Shade, Storage, and More Solutions for Livestock Farms

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January 28, 2022

No matter the size of your livestock farm, the same basic principles apply to running a successful operation. You need the right tools and solutions to care for animals, store feed and heavy equipment, and to provide the proper environment to grow crops. While there are a number of farm shelters for sale, it’s important to research and invest in the right cattle shade structures and multi-use sheds in order to protect your animals, crops, and equipment.

The Importance of Cattle Shade Structures

From horses to cows, sheep to goats, livestock can be adversely affected by the elements in every season. In the blazing heat or harsh winter wind, it is crucial to provide your animals with proper shelter for their wellbeing and performance. Just like protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays, you must do the same for your animals.

  • The impacts of heat: Did you know animals can get sunburns, too? Cattle shade structures are crucial to shielding animals from sun exposure that can even lead to skin infections. Aside from skin protection, proper sheltering can keep an animal’s temperature in check, preventing overheating and other health issues that can lead to more serious illness.
  • Wind exposure: Wind chills can have a profound impact on body temperatures in livestock during winter cold snaps. Cattle shade structures provide a respite from harsh winds, which will in turn keep animals safer and healthier through rough weather. In fact, horses without access to a shelter will lose 20% to 30% less body heat when compared to a horse without protection.
  • Combating parasites: Shelter is not only important for extreme weather conditions. It is also an important tool to fend off parasites and insects, which can wreak havoc on the health of livestock by causing diseases.

Shade Structures Ideal for Horses and Other Livestock

When scouring farm shelters for sale, you may wonder which ones are ideal for horses and other large livestock. Here are the best livestock shelter options to keep your animals healthy, happy, and productive.

Run-in Shelters for Increased Protection

horse shade ideas | run-in shedshorse shade ideas | run-in sheds

Run-in shelters are open ended structures that provide horses easy access to seek protection from the sun, wind, and rain. While this option allows your horse a respite away from the elements, it also offers these animals a chance to roam freely, which is important for their health and muscles. And if you need to stable your horse for an extended period of time, you can also use these shelters for backup storage options. Run-in shelters also come with:

  • Sturdy frame: When searching for the best farm shelters for sale, look for options with a sturdy steel frame to stand up to Mother Nature. These run-in shelters have a powder coated finish that resists rust and chipping, offering a safe and reliable place for animals to take a break.
  • Durable fabric cover: You can expect cattle shade structures to be exposed to all the elements. These run-in sheds are made with a thick polyethylene ripstop fabric cover that is fully waterproof.
  • Simple assembly: Slip fit connectors make this a DIY job with no professional needed for setup. With bolt hardware at every connection, this structure will stand the test of time without extensive setup time.

Innovative Corral Shelters for Instant Shade

horse shade ideas | corral sheltershorse shade ideas | corral shelters

Corral shelters can serve multiple purposes on your livestock farm, from sheltering horses to keeping feed and other bulk items protected from the harsh sunlight. These versatile cattle shade structures simply attach to existing corral gates for portable use and simple setup anywhere you on your property. Each corral shelter provides:

  • Built tough: Whether you choose a powder coated, premium powder coated, or galvanized option, each of these options are manufactured to stand up to the elements, repelling rust and chipping.
  • Incredible stability: Patented ShelterLock Stabilizers are they key to the rock-solid strength of these cattle shade structures. They are at every rib connection to ensure ultimate sturdiness.
  • Added protection: This structure doesn’t only keep your animals safe from the sun. Corral shelters also include protective boots on each corner to shield livestock from injuries.
farm shelters for salefarm shelters for sale

Bulk Storage Options for All Your Livestock Farm Needs

While searching for farm shelters for sale, you should take stock of what types of items you plan to safeguard before figuring out which options are right for your property. When you’re in the market for a portable and sturdy shelter to store feed, equipment, or goods for your business, finding a quality shed is key. These versatile outdoor storage buildings can be used for keeping automobiles and farm equipment safe from the elements as well. Here are some fully customizable structures that add value and function to any farm.

Customizable Buildings for Endless Functionality

ShelterTech and ShelterCoat custom sheds provide ultimate flexibility and customization when it comes to your storage needs. Both options provide three different styles, allowing customers to choose between peak, round, and barn styles. From there, simply choose width, length, height, and material to make it your own. These strong and high-quality buildings can be manufactured up to 100 ft. long for impressive capacity. These all-season shelters offer no-hassle assembly and portability like no other. Both options provide:

  • Steel frame construction: Both ShelterTech and ShelterCoat are built to last with steel frames that resist rust and corrosion.
  • Durable fabric: Choose from an array of fabric choices in different colors for your ideal storage shelter. Both fabric styles are waterproof and UV treated for ultimate protection and durability.
  • Affordability: When comparing farm shelters for sale, ShelterTech and ShelterCoat options can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of all steel, wood, or concrete structures.
farm shelters for salefarm shelters for sale

Extend Your Growing Season with High-Tunnel Greenhouses

If growing stronger crops is a top priority for your farm, consider large-scale greenhouses for your property. These unheated structures increase yields by protecting crops from the elements and creating an ideal environment for plants to thrive. These greenhouse options, in a side-by-side study, are proven to grow crops more effectively than the competition. These structures are fully customizable, providing multiple options to fit your budget and needs. In addition, you can choose from four different bundle options to get started:

  • Frame: Simply choose the length and width, and order only the greenhouse frame to convert into a cold frame greenhouse.
  • Frame and end-panel frame: This option creates a starter kit for an outline for a high-tunnel greenhouse.
  • Frame and cover kit: This bundle has everything from the first two options but adds on the innovative cover to allow you to create the perfect environment for growing strong and healthy crops.
  • Full greenhouse kit: Whether you are new to growing or operating a large-scale farm, this greenhouse kit will offer everything you need for a thriving high-tunnel greenhouse.

These high-tunnel greenhouses offer convenient end panel frames, which make it easy to install a fan or air vent if needed. Other benefits of these high-tunnel greenhouses include:

  • Simple assembly: There’s no need to worry about lengthy and complicated setup with these structures. The galvanized steel piping comes with pre-drilled holes for ease. Nut and bolt fasteners also help for a hassle-free process.
  • Strong cover: The polyethylene fabric covers are strong enough to combat ripping and fraying, while also heat sealed to protect from water seeping through.
  • Stability: ShelterLock Stabilizers are a unique way to offer incredible stability to the frame. Made of high-quality USA-manufactured steel, the connectors prevent wobbling for steady construction.

Affordable Solutions for All Livestock Farm Needs

From shielding your animals from the elements to storing farming equipment and feed, you’ll need a multitude of tools to ensure your livestock farm is running smoothly and effectively. Whether you add cattle shade structures or a spacious shed to meet your needs, you can find easy-to-assemble options that won’t break the bank. Investing in shade structures to keep your animals healthy and belongings protected will pay dividends throughout the years, providing both functionality and peace of mind in every season.

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Levi Armstrong
Apr 06, 2021 11:23
It's great that you said that I should invest in run-in sheds or corral shelters for my farm since they provide accessible shelter for my horses to cool down when the sun is too hot. This is an excellent piece of advice for me since I plan to build a horse ranch in the countryside this year. I'll bookmark this article of yours for future references. Thanks a lot!