Maximizing Your Space with a Balcony Gazebo

Maximizing Your Balcony Space with a Balcony Gazebo
June 04, 2021

Even small changes can make big differences in your outdoor living space. Maximize your property's potential by installing a balcony gazebo. The more coverage you can provide to an outdoor area, the more options you have for how you use the space. A gazebo will offer you the most versatility and create a space that you can use no matter the weather. Here’s all you need to know about improving your balcony with some outdoor shelter.

Do the Groundwork

When you plan to install a gazebo, you should first get basic information like the weight load of your balcony and its dimensions. With this information, you can determine what type of gazebo would suit this area — from its size to type of material. 

If your balcony has a lighter weight load, then you should get a basic soft top gazebo that is made of light, durable metals and fabric. If the balcony is designed to hold a lot of weight, then you have more options, such as a small metal gazebo made of sturdy, heavier metals that can act as a permanent structure. 

Find Your Style 

It's also important to determine what look you want. Do you want to match the style of your home or business or offer a contrast? For example, do you want a fun bar area that breaks from the main design of your home, or do you want it to relate more to the rest of the building? 

Overall, it's a common trend to make your balcony gazebo an extension of the building due to its size. When you browse through our wide selection of gazebos, you'll be sure to find many styles that range from traditional to contemporary designs. Pick the one that you like the best, and you'll be on your way to better outdoor living!

Materials and Accents Matter

Gazebos are made of all sorts of materials, sizes, and designs. Some people prefer to build these structures from scratch as a custom order, using materials like wood, metal, composite wood, and more. 

It's common to add screens to protect the gazebo’s interior from insects in the summer, or drapes to block out cold winds in the colder months. What you put underneath the gazebo determines its use too. Is it an outdoor lounge area with a sofa and end tables, or does it contain a picnic area? The ultimate layout will suit your dream outdoor needs.

Measure the size

If your balcony is 12' x 12' in size, then you need to buy a gazebo that can be installed and fit in that space. The best practice is to have at least a 4-foot margin that extends from the place you plan to put the structure. In this case, an 8'x 8' small metal gazebo is an ideal fit. This gives the installers enough room to work while constructing the prefabricated unit, with space for tools, planning, and proper and safe construction. 

balcony gazebobalcony gazebo

Custom, Prefab, DIY, or Contractor?

After you have decided on the style, dimensions, and materials, it’s time to decide how you want to build your gazebo. Do you want a custom space where a contractor builds it from scratch? Are you handy and want to do the job yourself? 

There are also prefabricated metal gazebo kits that you can build yourself in less time or hire a contractor to make quick work of. These make it a lot easier to install a sturdy gazebo, especially when you buy one from us and consult our handy tutorial videos.

Should You Make it a DIY?

Before you decide to install a balcony gazebo yourself, you should assess your personal capabilities, budget, and schedule. The more work you can do yourself, the more you’ll save on labor costs. Many handy homeowners find satisfaction in making their own outdoor shelters and sheds to expand their property’s potential.

However, if you’re short on the right tools or know-how, it may take more time than you think to complete the project. When you hire a contractor, you can get a beautiful construction the first time and on schedule. Even though you will pay more for labor, this eliminates the chance of your project taking too long or needing to be redone.  

Artem Beliaikin, PexelsArtem Beliaikin, Pexels

A Shelter for Year-Round Comfort

Installing a shelter with balcony gazebos maximizes the way you can an outdoor area. What was once a place you had to vacate in cold, hot, or rainy weather can now become a custom space that you can enjoy all year. 

Shade for the Summer 

A sturdy shade solution like a gazebo or solarium blocks strong summer sunlight that often makes it too hot to relax in the height of summer. When the sun beams down intensely, it’s not pleasant to stay out for more than a few minutes. 

Having shade installed on top of your outdoor furniture set can dramatically transform how you enjoy this space in the summer. You no longer have to wait until the sun sets to sit outside and feel comfortable, but you’ll have just enough shade to make most hot days feel a lot cooler.

A Small Metal Gazebo for Grilling

If you like a hearty cookout in the summer, purchase a small metal grill gazebo for your safety. This grilling shelter is just the right size to protect you from the sun and cover your precious grilling equipment. It’s also made of a galvanized steel roof that can withstand strong wind, rain, sun, and more.

It’s not safe to place your grill near any fabric, screens, curtains, and other furniture, which are fire hazards. Grilling gazebos, on the other hand, are designed to keep your grill out of the elements without catching fire itself. Be sure to place it a safe distance away from your deck, house, and outdoor furniture for a fun and safe cookout season.

Gazebo Curtains and Mosquito Netting

If you install gazebo curtains, then you also add privacy to the structure and get excellent protection from the elements. Moreover, they create an opulent “cabana” appeal that is reminiscent of luxury resorts. Why not bring that beauty to your own home to enjoy all year? 

In the summer, screened curtains can keep away pesky mosquitoes that often infringe on outdoor enjoyment. This allows you to go outside for a cup of coffee without bug spray or take an indoor party outdoors without worrying that your guests will be perfectly comfortable. 

At SOJAG, all our outdoor curtains are made of water-resistant spun polyester fabric. This all-weather fabric is resistant to UV light damage and is made to be outside. They're also easy to install and wash so that your gazebo looks pristine all year long.  

balcony gazebobalcony gazebo

Protect Your Outdoor furniture with a Balcony Gazebo

Your outdoor oasis is complete with furniture, which may include a sofa set or dining area. When left exposed to rain, sleet, snow, and sun, your outdoor furniture can age more quickly than if it were kept under a shelter. 

Place your favorite furniture under a gazebo to give you peace of mind that your belongings are protected for their maximum life span. A gazebo will also protect the beautiful colors in your furniture cushions from fading quickly.

Find Your Balcony Gazebo

You have a choice between three product tiers that cater to diverse lifestyles, needs, and budgets. With so many choices, gazebos are more accessible and adaptable than ever. Here is a brief explanation of the types of gazebos that are sold at ShelterLogic.


If you like great style, quality materials, but are on a budget, these sturdy gazebos will surprise you with their value. You’ll find a mixture of soft-top and hardtop gazebos that all cost under $2k, with soft top options being the more affordable of the two. Many of these gazebos come with polyester curtains and mosquito nets for comfortable outdoor enjoyment.


If you need a premium gazebo that's rich with sophistication, then you should explore products in this tier. Priced under $3k, these gazebos are made of durable, rust-resistant galvanized steel and excellent materials. Property owners that are interested in a permanent structure often lean toward our premium tier gazebos and above.


This collection of ultra-strong and attractive gazebos will impress your guests and give you years of quality outdoor comfort. These stylish, timeless gazebos are also meant to be permanent structures. Most are made of superior grade polycarbonate and steel, which stand tough against all kinds of weather.

Shop Balcony Gazebos Today

Check out our wide selection of balcony gazebos at ShelterLogic, where you can find just the right size, material, style, and price for your needs.

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