How to Plan the Best Beach Day Trip

How to Plan the Best Beach Day Trip
May 31, 2022

Are you tired of hustling at work and need a day to yourself to calm down both your mind and body? If yes, how about you head over to a beach near you?

From sunbathing to taking a dip in the water, a beach is ideal for de-stressing yourself and enjoying the cool breeze with some of your favorite drinks and music. In addition, a beach day trip is far more reasonable than taking an entire week of a holiday abroad. First, however, you need to make sure that your beach day is planned right.

If you haven't taken a day trip to a beach before, you may not be aware of tips and tricks to elevate your experience. And so, to help you out, we have curated this guide so you can have a memorable time while listening to the waves as you read your favorite fictional novel.

Is a One Day Trip Worth It?

Taking a day off to be somewhere you may like may seem reasonable. But is it worth it? Below we have shared some of the reasons we think you need a one-day trip right away.

A One Day Trip Is Affordable

Think of all the money you may have to save to take a long trip. Depending on your financial situation, it might take you months or even years to do that, meaning that you may have to wait for a long time before having some fun time.

However, on the other hand, a day trip doesn't require much savings or funds. You simply need to spend money on a few essentials and select a destination near your house so that you can have a day out. Therefore, it is more reasonable than a long trip and easier to plan.

It Isn't Tiring at All

What is the point of going on a trip only to feel tired after changing flights or taking long road routes? You go on a trip to feel fresh; however, long holidays often exhaust you.

In that case, day trips are pretty easy to manage. First, they are a few hours long-only, meaning you don't get tired even if you have to work the next day. Secondly, there are no long routes involved here, so you spend more hours on your destination rather than being on the road.

One Day Trips Help You Recharge

Have you ever felt that even a weekend isn't enough to recharge you for a busy week? That's because we often choose to stay in our homes and perform basic chores on the weekends instead of being somewhere that may make us feel refreshed.

And to avoid that, it is best to head over to a beach on your day off, experience a change in your surroundings and spend a relaxed day recharging your batteries before the dreadful work week starts.

If the above reasons have convinced you to take a beach trip, it is about time that you start planning it before the big day arrives. In the next part of this guide, we have listed some things you should consider and include in your trip plan to have a carefree and wonderful day at a fantastic destination.

Consider Your Budget

You can't take a one-day beach trip without some money in your pocket. So, you need to consider your budget before choosing a day or a nearby beach destination.

When planning your budget, list down all the essentials you may want to spend your money on. These may include the petrol cost incurred while driving to your destination, beach tickets (if your chosen beach isn't free), parking charges, the money you plan to spend on food, beach-appropriate clothing that you may have to purchase, and other relevant beach accessories.

If you take this break with your family and have kids, you may have to multiply most expenses by the number of members. For example, suppose all your kids require a beach dress, and there are three of them. In that case, your money spent on beach-appropriate clothing should be multiplied by three.

Considering your day trip budget beforehand allows you to plan your finances accordingly. So, if you have less money in your account, you can find ways to overcome this problem and avoid any financial emergencies at the last moment.

Is Cash Accepted?

When planning your budget, you should check whether the beach shops or restaurants accept cash or card. You may decide not to take food with you and instead eat at a restaurant located on the beach.

If you want to make that plan go smoothly, make sure you know that the eateries accept cash, so you can take enough dollars with you to avoid any mishaps. If they don't, you should have enough funds in your account to avoid staying hungry all day and ruining your trip.

Examine Your Car

Before starting your journey, make sure to examine the car you might be taking on the road. Check it for its tires, engine, and performance to avoid emergencies on the day trip.

If possible, perform this examination at least three days before the trip. This would ensure that you have enough time to deal with any problems while conducting the check.

Moreover, if your car requires specific maintenance, don't delay. Instead, please take it to a professional immediately and fix it before the weekend arrives. You can also check the insurance policy to see what amount it covers for such maintenance.

Again, make sure that the cost incurred on your car's maintenance should be a part of your budget plan. This is imperative so you don't have to incur expenses that may force you to cancel your beach trip.

Plan Your Route

Most people not only take day trips to get to and enjoy a different destination but also to experience the scenic beauty on the way. If you have a similar motive, it is best to plan and check for routes to the beach that might offer you great natural beauty.

You can either opt for a map or use the internet when planning a route. Some people often prefer taking the back roads rather than highways. Although it takes longer to reach your destination through such routes, their views are often interesting and worth all the hassle.

However, whichever route you opt for, make sure that you don't face any traffic on the day. Traffic can delay your plans, and even if you have a lot of scenic beauty to witness, time wasted on the road can exhaust you even before you arrive at the beach. So, before heading on the road, make sure you also check your GPS to locate areas with little or no traffic and avoid any barriers on your journey.

What To Pack

You can't just be on the beach with your phone and a few snacks. Unfortunately, beaches don't often have the essentials that you may require to have a good time, so you might have to do some packing even if you are heading out for only a day.

So, what should you pack? There are a few essential things that you may require to spend a peaceful day at the beach. Check the list below before you start packing.

Beach Chairs

Invest in high-quality yet lightweight beach chairs. If you think you can ask someone else on the beach to lend you their chairs on the day, it may never happen. Everyone prefers their comfort, and without chairs, it might get challenging to enjoy the sun and witness the waves.

When choosing the best beach chairs, think of durability and portability. If you plan to use this investment every month, make sure to buy beach chairs with a salt-resistant metal body, making them long-lasting.

Likewise, check the quality of the seats. They should be made of hard-wearing fabric that won't stretch, rag, or rip after a single trip.

Besides, your beach chair should be easy to carry but sturdy enough. It should also be comfortable so you can spend a long day at the beach without getting tired. Chairs with reclining footrests and backs and foldable features are worth your money.

Portable Shade

If the sun is too bright on your beach day trip, you may also want to pack a portable shade. While purchasing one, you need to consider its fabric, breathability, structure, size, and weight.

Moreover, you should also know to open and close it during your trip.

If you are purchasing a shade, especially for your kids, it's better to buy a small one that lets the airflow efficiently. Also, check its durability, as you may not want to spend on an expensive shade and regret it later.

There are different types of portable shades that you can choose from. Below we have listed a few examples.

A Beach Tent

A portable beach tent often covers a large area and provides constant shade. It also has a cool interior preventing the direct sun rays from harming your children or pets. Most expensive beach tents also have an excellent UPF rating, meaning they offer superior protection from the sun.

Or a Beach Umbrella

If you don't have enough money to buy a tent, you can go for a beach umbrella to work as a portable shade. It may not offer coverage as massive as a tent, but it still does save you from the bright beach sun.

When selecting a beach umbrella, always consider its size. Do you want this accessory for yourself or the entire family? If your answer is the latter, you should opt for a sizable umbrella.

Secondly, also check its ease of use. For instance, some umbrellas securely fit in the sand, while others require additional support. Finally, evaluate the sun protection it offers and its value for money.

A Cooler for Food and Drinks

If you want to take your food and drinks with you, you should own a cooler that keeps them fresh. There are two types of coolers that you may consider.

Pack a Metal Cooler

A metal cooler might be heavy and oversized, but it still ensures that your food and drinks stay cold and fresh for a long time. If you don't want to eat hot drinks and rotten sandwiches on your day trip, invest in a metal cooler. However, since most models are expensive, you may want to check your budget before getting one.

Or a Soft-sided Cooler

A soft-sided cooler has a fabric exterior that is far lighter than a metal cooler. Besides, since it is usually tiny, carrying it around on a beach makes it easy. Depending on your family size and the amount of food you want to take, invest in a soft-sided cooler if you are looking for a budget-friendly option.

Beach Essentials

You can't afford to spend a day on the beach without some bare essentials. They might not cost you a lot, and you may already have a few things in your house. However, it is imperative to carry them with you regardless of how much space they may take in your vehicle.


Never forget to leave your sunscreen at home while traveling to a beach. Even if it's for a few hours only, your day trip is incomplete without this essential. Sunscreen helps protect your skin against UV rays, reducing the chances of any sunburn.

You may experience increased exposure to the sun on your beach trip, which might lead to wrinkles and premature aging. To avoid such damage, ensure you pack high-quality sunscreen in your bag.


Do you want to keep your body and face safe from the sand? In that case, take a towel with you to clean up as required. Also, if you plan to go in the water for a swim, a bath towel is a must to keep you dry afterward.

A Change of Clothes

You don't want to swim, eat and relax in your beach attire during the entire day, right? So, take some extra clothing along to replace your wet and sandy clothes. These could be anything you feel comfortable in because, after all, you are on a relaxing break.

Beach Activities

Finally, you may not want to sit idle and watch the waves on your day trip. Activities of some kind are essential, so you don't get bored. Here are a few things you may want to pack to keep you entertained.

Beach Games

If you are on a break with your family and friends, you may want to pack a volleyball or a frisbee to have some activity on the beach. You can also pack some cards along. Also, if you and your friends love golf, a few kits are available that work well for the sandy beaches.

Reading Material

Reading a well-written book on the beach is a good idea to have a relaxing time. Make sure to pack your favorite book to enjoy it under the beautiful sun.

Your Playlist

Music is a must while on holiday. Ensure to take your playlist along and update it before the beach trip day.

Portable Charger

Finally, keep a portable charger handy if you want to listen to your favorite songs while enjoying your beach break. An uncharged phone may not be a good thing on your trip when you have to use it to keep you entertained or connect you to the correct route.

Final Takeaway

It isn't tough to plan a day trip to a beach. We hope that the list below may have helped you find the things you might want to pack before heading out on the road.

So, make sure you don't delay the beach trip anymore and start planning. After all, you deserve a much-needed break.

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