How to Create a Backyard Escape with a Permanent Garden Gazebo

How to Create a Backyard Escape with a Permanent Garden Gazebo
April 19, 2021

Transforming your backyard is easier than you think. With a permanent garden gazebo, you can create a backyard escape that is only steps away from your house. If you need to relax in the evening, unwind after a hard day, or just step away from your to-do list for a few minutes, an outdoor enclosed gazebo can be your perfect getaway.

Which Structure Should You Choose for Your Garden?

Ready to pick the right outdoor structure to bring style, flair, and functionality to your backyard garden? Premium SOJAG gazebos, solariums, and pergolas are stylish and luxurious structures that can turn a corner of your yard into a magical retreat.


A gazebo provides just the right amount of shade and shelter. These metal structures have four high-quality aluminum or steel posts designed to withstand any weather. Hard-top roofs of polycarbonate or galvanized steel keep you dry whatever the weather and they’re designed to let in some light. You can also opt for a soft-top gazebo or a wall-mounted gazebo.


Gazebos are extremely versatile. All four sides can be left open, or you can close the curtains on one or more sides to create an outdoor enclosed gazebo. If you need protection from the bugs, just close the mosquito nets to enjoy the evening without any unwanted guests.


Gazebos aren’t your only option. Solariums from SOJAG give you more protection than a gazebo and can be used like a greenhouse throughout the year. These elegant sunrooms have durable powder-coated frames and strong steel roofs. Clear PVC windows provide an unobstructed view of your garden while still offering protection from wind and rain. Sliding doors and windows are the final touches that make these solariums both practical and beautiful.


If you want to get closer to nature, a pergola might be a better choice. SOJAG pergolas give your garden a contemporary look and feel. Pergolas have four sturdy posts, and overhead beams create an open-air roof. For more shade and shelter you can add an adjustable roof mesh.

Transform your pergola into a garden escape with hanging plants and flowers. You can even plant a creeping vine that will grow up and over the structure for a fairyland feeling. These maintenance-free structures look stunning in any garden, and pergolas can be the perfect garden getaway.

SOJAG South Beach garden gazeboSOJAG South Beach garden gazebo

How To Use Your Permanent Garden Gazebo

Are you ready to refresh your yard with a permanent garden gazebo? Design a peaceful, shady nook just steps away from your back door with an outdoor enclosed gazebo. Here are a few fabulous ways you can use your backyard gazebo.

Using Curtains

SOJAG gazebos give your yard an air of elegance, and they’re designed to be versatile and practical. To make the most of your gazebo, be sure to utilize the curtains. For added shelter and privacy, you can close the curtains and escape into your own world. When you want to feel the breeze or enjoy the scenery, just open the curtains for a great view of your garden.

Secluded Garden Retreat

A permanent garden gazebo is a perfect spot to spend your downtime. You can enjoy your morning cup of coffee in peace or create a quiet spot to read in the afternoon heat. A secluded retreat can give you a sense of calm whenever you need it.

Exercise or Meditation Area

Backyard gazebos can be transformed into an exercise area. Workout in nature and take advantage of the fresh air. You can also roll out a mat, do some stretching, or meditate in this quiet nook in the garden.

Plant Protection

Garden gazebos are great for growing plants that like a bit of shade. You can use your gazebo to extend the growing season into the fall or even early winter in some cases. Try your hand at growing a few fresh veggies, or start your favorite flowers early in the spring.

Workshop or Crafting Room

Do you think woodworking or crafting is the best way to relax? An outdoor enclosed gazebo is the perfect place for a home workshop or crafting room. Get inspired outside, and let your creativity and imagination run wild.

Garden Sitting Area

Your garden gazebo is a wonderful spot to entertain a few friends in the evening. If you’d like to share your backyard escape with loved ones, design a comfy seating area where you can kick back and relax with your family.

Evening Dining Under the Stars

You can create a backyard getaway that includes family, friends, and food. Set up your garden gazebo as an outdoor dining area. For a special evening, carry your favorite meal out into the garden, and enjoy a magical night in your backyard retreat.

Poolside Shade

Another way to make the most of your enclosed garden gazebo is to incorporate it into your pool design. Escape the hot sun and lounge by the water, or even create a poolside bar. When friends and family come by to use the pool, easily close the curtains to give your guests added privacy while changing.

Hot Tub Shelter

An outdoor enclosed gazebo can make a great hot tub shelter. Use your gazebo to keep out the bugs on summer nights and keep in the heat on cool winter nights. Your garden gazebo will also give you added shelter and privacy.

SOJAG Mykonos II permanent garden gazeboSOJAG Mykonos II permanent garden gazebo

How to Choose the Right Size Permanent Garden Gazebo

Gazebos come many sizes, so think carefully about what you need in your garden retreat. A small 8 x 8 ft permanent garden gazebo will transform your garden, patio, or deck, giving you a shady spot that’s the perfect size for one to three people, or to complement a small garden. Larger 12 x 12 gazebos are perfect for hosting friends or having dinner parties.

Choosing the best size is all about its location and the space you have in your yard.

How to Choose the Right Location

To choose the right location for your outdoor enclosed gazebo, you’ll need to visualize what kind of scene you want to set in your yard. For a romantic escape where you can relax and unwind, a secluded corner of your yard will be the perfect spot. But if you want a centerpiece that is both eye-catching and inviting, then make your gazebo the focal point in the yard and the center of the party.

You also need to consider how much space you need around the gazebo. When creating an intimate escape, you only need a few inches between the gazebo and neighboring plants and trees. For shared retreats, make sure there’s ample space on all sides so people can easily come and go.

Take a walk around your yard and consider all the options. Using a tape measure, stake out a few different locations. This will give you an idea of how much space you need, and which location looks best.

How to Prepare Your Property for a Permanent Garden GazeboHow to Prepare Your Property for a Permanent Garden Gazebo

How to Prepare Your Property for a Permanent Garden Gazebo

Before you can install your gazebo and create your garden escape, you’ll need to prep the site.

Leveling the Spot

For your garden gazebo to be stable and safe, you need to build it on level ground. If possible, choose an area that’s already level. You can also do spot leveling if necessary, adding soil to any holes and lowering any large bumps. The ground under the gazebo can even be slightly higher than the surrounding garden so water won’t run towards the gazebo.

Footings or Foundation

Permanent garden gazebos look great with a base or foundation. A beautiful base also makes it easier to set up furniture, add a table, or bring in potted plants. Some base options include a concrete foundation, bricks, stones, or tiles. Any of these flooring options can make your backyard gazebo both stylish and functional.


When prepping your yard for a gazebo, take some time to research anchors. Use our handy anchor guide to determine which anchors you need to safely secure your permanent garden gazebo. Anchoring the gazebo to the base or using footers provides better stability and added safety.

How to Assemble Your Permanent Garden Gazebo KitHow to Assemble Your Permanent Garden Gazebo Kit

How to Assemble Your Permanent Garden Gazebo Kit

Ready to assemble your gazebo kit? This is the last step that stands between you and the garden escape of your dreams. You can choose to DIY or hire professional installers.

DIY Installation

Gazebo kits from SOJAG are easy to assemble and come with clear instructions. If you have at least one other person to help you, and you’re physically able to lift heavy objects and work with tools, you should have no problem assembling the gazebo kit yourself. There are also several installation videos that explain how to assemble your new gazebo safely. If you are faint of heart, we recommend you hire a contractor to assemble your permanent garden gazebo kit. 

Create Your Backyard Escape

Build a permanent garden gazebo in your backyard and enjoy a magical garden escape. Once you’ve installed your outdoor enclosed gazebo, all that’s left is adding some comfy furniture and lush plants, and you’ll have a backyard structure you can appreciate every day.

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