Garage Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Home

Garage Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Home
April 22, 2021

Do you have seldom-used items laying around your house? Maybe the storage room is full of holiday decorations, or the hallway is covered in extra shoes. One easy way to create more space in your home is to build a portable garage in your yard. Declutter your home and put unused items away with these garage storage ideas.

Declutter Your Home

Do you feel trapped by all the unused items in your house? Extra objects are an eyesore, and they can make it hard to enjoy your home. Take some time to declutter your home and put away items you rarely use. Getting rid of the clutter will give you a whole new appreciation for your space. You’ll also get all the joy and satisfaction that comes with a clean and tidy home.

Decluttering your house is a big job, so tackle the project in smaller steps. You can focus on one room at a time and stick with that room until it’s neat and organized. Working room by room lets you see the changes immediately, helping you stay motivated as you finish the job.

You don’t have to do all the work by yourself — involve the whole family! For example, ask the kids to go through their old toys and decide what they’d like to keep, give away, or store. Maybe they will come up with some creative garage storage ideas that you've missed!

Tips for Clearing Out the Clutter

When you’re organizing a room, you can declutter from left to right, or focus on one category of items at a time. As you move from room to room and declutter your home, designate a few bins or piles to keep you organized.


•             Store: Fill a bin with items you don’t want to look at every day, but that you definitely want to keep.

•             Donate: Do you have items in good condition that no one in your family is using anymore? Start a donation bin to drop off at a thrift store.

•             Recycle: Paper, glass, or plastic objects can be recycled. Start a bin for recyclable items you don’t want to keep.

•             Trash: When you declutter your home, you’ll come across a few items that don’t belong in any other bins. These items should go into the trash.


Taking a few days to declutter your home can brighten your space and make you excited about your home all over again.

Garage Storage Ideas to Declutter Your HomeGarage Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Home

Garage Storage Ideas

After you declutter your home, you’ll be left with several bins of items you want to store, but that no longer have a place in your house. You might think that outdoor storage is only for lawnmowers, gardening supplies, or bulky items wrapped in tarps, but a portable garage has many uses. Much like storage shed solutions, a portable garage provides easy access to the items you need while letting you enjoy your home without all that clutter.

Portable garages and storage sheds offer safe and affordable backyard storage. These sturdy and stylish structures can store home décor, clothing bins, children’s bicycles, or anything else you want to take out of your home or garage.

Outdoor storage buildings can be fabric or metal, and they come in a number of sizes to match your storage needs. Fabric garages have a zippered door, while metal portable garages have swinging or sliding pad-lockable doors. These small buildings don’t skimp on height so that you can stack bins or bulky items clear up to the ceiling. This gives you even more storage space and easier access to your items.

Types of Portable Garage Storage

When your indoor storage space isn’t big enough, or you want to use the space for something else, a portable garage gives you a storage option that looks great in your yard. These strong structures provide long-lasting durability that'll keep your items safe.

Long-Term Storage

Do you need long-term storage? Some items you may want to store long-term include sentimental items, dishes, or furniture. Place these items in boxes and put them in the back of your storage shed. They don’t need to take up valuable indoor space.

Seasonal Storage

You probably have a number of seasonal items taking up the valuable closet space in your home. A portable garage is the perfect storage solution for these items! Winter clothes, holiday decorations, camping gear, or seasonal children’s toys are all items you plan to use but don’t need to access every day. Place these seasonal storage items in your outdoor storage and reclaim your indoor space.                                

Short-Term Storage

You can also use your portable garage for temporary storage. Some larger items you use often might be taking up too much space indoors or in your garage. Strollers, bikes, and sports equipment should be within reach, but they don’t need to be cluttering up your home or main garage. Put short-term storage items near the front of your portable garage so they’re easily accessible.

Garage Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Home SOJAG EverestGarage Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Home SOJAG Everest

Protecting Your Items

Have you been storing all your things inside because you’re worried about inclement weather? With durable garage storage ideas from ShelterLogic and SOJAG, you can protect your items whatever the weather. Portable garages are made with high-quality powder-coated aluminum or steel. They’re resistant to corrosion and rust, and they’ll keep your items safe from rain, wind, and snow. 

If you’re worried about mold, mildew, or moisture damage, these portable sheds will easily protect your items. Small shed vents in our portable garages provide ventilation. Moisture won’t build up inside your portable garage, so your items won’t get damaged.

Are you worried about a break-in? These portable garages are pad-lockable, keeping your items safe from theft. Our metal storage solutions have a place to secure a padlock, and some even have a deadbolt for added security. To secure your garage, make sure you select a strong lock and consider placing your storage shed closer to the house for added protection.

Where Should You Place A Portable Garage?

Before you pick a storage solution for your yard, you’ll need to take stock of what you need to store, and how much space you need. Look at all the items you’d like to put in storage, including any bulky items. It’s a good idea to leave yourself some extra room and invest in a shed that’s a bit larger than your items. In a few years, you’ll probably have a few more things you want to store.

When it comes to choosing the right location, look for a level spot in your yard. You can use an elegant garage as a focal point in your yard or tuck it discreetly beside the house or along the back fence. Depending on the size of your deck or patio, you can even place your outdoor storage solution right onto your deck.

Anchoring Your Portable Garage

Once you’ve found the perfect location, read our anchor guide to learn more about securing your new garage. It explains the best practices for properly anchoring SOJAG products. Anchoring your portable garage is an important step to keep your stored items safe and dry.

Garage Storage Tips to Declutter Your HomeGarage Storage Tips to Declutter Your Home

Garage Storage Tips

After you’ve built and secured your new storage shed, it’s time to organize! These garage storage tips can help you make the most of every inch so that you can completely declutter your home:

  • Start by placing any small items in boxes, bins, or crates. Using bins of the same size makes it easy and safe to stack them up. Stacking bins lets you make the most of your vertical space and fit in more items. Clearly label what’s in each box so everything is easy to find.
  • Install shelving or hooks to make the most of your space. For example, if you plan to store the lawnmower in the shed, put hanging hooks or shelves higher up the wall to maximize your storage space.
  • Use vertical bin storage to make your items even more accessible. Rather than stacking your bins, you can hang them from the bin storage system, so you don’t have to get something from the bottom of the pile. Put the most used items in lower rows so they’re easier to grab.
  • Hooks or hanging racks are great for storing garden tools, shovels, rakes, brooms, or any other lightweight and bulky items.
  • Install a pegboard panel along one wall. You can add hooks and bins so it’s easy to hang tools, wire baskets, or other items.
  • Put long-term storage items in the back of your portable garage so they don’t take up valuable room at the front of your storage space.

Use these garage storage tips to optimize your space for easy and convenient storage.

Find the Right Storage Option

Are you feeling inspired to declutter your home and use these garage storage ideas in your yard? Our portable garages give you endless storage possibilities. Whether you want to declutter your home or your main garage, adding another storage solution to your yard can free up your indoor closets, and give you exciting new ways to use all of that reclaimed space!

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