What You Can and Cannot Store in a Metal Storage Shed

What You Can and Cannot Store in a Metal Storage Shed
July 13, 2022

Making the decision to purchase a metal storage shed is a good one. It expands on the availability of storage space in your home or at your business. You end up having a lot more space to put items that you may not need to have available on hand in your home or garage.

With that said, there are some factors to think about when using shed storage. A shed is not a climate-controlled solution, which means you may end up finding it much more difficult than you realize to store items within it. The good news is that most of the time, a metal shed is a very usable space and can be beneficial for most needs. If you are considering the purchase of a shed, take a few minutes to consider what you plan to put in it. Make a list to get an idea of what your needs are specifically.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing and using a metal shed.

What Is a Metal Storage Shed?

A metal storage shed provides a way for you to store a wide range of items in an enclosed space somewhere else on your property. Metal sheds are available in numerous sizes and styles, often to fit not just your functional needs but also the aesthetics of your home and overall property. Options range in metal storage sheds. Some are galvanized steel sheds, which provide a much higher level of protection and durability. Others are designed Perma Plate steel, which can help to make it ultra corrosion resistant. These can provide storage for multiple items, often stacked high.

Since these are outdoor sheds, factors need to be considered carefully, such as whether or not they are corrosion and rust resistant, water resistant, high enough to provide for taller items, and whether or not they lock. It is possible to purchase custom storage sheds to create space for specific items that may not be standard sizes.

Metal storage sheds provide a place to store most items. However, it is critical to choose the right style based on things like whether there is a need for airflow and how wide the entranceway is to allow for items to be put within it. Buyers also have to think about the location where they plan to place the shed. Placing them on a level surface is important, as is choosing a location that is out of the way but still within your property lines and meeting any expectations from an HOA.

Why Are Metal Storage Sheds Valuable for Home Organization?

Many people need more storage – it is one of the most common complaints of homeowners when looking to buy a home or renovate one they have. Yet, there is only so much room within a home or other space. The addition of a metal storage shed allows you to use the space outside of your home to provide storage for some of your most important belongings.

A metal storage shed is valuable for many reasons. It adds storage, but it also creates a way to keep the home more organized, which may include reducing clutter and improving overall safety. Some people find that these sheds can also add value to the home by freeing up more interior space for other needs and additions. For growing families, it is possible to keep all of those memory items while making room for growing children.

Additionally, a metal storage shed can help reduce the amount of high-risk materials in the home or in the garage. For example, it is possible to move all fuel and chemicals away from the home to store them in a shed away from the structure. That may make it a bit safer and create less of a fire risk in some areas. The same applies to power tools and yard equipment that may be too dangerous to keep in an attached garage.

For some people, a storage shed is simply necessary. It creates a way to keep valuable belongings safe and out of the way. It may allow you to convert a garage into a workshop or help clear out the basement to allow for room for a recreational space. These sheds are quite varied and versatile to meet just about any need. If you set out to be more organized this year, adding a storage shed is one way to make that happen.

Metal Shed Storage InsideMetal Shed Storage Inside

What Can You Store in a Metal Storage Shed?

There are many things you can put in a metal storage shed. As you consider the investment in a shed, consider the various ways you can use it. This can help you later with determining what size shed is best suited for your needs. Sheds can be versatile – this is not a complete list of everything you can use them for, but it gives you a good idea of where to get started.

Lawn Mowers

Both push mowers and riding lawnmowers can easily be stored in a shed. With the right size shed, you can ensure they are easy to pull in and secure within the enclosed structure, keeping these valuable yard machines safe. You can also store fuel and other grass tools in this space, significantly improving the current storage of your lawnmower in your garage.

Garbage Cans

Depending on the size and height of the storage shed selected, it may be possible to place garbage cans within these areas. This can help in several ways. First, it keeps unsightly trash cans in a place where they are less obvious, helping to improve the way your space looks. It also helps prevent critters from getting into your garbage cans and causing a big mess in your yard. It can also help keep trash that may not be safe, like medical materials or other items, away from children.

Garden Equipment

Storage sheds are the perfect solution for most garden equipment. It can serve as a place for all of your belongings, including rakes and other hand tools, as well as some types of power equipment like leaf blowers. You can store all your plant materials here, such as soils and fertilizers. Keep your fertilizer spreader here and all of the gear you need for that garden you are planting. Anything that you use to keep your yard and lawn looking its best can typically be stored in a metal storage shed. With a bit of good storage shed organization, you can really put anything you need in here for your yard and garden.

Bikes and Toys

To keep the clutter organized, consider using a metal shed for the bikes and toys your children use. This is a great way to keep all of their outdoor toys in one area where they can easily access it when they want to. Over the winter months, you can store things like sandboxes, water tables, kid’s tables and chairs, as well as any other outdoor toys they have within a dry space. This can help to minimize wear and tear on these items.

When it comes to bike storage, storage sheds work well in that way as well. You can use wall hooks to help keep them off the ground and organized or just allow the kids to store them propped against the wall. This allows them to remain accessible but out of the way.

Patio Furniture and Outdoor Décor

Depending on the size of the shed purchased, it is also possible to use this space to store all of your patio furniture and outdoor décor. All of the cushions you want to protect through the winter months, your deck furniture, and even the grills you don't use during the winter months can easily be placed in this area. You can also place items like outdoor signs, fixtures, and flags that you do not want to be damaged during the winter months in this space. It’s a great place for Christmas decorations during the summer months, too.

Pool Chemicals

It’s a good idea to keep all of your pool chemicals away from the pool and locked up so that your children remain safe. Keep them dry and out of the way of the kids and pets by placing them into a locked shed. You can also store all of your pool accessories, including your pool filters, skimmers, floaties, and even the pump and motor during the winter months in this space. It keeps them protected and out of the way.


For those that need to have tools for everything from repairs to handling specific tasks in your home, a storage shed works well. It can help you to get just about everything managed and organized, from toolboxes filled with items to your power tools. You will want to choose a solution that is more watertight for the storage of power tools, though. With good shed organization, you can store many of the necessary tools in your shed.

Metal Shed Storage RackMetal Shed Storage Rack

What Can You NOT Store in a Metal Storage Shed?

There are some situations where an outdoor storage shed may not be the ideal choice. It’s important to remember that a metal shed is not temperature controlled. While they are built to be dry and stay that way, they do not control humidity levels in any way. More so, leaks can happen. When choosing to store items in your shed, be sure they are things not likely to need a very controlled environment. Here are some things to avoid placing in your shed.


Photos typically should not be stored, even in sealed containers in the shed. The problem with them is that heat and humidity can cause damage. Changing temperatures puts your photos at risk. Keep these in your home.

Paint and Glue

Paint and glue shouldn't be in a shed for the same reason it should not be in your garage. These areas do not have temperature control which means these products can freeze during the winter months, making them no longer useful to you. Additionally, the high temperatures in the summer, especially in an enclosed area, putting these items at risk of creating potent fumes.

Canned Food

Canned food may seem like something you could store in a metal storage shed, but doing so is not ideal. The same reasoning applies here. The temperatures in sheds will range often, and while the food within cans may be protected from moisture, they will feel the impact of increasing temperatures and below freezing temperatures. Shed storage for canned goods is not recommended to maintain the quality and safety of the food.


Clothing storage outdoors isn’t ideal. While metal sheds are particularly beneficial in keeping large critters out, smaller pests can infiltrate these areas because they are dry and warm, making clothes the ideal bedding material. Humidity can also cause damage to many types of clothing.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments also require a climate-controlled area for storage. If you place them in a shed, the small components may suffer from humidity, warping, and leading to damage to many of the components. It's often best to keep these in a climate-controlled area to minimize the risk of humidity and moisture problems. That's even the case when they are stored in instrument cases.


Electronics need a temperature-controlled environment as well. The small components in TVs, computers, laptops, and phones require careful humidity control. More so, items like kitchen appliances should be kept inside the home for the same reason. You may want to ensure that power tools and electronics used for your vehicle are also stored in a more watertight and humidity-controlled environment to protect their value.

A metal storage shed can be an excellent tool for helping to add valuable storage to your home. When you choose items that are safe to store in this area, you can see just how valuable added storage is. Just imagine what you could do with all of that extra space in your home or garage once you use the metal shed.

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