Best Beach Tents and Beach Shade Solutions for Day Trips and Vacations

Best Beach Tent and Beach Shade Solutions
April 12, 2022

With summer right around the corner, it’s about time that people start getting themselves ready for the beach. For many people, there’s nothing better than lounging around in the sand and going for a swim. However, it’s very easy to get too relaxed at the beach and forget about how much time you’re spending in the sun.

Even when you take precautions like wearing sunscreen, it’s important to take yourself out of the sun and stay in the shade for a bit. However, it can be difficult to find shade on a crowded beach if you come ill-prepared. It’s important to know what options you have available so you can get access to the shade whenever necessary.

Before we get into the details about the different items that you can use to protect yourself from the sun, let’s take a look at why always having a beach shade is important for your health.

Why Beach Shade Solutions Are Important to your Health

The only reason why people invest in a beach shade is to ensure that they can have fun and relax at the beach as safely as possible. Sunblock alone definitely isn’t enough to protect you from the sun for prolonged periods of time.

Not only are you at risk of suffering from a sunburn, but there’s also the chance of exposure to potentially harmful rays from the sun. These rays can often contribute to overexposure to the sun can also lead to dehydration, potentially ruining your day at the beach.

Aside from the sun, beaches that are windy can also end up being a potential breathing hazard. That’s why something like a beach tent can be crucial in ensuring that you have adequate protection against debris.

Generally, most beaches tend to be in countries that are much closer to the equator, and the sun's rays tend to be the strongest in these areas. That’s why so many travelers tend to get sunburn on the beach while they’re on vacation. Well, the ones that know what they’re doing and end up getting appropriate shade can avoid any issues.

Now that you have a fair understanding of the importance of why beach shades are so important to your health, let's take a look at the different options that you can use to protect yourself.

Best Beach UmbrellaBest Beach Umbrella

What Can I Use for Shade at the Beach?

Before you decide to commit to a purchase, it’s important to evaluate all the different options that you have available. Beach-goers can choose between tents, umbrellas, and pop-up canopies. Here’s a breakdown of every type of shade that you can buy!

Beach Tents

Almost everyone knows what a tent looks like and the function that they perform. For a lot of people that actively visit a beach, a tent is one of the first things that they pack. Modern beach tents can even feature fabric that offers a degree of UV ray protection. Not only can a tent protect you from the sun, but they also serve as a great way to protect you from other forms of debris at the beach.

On top of that, if you want to enjoy a little bit of privacy on the beach, a tent can work brilliantly. They’re also available in a wide variety of sizes, so you also have plenty of options there. If you want to fit a large number of people, a dome tent will work perfectly.

There’s also no hard and fast rule that dictates that you have to get a specialized beach tent. Even a standard camping tent will work effectively on the beach to protect you from the shade.

Beach Umbrellas

For those that only occasionally go to the beach and don’t plan on spending a lot of time, a beach umbrella might be a better alternative to the tent. It’s hard to picture a beach without the signature umbrellas everywhere.

If all you're worried about is harmful rays from the sun and getting skin burned, then an umbrella will work effectively. High-quality umbrellas will ensure that you receive an adequate amount of shade no matter the angle.

One important thing to consider is the weight of the umbrella. While a lightweight umbrella is definitely easy to carry, it might also blow away because of the wind. The best modern beach umbrellas will feature an anchoring system that helps prevent them from blowing away.

The whole purpose of a beach umbrella is to provide you with an easy and safe way to protect yourself from the sun. If the umbrella isn’t accessible and is difficult to carry, then you won’t find a lot of use!

Some umbrellas even feature advanced mechanics that make it easy to adjust the angle and get the perfect shade.

Pop-up Canopies

Similar to a tent but much more open, the pop-up canopy is ideal for beach-goers that prefer to enjoy the wind on a day out. The open nature of the pop-up canopies makes them ideal for someone that wants to lie down and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

They might seem complex, but if you’re familiar with setting up a tent, then you won’t struggle with getting your canopy in place. If it gets too windy, then a canopy can potentially be at risk of blowing away. That’s why it’s essential to use a stake and pegs to fix the canopy in place.

These canopies represent a happy middle-ground between tents and umbrellas. They provide a lot more coverage than umbrellas while still allowing you to enjoy the wind and the weather. However, those that prefer a little bit more privacy might prefer going with a tent. These are the most popular shade solutions that are available to you on a beach.

Best Beach Tent for KidsBest Beach Tent for Kids

Is a Tent or Umbrella Better for the Beach?

It all ultimately depends on the level of protection you need and the coverage that you require. A beach tent will not only protect you from the sun, but it’ll also serve as a shield against any debris that might blow when the winds get heavy. Tents also have the most secure design and are the most resistant to wind. On top of that, they offer a level of privacy on the beach that umbrellas can’t match.

Beach umbrellas, on the other hand, are perfect for more casual beach-goers. If you’re only going to spend a few hours on the beach, there might not be any point in investing in a tent. A beach umbrella offers a simple setup, easy storage, and a decent amount of coverage.

Both a beach tent and umbrella offer their own benefits and features that the other can’t provide. Ultimately, it comes down to the preference of the beach-goer. For people that spend a lot of time on the beach and tend to go with a group of people, a tent or canopy might be the best idea.

On the other hand, for one or two people, a beach umbrella is an ideal solution.

How Do You Anchor a Beach Umbrella?

One of the biggest security concerns with beach umbrellas is them flying away in the wind. Generally, a beach umbrella will feature a spike on the bottom that people will just stab into the soil. While many might think that it’s enough, you need to put in a bit more effort to secure it properly.

After stabbing the spike in the soil, put your weight on top and secure it further by rocking it back and forth. Ideally, you should be a good foot or two inside the soil to ensure that the beach umbrella doesn’t fly away.

How Do You Anchor a Beach Tent?

Generally, people find it easier to anchor a beach tent than they do a beach umbrella. As setting up takes more effort than just sticking a beach umbrella in the soil, people tend to pay more attention to the process.

The best way to anchor your beach tent is by using both stakes and pegs. If you can, bring a mallet with you so you can get deep inside the soil. The deeper you are in the soil, the more wind-resistant the overall tent.

Do Beach Tents Get Hot?

A major concern that some people might have when buying a beach tent is considering their temperature. It’s definitely possible for a tent with the incorrect fabric to heat up in the summer and become a hazard.

Can you bring a canopy to the Beach?

You can definitely bring a canopy to the beach! There's hardly any other shade solution that will work so well for picnics and just lounging around on the beach—offering the openness of a beach umbrella with a much larger coverage area. A canopy is perfect for the beach.

How do you anchor a canopy at the beach?

Anchoring a canopy at the beach works in much the same way as anchoring a tent. You need to ensure that all the pegs and stakes are deep inside the soil. That way, you won’t have to worry about the canopy flying away because of the wind.

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