4 Backyard Storage Units for an Organized Backyard

4 Backyard Storage Units for an Organized Backyard
July 21, 2021

The pandemic ushered in brand new interest to sprucing up back yard areas, with 82% of homeowners reporting they are more interested in updating their outdoor living spaces than ever. While outdoor entertainment is on the rise, so is the need for a cozy area on your property that will make guests feel comfortable while making your space tidier and more appealing.

Why Backyard Storage Units are a Key Investment

  • Protection: Whether you are protecting vehicles, gardening tools, or seasonal items, backyard storage units are an important investment in order to keep property safe from the elements as well as potential thieves. Choose reliable and durable options that hold up against Mother Nature, and you won’t have to worry about outdoor gear like a lawnmower being ruined by the rain or other inclement weather.
  • Storage: Without a storage solution on property, many people resort to paying monthly for a storage unit, which on average can cost somewhere around $1,800 per year. Backyard storage units can save money in the long term to eliminate the need for storage off property.
  • Convenience: It is simply more convenient to have belongings in your backyard as opposed to traveling to a storage unit to pick up them up. While it may cost more up front, the convenience is one huge reason to purchase a shed or garage.
  • Work space: Whether you garden or need a spot to tinker with your automobiles, backyard storage units provide added work space on your property.
  • Add value: Did you know an attractive storage solution can add value to your home? Especially in a hot real estate market, this is an investment that will certainly pay off.

Outdoor Storage Ideas with Style and Function

The best outdoor storage ideas are ones that blend fashion and function, providing a storage solution while also adding a touch of class to your property. In order to declutter your area, consider several different types of backyard storage unit options that offer access to the belongings you need without deterring from your home’s natural beauty. Here are 4 outdoor storage ideas that are aesthetically pleasing as well as affordable.

Arrow Metal Sheds

Arrow Sheds | Backyard Stoage UnitsArrow Sheds | Backyard Stoage Units

When looking for sheds for gardening and outdoor tools, seasonal decor, children’s toys, and other compact items, Arrow metal sheds provide high-quality options that will make a perfect addition to any outdoor space. These unique shelters include:

  • Unmatched Strength: These backyard storage units boast incredible durability, manufactured with rugged steel that staves off rust and corrosion. Shed options from Arrow are built to last with innovative features that contribute to long-lasting structures.
  • Variety of styles: Find a shed that fits your home’s unique aesthetic, with several earth tone colors to choose from. From peak to pent and horizontal styles, find outdoor storage ideas with a modern aesthetic that adds value to your outdoor space.
  • Spacious design: Enjoy extra headroom with taller options, ideal for vertical storage and easy access to your belongings. These roomy outdoor storage ideas also provide a great spot to tend to plants or escape bad weather.
  • Increased Security: Never leave expensive yard equipment outside again thanks to pad-lockable door options that keep more expensive items safe from potential thieves.
  • Durability: These backyard storage units offer pro-rated warranties up to 15 years for extra peace of mind that you are receiving quality structures that are built-to-last.

ShelterLogic Garages

ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box | backyard storage unitShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box | backyard storage unit

If you need to store larger items like automobiles or boats on your property, upgrading to a garage for a more spacious solution may be ideal. Not everyone has an attached garage, so a portable fabric shelter from ShelterLogic is a cost-effective way to increase storage without breaking the bank. These outdoor storage ideas provide a number of customizable options with incredible benefits including:

  • Full customization: When purchasing a backyard storage unit from ShelterLogic, you are creating a unique garage to fit your needs. Choose the width and length, fabric type, shape, and color garage for any outdoor space.
  • Convenience: These outdoor storage ideas provide incredible convenience when stowing away larger items that would normally need to be transported to an off-site storage unit. Instead, these portable garages mean everything is at your fingertips right on your property.
  • Simple assembly: Choose from fabric sheds with assembly that won’t take days or weeks thanks to shed choices with innovative designs and patented assembly systems.
  • Affordability: Although ShelterLogic garage options are manufactured with premium powder coated steel frames that are built to last, these fabric shelters are more affordable than traditional sheds while still providing impressive strength.
  • Durability: These garages can withstand the elements with options boasting a snow load rating of 43 PSF. The ultra-durable waterproof covers are also UV treated to stand the test of time while still looking great.

Firewood Racks

ShelterLogic firewood racks | backyard storage solutionsShelterLogic firewood racks | backyard storage solutions

Keeping firewood laying around your yard is not only unsightly; it will also create ineffective firewood come winter. One of the most overlooked backyard storage ideas is to add firewood racks to your outdoor space. This addition will offer:

  • Properly seasoned firewood: Storing firewood properly will lead to hotter and more effective fires by contributing to air flow circulation around each piece of wood. These tools also protect firewood from rot and insects.
  • Storage space: It is important to store firewood outside and at least 5 feet away from your home for safety purposes. Firewood racks will not only promote proper airflow, they also keep your yard looking tidy.
  • Simple assembly: These storage solutions come together quickly with simple assembly and no hassle.
  • Customization: Choose from several different firewood rack sizes or create your own with a bracket kit. Add a durable polyester cover for extra protection.
  • Strength and durability: The scratch resistant and powder coated steel frames protect against corrosion while durable polyester covers offer increased protection for firewood throughout each season.

Deck Boxes

Spacemaker deck box | backyard storage solutionSpacemaker deck box | backyard storage solution

From a pool deck to a porch, deck boxes are versatile outdoor storage ideas that transform a space in a snap. Easily store pool toys, seasonal décor, bird seed, and even gardening tools inside a stylish box that fits anywhere. Function meets fashion with these gorgeous storage solutions which include:

  • Roomy storage: While these boxes look compact and fit perfectly into smaller spaces, they still pack a big punch with over 100 gallons of storage with a built-in corrugated floor to protect items from the elements.
  • Easy access: The doors are built with a pneumatic lift which makes accessing your belongings even more simple, no matter where you decide to display these gorgeous deck boxes.
  • Elegance: Choose from two attractive earth tone colors that blend with any outdoor décor. The intricate basket weave pattern adds sophistication to your backyard aesthetic.
  • Versatility: Although they are called deck boxes, you can keep these gorgeous storage solutions on your porch, backyard, garden shed, garage, or even inside! Move them with the season or as your needs change for ultimate versatility.
  • Simple assembly: The patented assembly makes this a simple DIY project coming together in only half an hour.

Outdoor Storage Ideas to Declutter for Good

Beginning decluttering and tidying your yard can be a daunting process. Start by taking stock of what you want to store on your property and where. Make a plan by writing down your belongings and how you want them stowed away.

These 4 types of outdoor storage ideas can transform a so-so space into a gorgeous getaway that is both functional and fashionable. Each product is built to last and stand up to the elements while protecting belongings for years to come.

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