The 5 Best Portable Storage Unit Solutions for Bulk Storage

AccelaFrame | The 5 Best Portable Storage Unit Solutions for Bulk Storage
January 05, 2022

Storing a large number of items requires a reliable and sensible bulk storage solution. Whether you’re at home, on the farm, or need mass storage for a business, there is a ShelterLogic portable storage unit that can work for you. When you get the right product, you'll experience the many benefits of temporary outdoor storage, such as better organization, less clutter, and easy access to your belongings. 

Finding a worthy solution for bulk storage doesn't have to be stressful. First, consider the top features you need, such as cost, dimensions, versatility, and quality. At ShelterLogic, there are various garages and outdoor shelters that can safeguard your outdoor items and hold up against tough weather. To help you make the best choice for your needs, we picked five of our most popular bulk storage shelters. 

The Top 5 Portable Storage Units for Bulk Storage

What are these top five portable storage units, and what are their benefits? This guide will discuss the features of each unit and why one of them could be right for you. 

1. ShelterTech SP Series

ShelterTech SP SeriesShelterTech SP Series

If you need a dependable place to protect a vehicle or a shelter for bulk business storage, the ShelterTech SP Series shelter may be the right fit for you. This portable garage is built to order in the United States and can be delivered directly to your door without any overseas shipping delays. 

It’s well suited for agricultural industries, construction sites, salt storage, and general vehicle and equipment storage. Every ShelterTech SP Series product is made with a certified galvanized steel frame and is wind and snow load rated. To get the right dimensions for your needs, select the following options at checkout:

  • Frame Style: Peak, Round, or Barn
  • Width: Between 12- 30 feet
  • Length: Between 20-100 feet
  • Height: Between 11-19 feet
  • Cover Grade: Heavy-duty PVC or Ultra-duty PVC
  • Color: Choices among grey, green, tan, and white

The ShelterTech SP Series boasts the most size options and roof styles in its class, making it easier than ever to get a shelter that fits all your belongings. It’s also simple to take down and move to a new location — so you can keep this valuable investment no matter where life takes you. On top of this, the ShelterTech SP’s installation takes just days if you're experienced at DIY projects or use professional help. 

2. ShelterCoat Configurable Buildings


Another fine portable storage unit option is a ShelterCoat configurable building, allowing you to choose your shelter’s style, dimensions, and cover grade. ShelterCoat offers slightly varied options compared to ShelterTech SP:

  • Frame Style: Peak, Round, or Barn
  • Width: Between 8- 28 feet
  • Length: Between 20-100 feet
  • Height: Choice between a 16- or 20-foot height
  • Cover Grades: Standard Polyethylene, Heavy Duty PVC, or Ultra Duty PVC
  • Color: Choices among grey, green, tan, and white

A ShelterCoat custom garage is suited for compact or bulk storage for homes and businesses. This structure can easily protect ATVs, lawn and farm equipment, patio furniture, seasonal items, and tools. Since it’s made with a premium powder-coated steel frame, you can count on these fabric shelters to last for years. With an affordable price and the ability to be moved from place to place, ShelterCoat custom shelters are a wise choice for anyone needing extra outdoor storage.

3. ShelterTube Steel-Framed Shelters


ShelterTube is another custom bulk storage option that is ideal for storing vehicles for any length of time. Whether you need a spot to protect your belongings overnight or for a season, this shelter’s sturdy frame and weather-resistant covering will keep its contents dry and protected. In addition, this square tube steel-framed shelter can be ordered in configurable dimensions so that you can adapt it to your needs. 

  • Cover Grades: Standard Polyethylene, Heavy Duty PVC, or Ultra Duty PVC
  • Color: Choices among  grey, green, tan, and white
  • Width: All are 12-feet wide with drive-through access and 8 ft. door
  • Length: Between 20-100 feet
  • Height: 11 feet

Every ShelterTube garage is wind and snow-load rated to withstand wind speeds of 80 miles per hour and snow loads of 43 PSF.  This surpasses the durability of practically any other competing product on the market today. And, since this is a portable garage, it can be disassembled and reassembled at a new location without any problems.

4. AccelaFrame HD Shelters

AccelaFrame garageAccelaFrame garage

If you like the idea of a garage to house bulk storage but want a larger option, consider the AccelaFrame Garage. This DIY-friendly shelter can be up and assembled in under an hour due to its patented quick assembly system that involves a few simple steps. First, unfold the pre-assembled frames and connect the ribs. Then, fit the protective cover over the frame for a complete garage in less than a day.

  • Minimum and maximum dimensions: Choose heights, widths, and lengths that range between 12 x 10 x 9 ft. to 12 x 100 x 9 ft.
  • Cover Grades: Standard Polyethylene, Heavy Duty PVC, or Ultra Duty PVC

An AccelaFrame garage is shorter than the other portable storage units on this list, so it’s important to use it for belongings that meet this height maximum. It’s ideal for bulk storage for businesses and homes since it can be ordered as a small garage or a large 100-foot shelter. With its high-grade steel frame that has joints that are twice as strong as those found in standard shelters, you can trust that this product will last. It’s also waterproof to protect all your belongings from the dangers of rot and mildew.

5. Garage-in-a-Box


When you need a dependable solution for bulk storage that won’t break the bank, consider getting a Garage-in-a-Box. This affordable shelter typically requires no building permit, which makes it excellent add-on storage for your property. It can store cars, small trucks, yard equipment, wood, or even hay.  Since Garage-in-a-box comes in an easy-to-assemble standard 12 X 20-foot size, you can quickly meet time-sensitive storage needs. If you need more space, order more than one at checkout.

Reliable and affordable outdoor garages can be hard to find, so pick this one up if you need more outdoor storage right now. With its powder-coated steel frame and strong rip-stop triple-layered polyethylene fabric cover, you'll have easy access to your valuables while keeping them safely stored away. Here are some more outstanding benefits of this product:

  • Heavy-duty 1 3/8 inch steel frame that’s heat-welded at the seams. It’s also bonded with a premium powder process to prevent chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion.
  • A strong 100% waterproof cover keeps rain and pests away.
  • UV treated inside and outside with added fade blockers, anti-aging, and anti-fungal agents.
  • Easy assembly and tear down with slip fit connectors and swedged tubing.
  • Patented ShelterLock stabilizers are located at every rib connection to ensure a solid frame.
  • The rugged Ratchet Tite tensioning system makes it quick to install the cover, saving you time and stress.
  • The Easy Slide Cross Rail system locks down evens out the frames for a consistent fabric fit. No constant readjustments here!

How to Choose a Portable Storage Unit

Learning how to choose a fabric building doesn't have to be a trial and error experience. Before you order a bulk storage shelter, make a list of your needs. If you plan to store vehicles or seasonal supplies, measure their dimensions so that you get a good idea of the total square footage you need to protect. You may be a homeowner and need a simple 12 x 10 Garage-in-a-box for your lawn equipment, or you may need a large 100- foot long shelter for seasonal farm equipment. Overall, your final choice depends on your total storage requirements.

Next, you should consider your area’s typical weather. Do you need something with plenty of sun protection, or do you need a shelter with excellent snow load capabilities? This can make the difference between you getting a winter-friendly ShelterTube structure or a lighter Garage-in-a-box shelter. No matter what you need it for, it’s important to know your reasons for buying a portable garage so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

You may also discover that you need a different type of structure like a carport or large steel garage for a variety of municipal uses. By selecting the right type of shelter the first time, you can save yourself any hassle with returns or bad fits. 

Bulk Storage Solutions at ShelterLogic

Whether you’re storing hay and fertilizer on a farm, goods for your business, or your backyard vehicle or power tools, these are five bulk storage solutions that you can rely on. Find all these structures and more at ShelterLogic.

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