8 Arrow Steel Sheds for a Clutter-Free Backyard

8 Arrow Steel Sheds for a Clutter-Free Backyard
August 09, 2018

What makes Arrow Steel Sheds great storage options?

Arrow Storage Products manufacture affordable and reliable steel solutions for durable and attractive outdoor shade, shelter, and storage. These structures offer long-term value with weather resistance, security, and a manufacturer’s warranty included with each unit. Whether you need to store small garden tools or large motor-powered equipment, you can find an Arrow solution that meets your storage needs.

What else sets Arrow Storage Products apart from competitors?

  • Exceptionally High-Quality Steel. We source high-quality steel that undergoes a rigorous pre-manufacturing process to ensure your solution withstands time and the elements. 
  • Snap-It Assembly Technology. Start utilizing backyard storage faster than ever with fewer nuts, bolts, and other hardware to worry about. The Snap-It Technology featured on Arrow sheds options like the EZEE Shed (which we’ll mention later) offers easier installation, 2x stronger steel shed design, and simple roof attachment compared to competitors.
  • Green Initiatives. Did you know Arrow facilities employ an eco-friendly manufacturing process? With cleaner air filtration, energy-saving electrical machinery, and recycled water resources, they’ve made it their mission to reduce emissions and maximize efficiency.  Arrow Steel Sheds


Now that you know what makes Arrow Storage Products the premier choice for steel storage, check out these 8 solutions for storage that fits your backyard needs.

For Attractive Garden or Backyard Storage

1. Designer Metro Series

Arrow Steel Sheds

For useful and attractive storage space that’s easy to incorporate in your backyard, check out the Designer Metro Series.  It features Arrow’s 15% thicker-than-average steel panels and lockable doors for superior corrosion resistance and security. Stash anything from small gardening tools to weed whackers and lawn mowers in your ideal unit. Available in sizes ranging from 2 ft. to 6 ft. long, this charming shed leaves a small footprint for convenient and charming storage.

2. The Garden Shed Steel Shed

Arrow Steel Sheds

Perfect for housing wheelbarrows, fertilizer bags, and much more, this economical garden shed offers sturdy and spacious storage. You can even add shelving accessories to keep small garden tools organized and accessible! With the Garden Shed’s high ceiling and large swing-out doors, you can fit all your supplies in this easy-to-incorporate structure.

3. Woodridge Steel Shed

Arrow Steel Sheds

Another gorgeous steel shed, the Woodridge features a realistic wood grain exterior that enhances the aesthetics of any outdoor space. The Woodridge makes the perfect garden shed or backyard supply shed, resisting rust, corrosion, and keeping out outdoor critters and insects.

For Space-Saving Storage

4. The YardSaver

Backyard storage shed

The YardSaver stays true to its name by delivering ample storage space that easily accommodates even the smallest backyards. With its lean-to style and tall ceiling, this structure effectively houses items without taking up a lot of outdoor square footage.

5. Euro-Lite Pent Window Shed

Arrow Steel Sheds

Another lean-to style shed, the Euro-Lite makes a great storage solution with a small footprint. Set up against a fence, garage, or your home with easy DIY assembly. The Euro-Lite also features a sloped steel roof to reduce pooling water and natural light panels for improved interior lighting.

6. The Storage Locker

Arrow Steel Sheds

Get affordable and compact storage with the Storage Locker. With four wide shelves and a tool rack included, this solution already allows you to maximize the space inside. Squeeze this lean-to shed in virtually any spot in your backyard!

For Substantial Storage Space

7. Admiral Series Shed

Arrow Steel Sheds

Looking to store larger items such as ATV’s, furniture, or motor-powered equipment? The Admiral Series shed offers convenient space for more substantial storage needs. Featuring long-lasting vinyl-coating over HDG steel for scratch and corrosion resistance, a built-in lock for security, and ornamental hinges with a decorative trim, this charming solution effectively protects plenty of items without compromising the look of your backyard.

8. Commander Series Storage Building

Need space to store even vehicles? We have an Arrow steel shed for that too! The Commander Series offers tremendous storage space with large swinging double-doors, allowing you to stash even a small car or boat inside! The low profile truss design offers additional building strength and snow load rating of 25 lbs. You can even add more space to your Commander with an easy-to-install extension kit!   Ultimately, whether you’re looking for compact storage, large scale storage, or storage that enhances your landscape, Arrow steel sheds offer durable and useful space to meet your needs. Shop all Arrow Storage Products for high-quality and long-lasting all-steel sheds, carports, deck boxes, and much more.

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Ray Nygren
Aug 14, 2018 07:22
I need an installation guide for model LW1012FB
Aug 27, 2019 13:45
Hi Ray,

All of our Arrow manuals can be found <a href="https://www.shelterlogic.com/arrow-sheds/support/manuals/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">here.</a>