What Is A Garden Shed and Why do You Need One?

What is a Garden Shed and Why do you Need One
September 01, 2022

A garden shed could be one of the best investments you make in your home. It provides a way for you to have ample space to store just about anything and enables you to keep more clutter out of your home and garage. For those that are considering the investment in a garden shed, there are a few key things you need to keep in mind before you make a purchase.

What is a Garden Shed?

A garden shed is a small structure often placed behind a home or off away from the home. It is very versatile as a solid structure that is fully enclosed. While you cannot keep animals in it, you can use it for just about any other type of storage that you need, and that is one of the key benefits of it. It is super versatile to meet most goals you have.

Today, you can buy garden sheds that are designed with numerous features and various aesthetics. They can look like a highly functional workspace or a cute shed that adds decorative elements to the property as well as storage. You can also choose those with a lot of ornamental value, including those with windows and flower boxes or sheds that are highly durable with interior features like shelving and benches.

Why Get a Garden Shed?

There are a wide range of reasons to invest in a garden shed. Sometimes, garden storage really is the goal of these sheds. That is, you may just want to be able to have ample space that you can store everything that you do not want to put into your garage and that you want to keep outside of the home. Here are a few of the reasons why you may want to purchase one.

  • Garden storage. Do you have rakes, pots, and lots of dirt that you use for your gardening? Perhaps you have more than a few tools to use for your gardening, lawn care, and other tasks around the outside of your home. This can be a fantastic way for you to store items.
  • Workspace. If you are the type of person that likes to have a project going at all times, you may benefit from the investment in a workspace. This could be an area for you to do work like building a woodworking project or other activities that you enjoy.
  • Added value. The investment in a garden shed can also help you to add value to your home. Depending on the amount of storage you have throughout the space, adding a garden shed and taking care of it could be a good way to boost the value of your home.
  • Keep the clutter away. If your garage is becoming overcrowded with things like lawnmowers and snowblowers, the use of a garden shed could be very functionally beneficial. It may allow you to get everything you need tucked away so that you can actually pull your car into your garage again.

The key to remember about a garden shed is that you have a lot of options to choose from that can fit just about any needs you may have.

Garden Shed on a PatioGarden Shed on a Patio

What Are the Benefits Of Owning A Garden Shed?

If you are unsure if you want to invest in a gardening shed, consider the many benefits of using them. Many times, the ultimate goal is to make life a bit easier for you. You may not want to have to carry around your gardening supplies, or you may just want more organization for your space. Consider a few of the key reasons why you may wish to invest in a garden shed.

It Provides Efficient Garden Storage

One of the best reasons to invest in a gardening shed is because it provides you with great access to added storage. Garden storage is often well worth it, especially if you begin to do a lot of gardening and need more room. Most often, there are quite a few gardening items that a person needs to have on hand. That includes everything from the tools you need, such as rakes and shovels, as well as tools like hedge trimmers and edgers. Typically, a garden storage area also needs to have room to store items like soils and fertilizers. You may have a few items like bulbs you plan to place for the fall to find a home for, too.

One of the most important things to know about a garden shed is that it can provide the benefit of organization. Garden shed organization can happen in various ways. For example, you can place totes of items you do not often need here. You can also place shelves in the shed that allow you to place all of your chemicals and seeds. You can also add in some peg board to provide you with a few ways to keep all of your tools organized.

You Can Use It As a Potting Shed

A garden shed works well for the gardener who wants a place to work that is out of the sun but still highly accessible to their backyard. This is a fantastic place to add a bench and perhaps even a stool so you can sit and work on your gardening projects. With a bit of garden organization of the shed, you can use this space for many things.

That could include potting and transplanting your plants. It could create a space for you to place your seed trays in the early spring to get them started. You may need to work on replating throughout the year, and this is a great place to do so. It helps keep all of the items out of your gardens, patio, and garage that would otherwise be needed in these types of projects. That helps you stay neat and tidy while also ensuring that you have everything you need at hand.

You Can Use It to Store Other Things

It may be a gardening shed, but that does not mean you cannot use it for other things. In fact, you can use it for far more than just garden storage. Here are some ways that you may be able to use it:

  • Tool storage: You can use this shed for handyman tools, as well as tools you’ll use to repair a car or tinker with the lawn mower.
  • Equipment: Whether it is your ATV or that generator that you are no longer using, you can place all of these items in your shed, so they are out of your way.
  • Electronics: If your garden storage area is watertight, you can certainly use it as a way to store electronics and other items that you are not using.
  • Decorations: Use your garden shed to store things like holiday decorations. You can store away all of your extra outdoor decorations during the winter months to keep them safer, too.
  • Sports equipment: Use your shed for the storage of items like bikes and kid's toys. You can even store items that would not otherwise fit in your patio storage for the pool or the kid’s water toys.

There's no limit to what you can store here. Depending on the site of the shed you choose, it could be very versatile in the way you use it.

It Adds to Your Backyard Aesthetic

There is just something fun and beautiful about a small shed in the backyard. Just having it, perhaps with a few shutters on the windows and flowers planted around it, could help to give your backyard a bit more special. For most people, sheds are very functional, but the right style, perhaps one with some decorative elements, can certainly add value to your home and perhaps a country or cottage vibe as well.

Are Garden Sheds East to Assemble?

There are a lot of options on the market for gardening sheds. They do not have to be difficult to set up. For example, a galvanized steel garden shed for your patio, deck, or backyard could provide you with a significant amount of space. Installing it could be done on a foundation of several types (platform or even cement). Then, you’ll build up the walls through a set of steps. Most people will find this process is rather straightforward and, with a bit of help, you can get it done within a short amount of time. Sheds like this are available in various sizes, including 4x3, 5x3, and 6x3. The larger the shed is, the more complex the process may be (you may just need some extra help through the process).

Adding a shed to your home is easier than you think. It provides numerous benefits, including storage space, more opportunities for organization, and even a bit of protection from theft. You can count on it adding value to your home, too. For those who need a functional space for their hobbies or just want a shaded space to spend some time, a shed solves all of those problems.

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