Finding the Right Hoop Barn for Your Specific Farming Needs

Finding the Right Hoop Barn for Your Specific Farming Needs
April 12, 2022

A traditional storage building for your barn or property can be an expensive addition, even for a large-scale operation. When you need a durable outdoor shelter to contain anything from expensive machinery to animals, the first thing you may think of is constructing a barn or standalone building. However, there is a more cost effective and equally viable option: A hoop building. This choice can increase productivity and versatility without breaking the bank.

What is a Hoop Building?

A hoop building is one of the most versatile tools you can have on a farm. A hoop barn is a reliable alternative to a traditional barn and can also house anything from livestock to bulk storage. These buildings are also known as a high tunnel due to the arches that form a hooped roof. They are portable and lightweight, creating a convenient and functional structure for your needs.

A hoop building from ShelterLogic is constructed with high-quality materials that can stand up to the elements to protect whatever you choose to keep inside. UV-treated fabric creates an ideal environment to grow crops or protect anything from livestock to animal feed from the harsh elements. Choose from a number of sizes ideal for anything from a compact bulk storage solution to a large-scale farming tool. You can even choose your own hoop barn kit for ultimate customization.

ShelterTech Hoop Barn WhiteShelterTech Hoop Barn White

What is a Hoop Barn Used For?

A hoop building can be used in a number of different ways on your property or farm. Some common uses include:

  • Livestock housing: A hoop barn can be utilized for anything from swine, sheep, goats, or other livestock. A hoop building is constructed with natural ventilation which offers increased benefits when compared to a traditional barn or outdoor building. This means the animals housed inside will experience more comfort while resting or eating. A hoop barn can also protect animals from predators. This type of outdoor building is also helpful for pollution and manure control, and can even cut down on costs.
  • Bulk storage: A hoop barn is a popular way for farmers and property owners to store items in bulk such as hay, animal feed, and dirt. A hoop building is a cost-effective solution in any season. Some farmers may also choose to store firewood or mulch which can be conveniently accessed at any time.
  • Equipment storage: A hoop barn is large enough to allow for equipment storage such as tractors, trucks, SUVs, or ATVs. These high-dollar items should always be stored safely out of sight not only to protect them from thieves, but also to create a barrier from the elements that can cause damage over time. Storing farming equipment in a hoop building is a good investment that will pay off over time.

Raising Cattle in a Hoop Building

Many farmers choose a hoop building for beef production. There are a few different reasons why one of these hoop barn options are an ideal environment to raise cattle while boosting your bottom line.

  • Reduces stress: It is important to raise cattle in a non-stressful environment. Doing so promotes weight gain and even produces better meat.
  • Promotes health: Raising cattle in a healthy environment will prevent disease and create a better product. A hoop building can combat pests and keep cattle away from environmental dangers while also allowing them space to move without being susceptible to harsh elements.
  • Saves money: When cattle are shielded from harsh sunlight and other environmental factors, they can gain weight in less time. Some farmers report seeing a 15% boost in feed efficiency, which can have a huge impact on profitability.

Storing Hay in a Hoop Barn

One of the best ways to store hay is inside a hoop building. These storage solutions promote the ideal environment for ensuring the health and safety of your animals. Here are some of the benefits to utilizing a hoop building to protect hay.

  • Prevents mold: A hoop barn can protect hay from increased moisture, which can lead to mold and eventually sick animals. The temperature and protection from rain is what helps to keep the hay fresh.
  • Protects nutrients: Your horses need nutritious feed, and storing hay in a hoop barn preserves the nutrients your animals need for optimal health. This storage option keeps the bales fresher by keeping them in a dry and well-ventilated hoop building.
  • Promotes safety: Hay bales can acquire too much moisture that can actually cause a chemical reaction that is incredibly dangerous. This reaction could cause combustion that is unsafe to your animals and your property. Storing bales inside a hoop building can prevent the moisture buildup.

How is a Hoop Building Maintained?

Properly checking and maintaining a hoop barn is important to its longevity as well as the safety of your animals or belongings inside. The first step to ensuring proper maintenance is always removing debris. Make sure to clear any leaves, sticks, or branches after any severe weather in the summer while immediately clearing snowfall in the winter. While clearing debris, it is important to follow these tips:

  • Be careful: Never use a sharp object when clearing any type of debris from a hoop building. It can puncture the cover and cause damage.
  • Remove snow from the outside: Never remove snow while standing inside of a hoop barn. Use a broom or mop to gently remove it from the structure.
  • Use your hands: For larger objects like a branch or sharp stick, use garden gloves and remove the debris without using a tool. This reduces the chance of puncturing the hoop building cover.

Cleaning a Hoop Barn

Another simple way to keep your hoop building at peak performance is keeping it clean. You should clean a hoop barn at minimum once a year, both inside and out. A clean hoop barn resists debris more effectively while also combating mold growth. Here are simple steps to follow to keep a hoop barn clean and looking great:

  • Don’t use chemicals: Ammonia-based solutions can cause damage to your fabric hoop building. Instead, use a solution of soap and water and clean gently with a mop or other soft cleaning tool. It will get the job done without risking the cover of your hoop barn.
  • Be gentle: While it may seem like a power washer can clean your hoop building in a snap, you’ll want to avoid that cleaning method with a hoop building. Instead, clean with a soft sided tool like a sponge or mop, and rinse off the cover with a hose.
  • Clean thoroughly: The outside of a hoop barn certainly bears the brunt of the dirt and debris. But that doesn’t mean the inside of the structure shouldn’t be cleaned as well. Thoroughly clean inside your hoop building to avoid mold, mildew, and other environmental issues.
ShelterTech Hoop Barn Farm StorageShelterTech Hoop Barn Farm Storage

Why Choose a ShelterTech SP Series Hoop Building?

Finding the right hoop building is not a one size fits all quest. That is why ShelterTech offers a customized experience by purchasing a hoop barn kit with exactly what you want from start to finish. Buying a hoop kit begins with choosing your preferred shape, which includes:

  • Peak: This hoop barn kit is designed for ease of installation.
  • Round: This hoop barn kit is manufactured to best shed the elements.
  • Barn: When you need a hoop building with maximum space, this is the style to start with.

The hoop barn options from ShelterTech also offer fully customizable fabric covers to choose which strength best fits your needs. You can also choose which color you prefer. Hoop barn kit cover options include:

Standard Cover Heavy Duty 14.5 oz Cover Ultra Duty 21.5 oz Cover
UV treated UV treated UV treated
100% waterproof 100% waterproof 100% waterproof
1-year prorated warranty 10-year prorated warranty 15-year prorated warranty
1-year warranty for panels 3-year prorated warranty for panels 3-year prorated warranty for panels

Benefits to a ShelterTech Hoop Barn Kit

One of the most pronounced benefits of purchasing a ShelterTech hoop building is its incredible strength. Choose from buildings with both wind and snow load ratings that fit your climate and particular needs. This deluxe protection is offered at a fraction of the cost of a traditional standalone building. Other incredible benefits include:

  • Sturdy construction: Made with high-quality materials that will last season after season, these reliable hoop barn kit options are created with the best materials on the market. Patented ShelterLock Stabilizers offer increased strength.
  • Multiple size options: Whether you are looking for a more compact hoop barn kit, or a large scale building, ShelterTech has options for everyone. Choose from a hoop building as small as 12 ft. long or as large as 100 ft. long. You can also customize the height depending on what you are storing inside.
  • Simple assembly: When comparing these hoop barn kit options with a traditional building, it will take days to erect instead of weeks or months. When you need a storage and want to save both time and money, ShelterTech offers the best of both worlds.

Hoop Building Options to Save Time and Money

If you want to add a storage solution that is both cost effective and fast, a hoop building is a fully customizable option that can be incorporated into just about any property. Their unique construction offers incredible strength while still costing the fraction of the cost of a traditional building.

A hoop barn will help with livestock shelter, equipment storage, or any bulk items you need protected on your farm or property. While it is a sizeable investment, maintaining the building will ensure a long lifespan that could in turn produce increased productivity for your business.

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