5 Easy to Assemble Storage Sheds

Arrow Classic easy to assemble storage shed
May 08, 2023

Whether you use a storage solution to work, play, or simply stow away outdoor items for the season, the investment will protect your belongings from the elements while shielding you from the harmful UV rays. While there are many outdoor structures to choose from, if you’re planning for DIY assembly, it may be important to identify easy to assemble storage sheds for  hassle-free setup.

With a few tools and DIY know-how, these sheds can be assembled in a day or less without the help of professionals. From classic all-steel units to fabric options, each one has unique features that will elevate your yard will increasing function and eliminating clutter.

While some sheds can be assembled with one person, it’s simpler and safer to work with two or more people to complete the task. Here are 5 easy to assemble storage sheds for any DIYer looking for a stylish and reliable outdoor structure.

Arrow Classic easy to assemble storage shedArrow Classic easy to assemble storage shed

Sturdy Storage with Long-Lasting Construction: Arrow Classic

When you need a rugged shed built to tough out the elements and protect important belongings, the Arrow Classic line will deliver. Spacious enough for larger items, but compact enough to set up with two people, this durable shed offers:

  • Strong construction: These easy to assemble storage sheds also come with incredible strength, manufactured with sturdy galvanized steel that is treated to fend off rust and corrosion.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Choose from several different gorgeous colors and style options to create a visually appealing storage solution in your back yard. Enjoy a pop of color near the garden or choose an earth tone shade to blend into your outdoor space.
  • Rust and corrosion proof: The addition of hard-wearing polyester paint aids in protecting the structure and your belongings from the elements. The entire shed is engineered to protect the structure and items inside from corrosion due to exposure to rain, snow, and humidity.
  • Higher roof: With up to 65-inch walls, you can utilize the extra space to store belongings vertically or use it for headroom in a potting shed or workspace. The low gable roof pitch is also designed to prevent water from pooling, which could cause damage in the long run.
  • Extra security: Pad-lockable sliding doors mean you can add a lock to your shed to protect from possible thieves. The sliding doors also sit on glides to prevent sticking for easy access.

Assembly: These easy to assemble storage sheds are best set up with two people or more. They come with manuals complete with guided instructions from pre to post assembly. However, it will definitely take some DIY know-how to complete. The pre-drilled holes make it simple for lining up parts and successfully assembling within a day. It’s always important to set up a shed on even terrain and use the proper anchoring materials for successful setup.

Arrow Select easy to assemble storage shedArrow Select easy to assemble storage shed

Versatile Vertical Storage with Style: Arrow Select

When vertical storage or extra headspace for a potting shed is a top priority, Arrow Select Sheds are an ideal option. These roomy structures provide ample storage space without a huge footprint. These easy to assemble storage sheds are best set up with a two-person team for a hassle-free and safe experience. When purchasing an Arrow Select shed, you will receive a structure with:

  • Multiple size and style options: Choose from several color, style, and size options for a storage shed that is unique to your outdoor space. From a compact shed for gardening tools, all the way up to a 10 x 14 option, each product comes in an array of colors and styles to fit your aesthetic and budget.
  • Superior air flow: The Arrow Select line offers storage solutions with built-in vents that increase airflow. This will not only make the area more comfortable if you plan to utilize it as a workspace. This built-in addition also aids in preventing rust and corrosion by reducing humidity by managing temperature control.
  • Rust and corrosion prevention: The built-in vents aren’t the only feature that comes with Arrow Select sheds. These gorgeous structures are manufactured with galvanized steel treated to prevent rust and corrosion for the long term. The aesthetically pleasing Sherwin-Williams paint adds yet another layer of protection from the elements for your shed and the belongings inside.
  • Increased headroom: Up to 71-inch walls provide ample headroom when walking around the structure, or the ability to store items vertically. This also makes it simpler to stow away rakes, ladders, and other items that may be hard to fit into a more compact unit.
  • Specially-designed doors: These doors have the ability to add a lock to offer additional security for your belongings and structure. The swing doors also increase storage space by providing additional area by the door to store items. Enjoy the elegance of brushed metal locking handles for extra aesthetic flair.

Assembly: You’ll want to use teamwork when setting up these easy to assemble storage sheds in your back yard space. With a few tools, an extra set of hands, and DIY skills, the included manual will guide you through setup with pictures and suggestions on where and how to build your base in addition to the shed structure. While this can certainly be done without professional help, you will need more than one person to complete.

Spacemaker easy to assemble storage shedSpacemaker easy to assemble storage shed

Compact Storage Perfect for Patio Decor

Effortlessly declutter your patio area while adding a touch of class with the Arrow Spacemaker Patio Shed. This gorgeous storage solution adds a pop of color and plenty of function without crowding your porch, pool area, or back patio. These compact and easy to assemble storage sheds come with:

  • Tall walls: Six-foot walls offer ample vertical storage space for pool skimmers, rakes, and other seasonal items to keep the clutter off your patio.
  • Strong construction: This shed is manufactured to weather the elements with ultra- durable galvanized steel that also comes with a limited 12-year warranty.
  • Small footprint: When space is at a premium in your yard or patio, this storage shed will provide spacious storage without a huge footprint. It’s the ideal size for any outdoor space.
  • Easy access: Wide swing doors mean it’s simpler to access your items without the hassle. The brushed metal locking handles add an elegant touch and an extra layer of security to this storage solution.
  • Classic style: The bright teal paint adds a stunning pop of color to any outdoor area for a summery feel all year round. The two-tone aesthetic provides a modern appeal to your space.

Assembly: While this shed has a more compact footprint with pre-drilled holes for simple assembly, you should still use two or more people to complete for ease and safety. Whether assembling this item on dirt, rock, concrete, or wood, it is always important to erect on level ground away from low-lying areas. This shed comes in kit form and can be assembled without professional help.

ShelterLogic Garden Shed easy assembly storage shedShelterLogic Garden Shed easy assembly storage shed

Lightning-Fast Assembly with Durability: ShelterLogic Garden Shed

For an ideal spot to stow away seasonal items, gardening tools, and other miscellaneous outdoor gear, the ShelterLogic Garden Shed blends quick assembly with reliable protection. These easy to assemble storage sheds offer:

  • Strong frame: The frame is made of 1 inch carbon steel pipes for a reliable and rugged construction.
  • Durable fabric cover: The 300D polyester fabric cover attaches easily over the frame for an aesthetically pleasing unit that stands up to water and wind.
  • Ultra-fast assembly: These easy to assemble storage sheds come together in half an hour with no hassle for the simplest of set ups. The best part is you don’t even need tools!
  • Water and corrosion resistance: The powder coated finish on the steel frame staves off rust and corrosion, while the polyester fabric resists water for extra protection.
  • Compact footprint: When you don’t have a lot of space for a storage unit, this option provides a high-performance shed without needing a large area to build.

Assembly: It’s always best to use teamwork when building a storage solution, and this shed will come together in a half an hour with a team of two. The slip-fit connectors make assembling the frame a snap. Just attach the cover with the bungee cord rail tension system which also acts to keep the cover looking neat and fitting perfectly.

Shelterlogic’s Shed-in-a-Box easy to assemble shedShelterlogic’s Shed-in-a-Box easy to assemble shed

High-Performance Storage: ShelterLogic Shed in a Box

These easy to assemble storage sheds come in a number of sizes to fit any storage needs and budget. Store anything from garden tools to ATVs and snowblowers ideal for decluttering your outdoor space. Efficiency blends with style with this storage solution made for any season. The Shed-in-a-Box offers:

  • Multiple size options: Whether you need an ultra-compact solution for a few tools, or a larger shed for lawnmowers or a snowmobile, the Shed-in-a-Box has a size option ideal for your backyard space.
  • Ripstop cover: The ripstop polyethylene cover is waterproof and UV-treated to keep items inside safe from the harmful UV rays. The triple-layer cover also has fade blockers and anti-fungal agents to stand up to Mother Nature.
  • Built tough: The all-steel frame is designed to stand up to the elements. Patented ShelterLock stabilizers deliver a stable and durable storage solution.
  • Rust and waterproof: The all-steel frame is bonded with a premium powder coated finish that protects from chipping, rust, and corrosion. The cover fends off water which contributes to rust and corrosion.
  • Simple setup: The Shed-in-a-Box has a setup that can be completed easily with a team of two with minimal tools.

Assembly: Always assemble using at least two people for a simpler and safer process. This structure requires no building permits in most areas. The Easy Slide Cross Rail System locks down and squares up the frame for both a no-hassle setup and continuous frame to fabric fit. The stabilizers also help to create a solid structure without the need of a professional.

Easy to Assemble Sheds with Power and Function

Whether you need an ultra-compact shed to store a minimal number of seasonal items, or a larger option for belongings like an ATV or snowblower, each one offers incredible strength at an affordable price. These sheds are built tough to stand up to the elements without the hassle of professional setup. With DIY skills and an extra set of hands, these easy to assemble sheds will add character and function to any outdoor space.

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