Great News: RIO Beach Chairs Among the Best Reviewed in 2022

RIO Beach Chairs Among the Best Reviewed in 2022
December 30, 2022

It is no secret that leisure travel is booming in 2022, and that means many families are heading to the nearest beach to spend time with their loved ones while taking in the sand and surf. Aside from sunscreen, the most important accessory for any day at the beach is a sturdy and comfortable beach chair.

While there may be plenty of beach chairs out on the market, RIO and Tommy Bahama beach chairs have been such a crowd favorite this year, we’ve landed in several reviews this summer for having the best beach chairs around. (We’re blushing, but we still rounded up the best beach chair reviews for you below to help make your decision on which ones are coming with you to your next day by the water.)

The Spruce: Best Overall Beach Chair

The Spruce took a look at the best beach chairs of summer 2022, and our very own RIO Lace Up Removable Backpack Chair took the top spot! The Spruce calls it a perfect marriage of form and function, and we tend to agree. Of course, comfort is key, but the rust proof aluminum frame also means this beach chair will last season after season. What did reviewers like most?

  • Lightweight: No one likes to break a sweat before they even hit the beach. When you’re stuck carrying an average beach chair to the surf, many of them are clunky and quite frankly difficult to carry. Thanks to this beach chair’s 8 lb. design, you can rest assured your trip to and from the beach will be hassle-free.
  • Versatility: Is it a chair, or a backpack? Good news: It’s both! This beach chair comes with adjustable straps that allow you to carry the chair on your back for hands-free movement. The large storage pouch also means you can put your snacks, sunscreen, or magazines in there for a truly convenient backpack chair.
  • Comfort: This beach chair has a flexible suspension design, which means it will conform to your body. A built-in pillow will bring up the level of relaxation giving you the comfort you crave.

Southern Living: Best Overall Beach Chair

It turns out Southern Living loves the Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair as much as we do. What’s not to love? It looks great and it’s built to stand up against sand, sun, and surf. Here’s what reviewers liked best:

  • Durability: The polyester fabric gets high marks from Southern Living editors in this review, along with the beach chair’s 300 lb. weight limit. Although it packs a big punch in the durability department, this chair weighs in under 7 lbs.
  • Versatility: They loved the fact that this beach chair has multiple functions. It’s a chair, a cooler, and a backpack all in one. Bring your chair to the beach hands-free thanks to the backpack design. This chair also comes with a built-in cooler to store snacks, and a sweet spot to stow away cell phones and other items you don’t want in the sand.
  • Style: When it comes to Tommy Bahama, you know the style will be anything but boring. Take your beach day up a notch with several tropical styles to choose from to make sure you’ll never lose your spot on the sand.

Entertainment Tonight: Best Ottoman Lounge Chair

When it comes to kicking back and relaxing in the sun, Entertainment Tonight decided the best way to do it is in our RIO 4 Position Ottoman Lounge Chair! Aside from looking great, this beach chair will make you feel like you brought a piece of your living room on vacation. Kick back and soak in the sun. Entertainment Tonight loves these features:

  • Portable: The built-in carry strap means you won’t have to worry about lugging around a beach chair when you’re done with your day. Lightweight construction also makes these beach chairs take the top spot.
  • Comfort: Detachable neck pillow, anyone? We know you hate it when you’re trying to read a good book on the beach but can’t quite find that comfortable position. This beach chair takes care of that little problem.
  • Convenience: Want to lay all the way back and grab a tan? Or do you want to sit up straight to make sure you’re keeping an eye on the family? Either way, this 4-position beach chair has you covered. And with built-in cupholders, your favorite beverage will always be nearby, too.

Forbes: Best Tall Beach Chair

Your average beach chair might not stack up for the big and tall. Some are too short, and others simply don’t have the back space to accommodate a long torso. Forbes found their favorite beach chair for tall folks, and we’re happy to say it’s RIO’s Hi Boy Backpack Chair. This beach chair is ideal for that person in your life with the ultra-long legs, or larger stature that needs a little extra space to lounge. What did Forbes like best?

  • Easy in and out: When you’re a taller person, some beach chairs are way too low to the ground and getting in and out of the chair in the sand feels like some torturous gym exercise. Worry no more! This beach chair sits 17 inches off the ground and has a larger than normal area for your back to accommodate people with longer torsos.
  • Pinch-proof reclining: We love our specially designed brackets to keep from pinching fingers, and Forbes reviewers love it too. Nothing is worse than starting your beach day off with a cut or bruise on your hand.
  • Creature comforts: A built-in insulated zipper pouch along with a built-in bottle opener brings the comforts of home right to the beach. Add in backpack straps, and this beach chair is truly a no-hassle wonder that you’ll never leave at home again.

Pure Wow: Best Kids Beach Chair

The kiddos love the beach too, but unfortunately not all beach chairs are easy for them to use. Luckily, RIO created a beach chair just for kids, and it turns out Pure Wow loves it as much as we do. It even has built-in straps that make it simple for children to carry wherever their next adventure takes them. Pure Wow’s favorite features include:

  • Adjustable: Pure Wow's reviewers loved this chair because it is a carbon copy of the adult-sized RIO adjustable chair. Just because it’s a chair for kids, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have all the bells and whistles. The kiddos can adjust to 5 different positions just like Mom and Dad’s chair!
  • Low profile: No need to worry about helping your son or daughter in and out of a regular-sized chair. This kid’s beach chair is low to the ground, so they can do all the work themselves.
  • Mini pillow: Making sandcastles can get tiring. If you’re lucky, your little one might even want to lay back and relax. The built-in mini pillow means they might even get a nap in, but we wouldn’t count on it.

ShelterLogic has a variety of beach chairs to fit any budget and style. From backpack chairs to adjustable ottoman beach chairs, these are sure to bring more comfort and fun to just about any day outdoors. While it’s easy to listen to us brag about the amazing products we offer, why not hear it from real customers? Check out the In The News section for all our products that reviewers are raving about!

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