How to Make Your Parked RV Feel Like Home

How to Make Your Parked RV Feel Like Home
January 21, 2022

Driving an RV is one of America’s favorite ways to travel. In fact, the United States is the largest market for the RV industry, with over 40 million people who use this method of travel every year. It’s not hard to see why a home on wheels has a strong appeal, either. With America’s vast and diverse landscape, there are thousands of miles and boundless terrain to discover. To see it all, you need a travel method that provides that “home away from home” feeling.

RVs are one of the only modes of travel where you can bring most of your creature comforts. It’s also easy to maintain a familiar environment and get the most privacy compared to other methods. Also, the more home-like accessories that you bring along for the ride, the more comfortable your trip will be.

Many people have found financial freedom in living in their RVs full time. A home on wheels is also a popular temporary living space for families in transition. Living in an RV involves parking the vehicle long-term and living exclusively in an RV park or campground. For this time, having durable, high-quality camping gear and furniture is vital for your daily comfort.

Whether you decide to camp in an RV park or on private land, you can make your new home comfortable with these RV decorating ideas, including canopies, portable tables, foldable chairs, coolers, outdoor storage, and other useful camping accessories. This quick guide will show you how to make your parked RV feel like home no matter how long you decide to stay.

Parking in RV ParksParking in RV Parks

Parking in RV Parks

When you rent an RV lot, many of the details are worked out for you. For example, most lots come hooked up with ample sources of water and power. These RV communities also offer luxuries like free WiFi, general stores, public pools, spas, laundromats, public bathrooms with hot showers, and dog parks.

While all these community perks are nice, there’s nothing like having exclusive comforts on your RV lot. By making some upgrades, you can extend your RV’s living space to make a long-term stay more enjoyable. Here are some of the main items to invest in for daily comfort:

  • Portable dining tables: It's good to have two of these: One for supporting a small grill and another for dining and entertaining.
  • Foldable chairs: Having light, portable chairs that can collapse and be tucked away expands your entertaining potential.
  • Coolers: The RV life can mean fishing trips, picnics, and snacks on the go. Coolers keep your food in the right conditions wherever you go
  • Sunshades and canopies: Depending on the nature of your lot, you may need to create some extra shade. Canopies also allow you to stay outside even when it's raining.
  • Canopy Chairs: When you need coverage and seating in one, this handy seat can go anywhere for instant shelter and R&R

Looking for places to camp? Apps like Togo RV can plot your course with RV-specific GPS navigation. With tools like this, you can easily find all the places your RV can park and rest for the season.

Get That "Front Porch" Feeling

When you camp at an RV park for an extended period, you need more space than your RV’s interior. While you have many amenities inside your vehicle, conditions can feel cramped and even stuffy at times.

Expanding your outdoor space to have a “front porch”/patio feeling will give you more places to relax. You may have a retractable roof in your RV to provide instant shelter, or you may need to bring your own pop-up canopies to ensure that you can enjoy this space in any weather.

Fill your RV lot with all the comforts you would want in a living room, like portable tables, an area to grill, a firepit, extra storage, side tables, foldable chairs, coolers, and other useful accessories. Our RIO line contains an evolving selection of camping comforts that bring the feeling of home wherever you go. Keep your eye out for the latest innovations that have the avid camper in mind.

Expand Your Space with Pop up Shelters

Having an outdoor shelter can allow you to enjoy your RV lot — rain or shine. This helps you not feel cooped up when the weather is so-so, allowing you to get fresh air and some stress-relieving sunshine. Pop-up canopies and shelters also take the sting off a hot day by providing a guaranteed shaded area.

If you plan to stay on your lot for more than a few weeks, it’s recommended to get a shelter designed to stay outside for longer than an occasional barbecue. This shelter should be a semi-permanent structure strong enough to withstand storms and be solidly anchored into the ground. Mid-grade to deluxe shelters are designed to be anchored and withstand tough outdoor conditions. By investing in a quality canopy, you won't waste time constantly readjusting and fussing with a flimsy product.

Mosquito & Tick Control

When you spend more time outside, bugs can become an annoyance. But when you take measures to mitigate them, you can get the most out of your outdoor living experience. Here are some ways to keep mosquitoes and other dangerous bugs like ticks under control:

  • Spray surrounding foliage and shrubs with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. If you have any outdoor structures like sheds and tents, spray them too. These natural bug repellents won’t be against any RV campground’s rules. Also, check with the lot owner if you can use insect foggers on-site if you need more repellent power.
  • Keep bug spray on hand and apply it to your ankles and behind your ears to keep mosquitoes away from the “hot spots” where they like to bite.
  • Install a portable gazebo with retractable bug screens. One of our favorites is the Cypress Gazebo. Its durable polyester fabric top makes it light enough to take with you. It’s also affordable, durable can be anchored to the ground, and assembles easily. In addition, since it is a semi-permanent shelter, it can be set up and taken down with less effort than a luxury gazebo.

Lounge Chairs for Indoors and Outdoors

When you need to stay in your RV lot for a long time, having versatile seating is important. Whether it’s a fishing day or you want to sit in your bedroom instead of the common area, a portable folding chair can provide you cozy seating wherever you want it. Since these chairs will go with you to many places, make sure they are stylish and durable.

Our extensive product offerings include different outdoor folding chairs like director’s chairs, highboys, canopy chairs, and more. The chairs with pockets for drinks and storage in the back are among the favorites of seasoned campers. We also recommend chairs made out of canvas since they are light, easy to clean, and can dry off quickly in the sun.

Parking in RV ParksParking in RV Parks

Parking on Purchased Land

To save money on RV lot rental fees, people who decide the RV life is for them may decide to purchase land. It’s also common for people building a new home to live in an RV while their dream home is being built. No matter why you're staying on private land, some upgrades can make this long-term RV stay more enjoyable.

First of all, do everything that we suggested to make a rental RV lot cozy. Then, you have the freedom to customize your land to make it even more like home. Since it's your land, there are hardly any restrictions about what you can do with it. While installing more permanent structures like patio spaces is a no-no on rented lots, you can do it on your property. Here are some things to try:

  • Install a permanent or semi-permanent carport
  • Install a greenhouse or gazebo
  • Lay patio stones to make a dedicated grass-free space
  • Lay stepping stones or wood pallets as walking paths
  • Install a composting toilet

What’s great about having your land is that you can do almost anything you want on it. As long as you stick to local building codes and fire safety laws, your land can be customized with permanent structures that can’t be installed on rented land.

Carports, Gazebos, and More

When you own the land, it’s possible to install permanent and semi-permanent structures without worrying about when you need to tear anything down. For instance, installing an outdoor carport can serve as a convenient area to dine, relax, or protect vehicles.

Extra shelters like gazebos and solariums can serve as easy places to relax and nap, especially if you have some camping cots on hand. Enhancements like these can transform your RV home into a multi-dimensional outdoor living adventure where everyone can have their place to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor Storage Solutions

When you plan to stay for a long time, it's useful to have extra storage space for your foldable chairs, seasonal items, and other essentials like firewood. Shelterlogic portable outdoor storage sheds come in all sizes and can reduce clutter inside your RV. When indoor closet space is premium real estate, affordable solutions like this can make your RV home feel more spacious.

Also, if you want to try your hand at having fresh food on hand, installing a greenhouse can enhance your RV lifestyle. Cultivating food is known to be a stress-relieving hobby that gives the gardener a sense of accomplishment. If you need simple joys back in your life, this is surely a welcome addition to your RV lot.

Get Your RV Camping Essentials at ShelterLogic

The on-the-go lifestyle feels better when you expand your outdoor living space at an RV park or a private lot. Find everything you need to camp comfortably for the long haul at ShelterLogic. We have tables, foldable chairs, canopies, and semi-permanent shelters that will help you stay organized and cozy throughout the year.

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