powder coated finishes that resist rust, chipping, and corrosion. Choose from wind and snow rated shelters to ensure your vehicle is better protected from wicked weather.
  • Simple assembly: When comparing assembly to steel structures especially, the ShelterLogic shelters take less time. If you have some DIY experience, there is no need to hire a professional to put most of these shelters together. While it is always smart to check your local ordinances to ensure you won’t need a building permit, ShelterLogic structures generally do not require a permit for even more convenience. 
  • Customizable options: ShelterLogic has multiple portable garage styles to fit your storage needs and budget. From larger options to fit multiple vehicles, to shelters with a smaller footprint, you’ll be able to pick your own size perfect for your backyard. In addition, you’ll be able to choose from different fabric strengths depending on the type of weather you expect at your property. With ShelterLogic portable garages, you’ll be able to customize everything right down to the color, shape, and style of your shelter.  

Dependable Portable Garages: An Ideal Investment 

Your car isn’t the only thing that will benefit from these high-quality structures. Having extra space in your outdoor area also offers a spot for smart storage in addition to a vehicle. Whether you choose to store tools or seasonal items, a portable car garage will provide a chance to declutter your yard or even your home by utilizing the area to tuck things away. Above all, portable garages are protecting your vehicle by shielding it from the elements and possible theft. Choosing the right one ideal for your budget and needs will save you both time and money in the long run. 

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