Maintenance Tips for Your Arrow Storage Solution

Maintenance Tips for Your Arrow Storage Solution
February 10, 2022

When purchasing a metal shed for your property from Arrow Storage Solutions, you are investing in a durable and reliable shed or garage that will combat the elements while standing the test of time. No matter how well a shed is constructed, keeping it in pristine condition requires consistent upkeep throughout every season. Here are key shed maintenance tips that will save time and money by keeping your backyard storage unit in the best shape possible.

Proper Assembly First Step to Arrow Shed Maintenance

One of the most important keys to Arrow shed maintenance is starting off on the right foot. First, check to make sure you are following local zoning and building regulations. Then, have a plan in place for a successful set up. This means preparing for proper assembly by taking these simple steps to prepare:

Find the Right Location

Depending on how you plan to utilize your shed, it’s important to choose a spot that is convenient for access. For example, if it is mainly a potting shed, setting up the storage solution closest to the garden would be ideal. You may also want to choose a location directly in the sun’s path if using the shed as a greenhouse, but not if you plan to use it as a workshop. Also make sure to erect the structure on even terrain away from low lying areas to avoid flooding or standing water.

Prepare the Base

After making sure the base of your shed is square and level, it may be prudent to purchase a base kit in the corresponding size in order to easily create the base using the flooring of your choice. The base kit can also be used as a form to pour concrete.

Read Instructions

Make sure to carefully read the instructions prior to constructing the shed. Lay out the materials and tools needed to make it a seamless and hassle-free project. Give yourself enough time to thoroughly prepare and construct the shed for a successful build.

Maintain Shed Exterior

An important component to Arrow shed maintenance is to make sure the exterior of the storage solution is taken care of on a regular basis. Here are shed maintenance tips to ensure the outside of the storage solution stays looking new and in proper working order season after season.

Keep Exterior Walls Clean

Arrow sheds should be periodically waxed for a long-lasting, polished look by using a spray-on car wax. If you notice any surface discoloration, use a sponge along with mild soap and water to gently take care of stains. If scratches occur, wash the area and apply touch up paint as soon as possible.

Maintain Doorway

Because the doorway is used so often, this part of your shed can bear the brunt of plenty of wear and tear. Regularly inspect the doorway for dirt and debris. Every year, lubricate the door to keep it in proper working order. Always make sure the door is shut and secure when not in use so it doesn’t slam or break due to windy weather. Finally, use a door tune up kit if repair is needed.

Roof Maintenance

No matter the climate, your shed’s roof can be subjected to the elements which can cause damage over time if not addressed immediately. Make sure to clean off leaves, debris, or snow before accumulation causes any issues. Too much weight on the roof can cause a collapse. If you live in an area where accumulation may be an issue, investing in a roof strengthening kit may be ideal.

Store Items Strategically

One of the most important shed maintenance tips that may be overlooked is how to store items inside your shed in order to reduce moisture that can lead to long-term damage of the structure. Be strategic when storing belongings by following these simple tips:

Avoid Stacking

Stacking items on top of each other throughout your shed can also cause stagnant air which can lead to condensation issues. Enough moisture inside can compromise your structure, so try to neatly store items on shelves and in bins to maintain proper airflow. Also, avoid overfilling your structure by leaving plenty of space between the items inside and the walls. This helps to increase airflow throughout your shed.

Only Store Dry Items

Did you know that just one wet item in the shed can increase moisture levels and potentially cause mold inside your structure? Make sure everything you are planning to store inside is dry to protect other items and your storage solution as a whole.

Shed Maintenance Tips to Prevent Rust

While storing items strategically is a huge key to proper Arrow shed maintenance, there are other easy ways to reduce moisture and promote circulation which can avoid rust and corrosion issues with your shed.

Add Insulation

Insulation can help maintain constant temperatures within your shed which in turn can reduce condensation. Whether you choose foam boards, fiberglass batts, spray foam, or another type of insulation material, this can be a DIY project or a professional one depending on your comfort level.

Install a Proper Foundation

While having a strong foundation is important when building a reliable shed, it can also help when it comes to reducing moisture that may pool at the base of your structure. Gravel or crushed rock under the base can aid the draining process as well as cut moisture levels.

Consider a Dehumidifier

No matter how much you may try to control moisture levels, sometimes you may resort to using a dehumidifier to lessen the amount of moisture in the air.

Avoid Storing Chemicals

While it may seem convenient to store pool chemicals or other corrosive materials in an outdoor shed, it can cause rust and deterioration if you’re not careful. While you should not store chemicals inside your structure indefinitely, if you must, make sure they are kept in a secure location with plenty of airflow.    

Arrow Shed Repair Tips

Arrow shed maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. As small issues arise, it is important to immediately address them to ensure your shed stays in the best possible shape. Here are Arrow shed repair tips that even DIYers can handle.

Utilize Patches

Whether you are fixing a dent or hole inside or outside of a structure, you can use surface or underlayment patches in order to fix the exterior. For punctures that don’t penetrate the underlayment, a patch kit from a home improvement store will likely do the trick. For holes you must fix from the inside of the structure, you’ll need a tar-based patch material that will act as a new seal for the shed.

Replace Screws

The elements can cause screws on your shed to weaken while eliminating the waterproof seals around them. In order to fix this issue, you must first remove the screws and install a surface patch over the old hole. Finally, install new screws which will create a new seal.

Apply Caulking

When you need a hassle-free way to repair or seal a structure, caulking is as simple as its gets. From sealing flashing around your roof, to filling nail holes, this all-purpose Arrow shed repair tip is both simple and cost-effective.

Arrow Shed Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Structures

When purchasing an Arrow shed, you already know the investment comes with strong and durable construction with style and reliability. Make sure to protect your storage solution for years to come by regularly checking the shed for dirt, debris, and other structural issues like holes or scratches. Having a consistent maintenance cycle will save you both time and money by keeping your Arrow shed in good condition throughout every season.

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