The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Backyard Building

Choosing a Backyard Building
March 09, 2022

Backyard buildings can be as unique as your home itself. There are a variety of different backyard storage shed options to choose from based on property size, storage needs, and budget. Before deciding on which backyard shed is right for you, there are several factors to consider to ensure you are investing in the right shelter. Here is the ultimate guide to choosing backyard buildings from start to finish.

Choose the Right Size for Your Backyard Storage Shed

Choosing the appropriate size for your shelter can be tricky. While you obviously need it to fit on your property first and foremost, it’s also possible to purchase one that is too big or too small for our needs. Aside from measuring your yard and deciding what backyard storage shelters can physically fit there, you should also take stock in what you plan to store inside.

There are multiple size options for every budget but knowing the number of belongings that will be stored is helpful to estimate how large or small the building should be. From larger options for municipalities or businesses, to more compact options small yard, here are a few common uses for backyard buildings.

  • Boat storage: You can save money on storing your boat off site by placing it in a reliable backyard shed to protect it from the elements.
  • DIY Auto repair: The DIY auto repair trend is on the rise, and a shop building can keep the vehicles out of the sun while providing a more comfortable work environment to continue repairs.
  • Seasonal storage: Stow away anything from holiday decorations to pool chairs with backyard buildings. Eliminate the need for a pricey storage unit you have to drive to multiple times a year.
  • Home office space: As more companies than ever are allowing employees to work from home, that may mean you need to create extra space for a desk and computer. A backyard shed can be transformed into a workspace if there’s no room inside your home.
  • Home gym: Working out can be simple when you don’t have to leave your home. Backyard buildings are perfect to create a home gym to stay healthy and save money on gym fees.
  • Bulk storage: Backyard storage is a necessity when you own a farm or other business that requires bulk storage. These buildings are ideal for stowing away something like feed or even construction materials.
  • Landscaping storage: Whether you own a landscaping business or just have a large property to maintain, a backyard shed is perfect for safely protecting lawn mowers, mulch, and other lawn care items.
ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box XTShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box XT

Fabric vs Steel Backyard Buildings

One of the biggest questions to ask yourself before choosing the perfect backyard storage building is the type of material that works best for your needs. Two great options are all-steel buildings and fabric shelters. There are some key differences between the two to consider before investing in one of these reliable options.

  • Portable vs Semi-Permanent: Fabric backyard building options can be easily moved depending on your needs. Whether you move, or your needs simply change, transporting a portable backyard storage building is an option. All-steel backyard storage shed options are more permanent and not ideal for moving around.
  • Cost-effective vs More Expensive: While both options can be affordable, fabric shelters tend to be less expensive than their all-steel counterparts. If budget is your top priority, a fabric backyard shed unit is ideal for your wallet.
  • Durable vs All-Weather Strength: Fabric buildings are durable and can stand up to the elements. However, all-steel buildings are naturally more rugged due to their construction materials.

While there are several differences when it comes to fabric vs steel backyard buildings, there are also similarities in the benefits between the two you should consider when choosing the right option for you. Some of those include:

  • Dependability: No matter which backyard storage option you choose with ShelterLogic, you can rest assured your belongings will be protected from rough weather. Durable polyethylene fabric protects against wind and rain, while rugged steel options are powder coated to resist rust and corrosion.
  • Affordability: While fabric backyard storage shed options are generally more affordable than metal options, all of these backyard storage units are more cost effective than creating a new freestanding building or purchasing off-site storage space with monthly fees.
  • Increase curb appeal: These shelters can transform a property by allowing you to clear clutter and create a functional outdoor space that can even add value to a property.
Arrow Classic Series ShedArrow Classic Series Shed

Compact Backyard Shed Ideas

When backyard space is at a premium, a smaller storage option will be needed to ensure the unit will fit safely in your yard and the proper distance from your home and property lines. Here are two compact backyard storage building ideas that are built to last.

All-Steel Option: Arrow Classic: This backyard storage shed provides superior strength with an added touch of elegance thanks to its gorgeous earth tone design. This building provides enough space to store anything from lawn and garden equipment to seasonal storage items. Add a pop of color to your property, choosing from four separate colors to match your décor. Manufactured with ultra-strong galvanized steel, this backyard storage building resists rust and corrosion while protecting everything inside. Other features include:

  • Doors that can be secured with a padlock to add an extra layer of security
  • Low gable roof designed to prevent damaging water pooling
  • Tall walls offer easy access inside as well as increased space for taller items like rakes

Fabric Option: Shed-in-a-Box: When you need a portable and affordable shop building that also has a rugged durability, the Shed-in-a-Box checks all the boxes. While it is small enough to fit in a compact area, there’s still plenty of room for lawn and garden items or seasonal storage. The triple-layer fabric cover provides superior strength while protecting your belongings from Mother Nature. These backyard buildings also offer:

  • Tough all-steel powder coated frame that stands up to rust and corrosion
  • UV-treated cover
  • Easy-slide rail system for surprisingly simple assembly
Sojag Everest garage and backyard buildingSojag Everest garage and backyard building

Spacious Backyard Storage Shed Options

When you have a large number of items to store and space on your property isn’t an issue, there are a variety of larger backyard shed choices that can create a functional and stylish addition to your yard. Whether your shelter will store bulk products or automobiles, here are two larger building options to fit your unique storage needs.

All-Steel Option: SOJAG Everest: These backyard buildings are manufactured with deluxe Galvalume steel, thicker and more durable than many options on the market. Choose from a variety of size options with lengths available in 5-foot increments to fit your specific size and storage needs. The ultra-high walls provide easy access and increased space for taller items or vertical storage. The premium paint textured finish also offers a stylish aesthetic to your yard. Other benefits to this high-quality backyard storage option include:

  • 100 mph wind rating for impressive resistance to the elements
  • 35 PSF snow load rating ideal for protecting items during winter months
  • Lockable doors for increased security

Fabric Option: ShelterTech: These fully customizable and high-performance backyard buildings are rugged enough to stand up to any weather at a fraction of the cost of competing all-steel options. Start by choosing your frame based on your needs; one for the easiest installation, the next is most effective against the elements, and the third choice has the most cubic storage space. The galvanized steel frame creates an impressively sturdy building packed with features, including:

  • UV-treated fabric covers with two different thickness options
  • ShelterLock stabilizers create ultra-sturdy building
  • Wind and snow rated for ultimate performance through every season
ShelterTech backyard buildingShelterTech backyard building
Boat in Backyard Shed

Consider the Benefits of Your Own Backyard Building

Now that you know the variety of ways to use a backyard storage shelter to organize your space, think about the benefits that come along with this investment.

First and foremost, this will transform any property from a cluttered eyesore to a perfectly manicured yard. In addition, this addition will level up on convenience, keeping all your belongings organized and at your fingertips on your own property. Finally, it will save money on offsite storage costs that can really rack up over the years.

Whether you choose fabric or steel backyard buildings, the sky is the limit when it comes to how to use these incredibly versatile storage solutions.

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