How to Prevent Rust on Your Steel Sheds

How to Prevent Rust on Your Steel Sheds
September 26, 2018
Steel sheds are such a great investment to keep your lawn equipment, garden gear, and even bicycles safe from the elements. Not only do they keep your yard more organized, they ensure your belongings won’t be damaged by wind, rain, or snow. However, steel structures can also be susceptible to rust. The last thing you want is to invest in a sturdy and durable storage solution, only to figure out the metal is wearing down due to excess condensation. If you’re wondering how to prevent rust, you’ve come to the right place! There are some simple steps you can now to keep your shed in great condition.

How Rust Forms

How does rust form, anyway? Well, the short answer is it happens when your shelter fails to stay dry. Condensation is usually the culprit. This happens when moist air comes into contact with a surface that has a lower temperature. If you’re wondering how to prevent rust, trying to combat condensation is the first step. How to Prevent Rust

How to Prevent Rust Before Assembly

Before you even construct your shed, choosing the proper base for a sturdy structure should be your first step. Aside from finding the best base kit to fit your shed, where your shed will help in your quest to prevent rust. Here are a few things to do prior to assembly: Gravel or crushed rock under the base will help limit moisture around the base and keep your shed dry. Here are some other actions to take before assembling your shed:
  • Gravel or crushed rock beneath your base can help limit condensation and aid in draining
  • Pay attention to ground water drainage, making sure it will flow away from the building’s base.
  • Install insulation to allow for better temperature control inside shed
Pro Tip: Installing your own insulation can be cost effective and simple. You can use foam boards and place them on the walls and roof of your shed. This will help control the temperature inside your shed, making it less prone to condensation.
For more tips on how to install a proper foundation for your steel storage shed, visit this page with helpful tips. How to Prevent Rust

How to Prevent Rust Using Proper Storage Techniques

Believe it or not, simply storing your items properly can help prevent condensation. The name of the game is controlling the airflow inside your metal shed. This means if you stack your belongings on top of each other in a crowded manner, you won’t be helping air flow through the shed. Instead, try to keep space in between whatever you are storing, and keep those items a few inches away from the edge of the shed. Organizing the interior of your steel shed is made easier with organization accessories. You can find shelving accessories for your steel shed here and a link on organization tips here. When asking yourself how to prevent rust, keep in mind the answer is simple: there are easy steps to take before, during, and after shed assembly that will help extend the life of your storage shed. The minimal amount of time it takes will benefit your shed and the items inside for years to come! For a full list of maintaining your metal storage solution, check out our blog post on this topic.
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