How to Care for Your ShelterLogic Baseball Field Tarp

How to Care for Your ShelterLogic Baseball Field Tarp
October 19, 2022

A baseball field tarp can not only help your sporting league get back to playing the game faster after a rain delay, this tool can even help to maintain the field’s soil for better all-around play. In order to ensure your baseball field tarp performs at an optimal level, it is important to perform routine maintenance on the tarp.

Like our outdoor fabric shelters, there are a variety of simple ways to keep a baseball field tarp in great shape, which will not only keep it working properly, but will allow it to last season after season. Here are surefire ways to keep your baseball field tarp working for you all season long.

What is a Baseball Field Tarp

If you’ve ever seen it rain during a Major League Baseball game, you have also seen groundskeepers race to cover the field with a giant cover that shields the grounds from oncoming rain. The baseball field tarp is what protects the field itself from becoming too saturated to play the game.

A baseball field tarp isn’t only reserved for professional baseball. In fact, plenty of programs in all age groups utilize these tools in areas where rain delays are common. A baseball field tarp can not only save time by avoiding cancellations, it can also have a positive effect on the field itself by avoiding large amounts of water seeping into the soil.

Keep Your Baseball Field Tarp Clean

This may seem like a no-brainer, but dirt and excess debris on a baseball field tarp can wreak havoc on the product over time. Storing them in a dry and clean place is a great way to keep it from being exposed to elements that can cause breakdown or tearing. It is also crucial to remember to wipe off and dry the baseball field tarp before storing it as well.

While cleaning is synonymous with chemicals, you will want to steer clear of cleaning a baseball field tarp with anything other than soapy water. In fact, you’ll want to follow the same rules when cleaning a baseball field tarp as you would when cleaning an outdoor fabric shelter.

  • Use soap and water only: Avoid ammonia-based solutions that can contribute to wear and tear on your baseball field tarp. Soap and water will get rid of dirt and debris without causing any damage to the baseball field tarp.
  • Use a soft tool: You may own a power washer that can clean your sidewalks in a flash. Avoid using anything other than a soft brush on a baseball field tarp. They can tear or break down just like a fabric outdoor structure, and there is no need for the extra water pressure when you can simply brush it down with soapy water.
  • Remember both sides: Sure, the baseball field tarp is probably dirtier on one side than the other. However, don’t neglect one side and always make sure you are fully cleaning each area of the baseball field tarp.

Before putting away the baseball field tarp, use a squeegee to remove all water and store in a dry place. Excess water can weigh a lot and cause damage to the baseball field tarp if it is allowed to accumulate.

Fold Baseball Field Tarps as Little as Possible

Ideally, a baseball field tarp would always stay on a roller which would keep it from folding and causing creasing. This might be possible in certain settings, and can contribute to a longer life for your baseball field tarp.

If you cannot roll your baseball field tarp on a roller, make sure to fold it as few times as possible. Every time you fold a tarp, it forces pressure on the fabric. While this may not cause any issue in the short term, if it is folded the same way for a long period of time, it may have undesired consequences. The next time you use the baseball field tarp, fold it in a different orientation to avoid causing creases from repeated folds. This will keep the product looking sharp and it will perform better in the long run.

Repair Holes Immediately

Think of baseball field tarp upkeep the same way as you think of taking care of your vehicle. Regular oil changes and simple maintenance can keep you from having an expensive issue creep up. If you see a small hole or tear in your baseball field tarp, make sure to repair it immediately. It can grow into a larger issue if you wait.

You can use glue, contact cement, and a patch if needed, but sometimes duct tape can do the trick as well. Before you apply a patch or tape, make sure the area is cleaned for best results. By following routine maintenance year-round, you can hope to avoid any serious tears, rips, or holes to your baseball field tarp.

Always Secure Baseball Field Tarp When Not in Use

In mild climates, it may be tempting to store a baseball field tarp where it can easily be accessed when needed. However, the best place to store a baseball field tarp is one where it is not only shielded from the elements, but also shielded from people who can inadvertently cause damage.

For example, Little League parks generally have many families and children spending time there during practices. They can be playing games of tag, catch, and so on in any part of the park. That means storing a baseball field tarp out in the open not only exposes it to wind, rain, heat, and sun, but also accidents that can happen in everyday life. Avoid any issues by securing the baseball field tarp in a dry location that can be safely locked away from thieves as well.

Baseball Field Tarp Upkeep is Key

It can be expensive to keep a baseball field running at an optimal level. When your organization is already spending money on upkeep for grass, clay, and other important aspects of the playing field, it is important to remember that you should have a routine care plan for not only your baseball field, but your baseball field tarp as well.

Your baseball field tarp is your last line of defense from serious damage to your field. While it can certainly offer convenience when it comes to ending rain delays and avoiding cancelled games, it also helps to keep your baseball field in top shape. A baseball field tarp is a solid investment for any organization and it is just as important to keep it clean and dry as it is to maintain the baseball field. If both are kept in optimal shape, your organization will be better for it.

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