ShelterTech Teams Up with Graveyard Carz

ShelterTech Teams Up with Graveyard Carz
May 15, 2019

Working on Mopar vehicles every day is tough work, and the last thing the crew at Graveyard Carz wanted was to have to worry about the damage inclement weather can have on a vehicle in the process of its restoration. So when the crew from the Graveyard Carz television show needed a place to help them store, protect and work on their vehicles, they turned to ShelterLogic Group for assistance.

ShelterLogic Group’s ShelterTech brand teamed up with the folks at Graveyard Carz to build them one of the largest ShelterTech buildings to date: clocking in at 30 ft. wide, 15 ft. high and 120 ft. long. This unit made exclusively for the television program features the longest single piece cover ShelterTech has ever developed.

“We needed a place where we could work on the cars where they would be protected…its tricky because during the restoration process we can’t have areas of the body of the cars rust…the [ShelterTech shelter] is perfect, and it’s a cool facility. We’re excited to film inside – when it rains it makes a cool interior for filming too…”

– Mark Worman, Head Ghoul at Graveyard Carz and Division Productions, LLC


ShelterTech is a wind and snow load rated, made to order, configurable building that is manufactured in the USA. These buildings are often used by homeowners and businesses alike for sheltering, storing and even as outdoor work stations. You can learn more about ShelterTech buildings here, or build your own online.

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