Creating the Perfect Potting Shed

creating the perfect potting shed
March 05, 2022

Any avid gardener knows how important it is to have an organized and comfortable getaway in your outdoor space for storage, planning, potting, and even relaxation. A potting shed is a crucial part of any garden escape. There is a myriad of ways to create the perfect potting shed for a unique and convenient shelter you can turn into the focal point of your back yard. These affordable and durable shed ideas will add value and beauty to any outdoor area.

What is a potting shed?          

If you are new to gardening, you may not be familiar with this important tool. A potting shed is a sheltered space outdoors to store tools, prepare seeds, pot plants, and escape from inclement weather. It is an ideal spot for a gardener to use year-round, and can even serve as a beautiful focal point to your outdoor oasis. These garden sheds also serve as a storage area for lawn equipment and other outdoor gear. Others include creature comforts like seating and electricity for a truly relaxing respite from the elements. There is no wrong way to create a potting shed. The key is to tailor it to your specific needs.

How to Pick the Perfect Potting Shed for Your Yard

  • Choose an ideal size: You obviously want to pick a potting shed that comfortably fits within your outdoor space. But what happens if you go too big, or too small? It can be tricky to decide exactly the size of the garden sheds you are looking for. It’s always safer to go a little bit bigger than you might need. After all, it is easier to fill up more space than to lack enough area to store your items.
  • Decide what to store inside: This is an important aspect of choosing the potting shed of your dreams. Are you looking to simply have a spot to organize your gardening tools? Or will you need extra area to keep other items? This will help to decide how big, or how small to go.
  • Access your needs: Do you need an ultra-tough, customizable potting shed? Or is a stylish focal point to your garden more important to you? Maybe lengthening the gardening season is your top priority, so a greenhouse style potting shed may be ideal. Think about what you are truly looking for in the perfect potting shed before deciding on the right product for your yard.
Creating the perfect potting shedCreating the perfect potting shed

Setting Up the Ideal Potting Shed in Your Outdoor Space

A little planning prior to setting up your potting shed will save you a headache, and maybe even some money. There are a few simple steps to take before setting up garden sheds make the process go smoothly.

Organize your belongings

Take stock in what you already have, and what you are planning to purchase for your potting shed. Organize them by season, by task, size, or any way that will help keep track of tools, seeds, and other gardening needs. This will help when it’s time to purchase and set up your area.

Make a plan

This might seem like an unnecessary step but grabbing some pen and paper and mapping out the layout of your potting shed, along with where you want to store your items will save you time when you purchase the shed. More upfront planning means you’ll get to gardening faster when the potting shed arrives.

Purchase or create your own potting bench

One potting shed must-have is a potting bench. You need a comfy place to start seedlings, pot new plans, or just relax when you need a breather. Decide where that will go in your shed, and the height you’d prefer for a seamless set up.

Shed Ideas for Ultimate Personalization

What is a potting shed if you can’t personalize it to fit your personality and yard? After all, a potting shed is like your garden home away from home. Here are some simple ways to make it your own:


While garden sheds are typically located near your garden, it’s easy to add more character to your storage solution with extras like shrubbery, pavers, and even lawn décor leading up to your space to make it feel more like home.


Adding accessories inside your potting shed is key to making it run properly, and keeping you comfortable. Utilize hooks for your tools to increase storage space, along with shelving and storage bins to use space wisely. This is one of the more affordable shed ideas that will add incredible functionality.

Add creature comforts

If you plan to spend a lot of time in your potting shed, adding a place to sit, and even electricity will make it more like home. Adding décor inside and string lighting outside will turn it into your garden hideaway.

5 Garden Sheds for Every Space and Budget

Whether you need a more spacious and sturdier potting shed, or a shelter with a more compact footprint and easier setup, here are 5 storage solutions that will help to create the perfect relaxation station in your garden.

Potting Shed Built Tough with Galvalume Construction: Denali

The Denali Steel Storage Shed is manufactured to stand up to Mother Nature.The Denali Steel Storage Shed is manufactured to stand up to Mother Nature.

The Denali Steel Storage Shed is manufactured to stand up to Mother Nature. If you’re looking for an ultra-strong storage solution with a modern appearance, this is an ideal choice. This potting shed is a mix of fashion and function, with sturdy Galvalume steel that is 70% thicker than standard sheds. The built-in windows provide extra lighting to make it easier to see inside the shed while you’re looking for tools or potting plants. This potting shed also includes:

  • Taller walls: The 72-inch wall height provides storage for taller items and allows you to move around inside when compared with a smaller shed.
  • Double swing doors: Aside from being aesthetically appealing, these doors have pneumatic assists for ease along with a deadbolt for increased security.
  • Air vents: The integrated air vents at the top of the shed increase airflow, offering a more comfortable setting when spending time inside the potting shed.

Innovation Meets Style with Arrow Elite Potting Shed

Innovation Meets Style with Arrow Elite Potting ShedInnovation Meets Style with Arrow Elite Potting Shed

The Arrow Elite Steel Storage Shed is made from PermaPlate, which is crafted from aluminum, zinc, and silicon plated steel. It staves off corrosion and lengthens the life of your shed when exposed to the elements. The square wall design and gorgeous paint with an anthracite finish will make this potting shed a gorgeous focal point to your outdoor space. This potting shed also provides:

  • Gable vents: This potting shed is smartly constructed with gable vents which adds airflow and comfort when potting plants, searching for tools, or simply relaxing in your space.
  • Extra headroom: The 72-inch walls makes this one of the taller garden sheds, providing you the option of walking around with ease while storing items vertically without having to worry about running out of space.
  • Swing open doors: The doors swing away from the shed, allowing for more storage space inside by the doors. These doors are heavy duty and reinforced, providing security for your belongings inside.

Value and Quality Collide with Arrow Classic

The Arrow Classic Steel Storage Shed is an ideal option for your garden space.The Arrow Classic Steel Storage Shed is an ideal option for your garden space.

When you need reliable storage at an affordable price, the Arrow Classic Steel Storage Shed is an ideal option for your garden space. The galvanized steel finished in a beautiful sage green is both stylish and sturdy, perfect for both storing your belongings and creating a potting shed you’ll love to look at. This storage solution also includes:

  • Valspar paint: This paint gives any shed a clean and modern look with added durability. This polyester paint finish protects against Mother Nature and fights off rust and corrosion.
  • Specially designed roof: The low gable roof pitch keeps water from pooling on your roof, which will help not only protect the items inside, but add longevity to your storage solution.
  • Added security: These sliding doors allow easy access to your belongings, but also increased security from thieves thanks to padlocks.

Portable Storage with Unlimited Flexibility: Shed-in-a-Box

Shelterlogic’s Shed-in-a-Box can get you simple shelter at an affordable price point.Shelterlogic’s Shed-in-a-Box can get you simple shelter at an affordable price point.

Shelterlogic’s Shed-in-a-Box can get you simple shelter at an affordable price point. A portable greenhouse can double as a potting shed and a way to make the growing season even longer while shielding your plants from rough weather. The Organic Growers Greenhouse is simple to setup and built tough enough to withstand the elements for a perfect potting shed option. This product also includes:

  • Durable cover: The triple layer ripstop cover is UV treated, blocking harmful UV rays from your plants and other items inside the potting shed.
  • Adjustable air circulation: The roll-up side panels and half-moon zippered screens give you the power to control the circulation in your potting shed.
  • Sturdy frame: The all-steel frame with a powder coat finish is built tough and resists rust and corrosion.

The Perfect Potting Shed for Your Outdoor Space

A potting shed will not only be a place to store yard equipment and pot plants. If you take the time to create the perfect potting shed to fit your needs, it can act as a home away from home. Add character to your shed with landscaping and pavers, and even more function with electricity and seating solutions so you can spend countless hours inside preparing for the next growing season. No matter your budget and style, you can find the perfect addition to your outdoor oasis with a little bit of planning and creativity.

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