Upgrade Your Backyard with an Outdoor Permanent Gazebo

Upgrade Your Backyard with an Outdoor Permanent Gazebo
June 10, 2021

Spending time outside is an excellent mood booster. Not only does it change the scenery, but it alleviates any "stuffy" feelings if you have been inside for too long. When you have an backyard living setup with a shelter like an outdoor permanent gazebo, it’s possible to get some fresh air any time of the year — rain or shine! By enhancing your backyard, you can expand your home’s potential and create more options for relaxation and entertaining. 

permanent gazebo can become practically anything you want it to be, from an outdoor play place to a picnic area. It’s different from a portable fold-up gazebo that can be tucked away in off-seasons. Instead, a permanent gazebo is built to stay outside all year and handle all types of weather conditions. It comes with mosquito netting and nylon drapes to keep out rain, wind, cold, and bugs. Here’s how to upgrade your backyard with a permanent gazebo.

Material Options

Gazebos are typically made of wood, metal, or vinyl. Strong metals like steel are used for permanent gazebos that stay in the same spot for years. You’ll find both prefabricated and custom gazebos in this material. Wood is also a popular material for permanent gazebos and is more commonly seen in custom units. These materials cost more because the results are longer lasting, and the structures require more tools, skill, and labor to install.

Homeowners who prefer something more affordable and portable opt for gazebos made of vinyl or light metals like aluminum. These “popup” solutions often have fabric or canvas tops and are light enough to assemble and take down with minimal assistance. Some gazebos are light enough to be used at the beach or park as a temporary shelter to block rain and harsh sun rays. There are also many types of aluminum gazebos that are strong enough to stay up for long-term periods.

SOJAG Monteserra outdoor permanent gazeboSOJAG Monteserra outdoor permanent gazebo

Types of Outdoor Permanent Gazebos

There are many types of gazebos that suit different tastes and property styles. Typically, property owners choose gazebos that mesh with the rest of the main building's style to create continuity. Due to their size, gazebos stand out if they stray from the main design. With the variety of options out there, you are sure to find a perfect match. Here are the main types of outdoor permanent gazebos that you can find on the market.


This rectangular shelter is one of the most popular types of gazebos. Hoisted by support beams, it has a covered roof and open sides that make outdoor entertaining easy and comfortable. This type of structure can be open-air or supplemented with curtains and netting to block out rain, wind, and bugs.  

The roof can be made of metal, wood, or canvas and is built for function instead of decoration. A fine example is our Valencia Gazebo in a wood finish, which has four strong support beams and dark screens to block out some sun and pests. Pavilions can be large enough to require more than four support beams, especially when they are permanent structures at park picnic areas. 


For a year-round source of sunny lounging, a solarium is a fitting addition to your backyard or home. It’s a popular shelter over hot tubs or outdoor furniture because it has windproof siding, mosquito netting, a sturdy roof, and can even come with PVC windows. 

Solariums are made with powder-coated aluminum, which is known for its durability. Don’t let the lightness of this material fool you, however — SOJAG sunrooms withstand all kinds of rough weather and also resist corrosion. Choose one that stands alone or attaches to your home to suit your functional needs.


A pergola is easily recognizable as a pavilion with a slotted or lattice roof. These openings allow the sun to peek through, providing partial coverage. It’s popular among gardeners who enjoy growing vines and climbing plants around the structure’s legs and roof. Like a pavilion, average-sized pergolas are also supported by four pillars. One of our favorites is the Yamba Pergola that has a contemporary style and optional mesh roof to provide extra shade.

Pergolas are common in parks and backyards as semi-sheltered sitting areas where there is just enough shade to feel refreshed but some sun exposure. They are particularly favored in gardens where romantic, flowery paths grow on and around the structure. These places become classic backdrops for wedding photos and other romantic scenery.

Folly Gazebo

If you want pure decoration without much function, then a folly gazebo is right for you. These are essentially ornamental domes that lack a roof or any substantial coverage. However, they look fantastic in gardens, especially if they function as a trellis for vines and other plant life. 


rotunda is a circular gazebo styled after popular classical architecture. They reflect buildings from ancient Rome and Greece which had a large domed roof supported by a ring of pillars. This is a highly-sought-after shelter for formal events like weddings. These are also commonly seen as attachments to academic buildings at famous universities that favor classical architectural styles. 


Pagodas are typically wooden gazebos that originated in Asia. These gazebos are easily recognized by their iconic oriental style, which includes curved, pointed roofs. The roof can have several layers to it, which makes it look even more enigmatic. Like a pavilion, a pagoda is supported by a set of pillars. In intricate examples, you may find detailed woodwork and designs that make the structure one-of-a-kind. 

uses for an outdoor permanent gazebouses for an outdoor permanent gazebo

Uses for an Outdoor Permanent Gazebos

A gazebo is a versatile outdoor structure that can either be decorative or functional. Most have a type of roof to provide shelter, which is one of the main reasons why people desire them. The coverage from above and open sides makes it an ideal place to entertain and relax outside. It also enhances a landscape, protects furniture, and covers essential equipment like grills. Here are some ways you can use an aluminum or steel permanent gazebo to upgrade your backyard.  

All-Weather Fun

When you have an outdoor permanent gazebo, you don’t have to run inside the moment it starts raining or if the forecast calls for extremely hot temperatures. A standard metal outdoor gazebo with film panels and screens can block out rain, wind, and bugs so that you can enjoy the day no matter the season. 

Of course, the covered roof keeps the rain and sun under control from above. Having mosquito netting on-hand is a major boon for individuals who love to spend time outside without having to fret with mosquito coils or reapplying bug spray.  This expansion to outdoor time is one of the most common reasons why people invest in gazebos. 

Hosting Large Parties

When your guest list is long, you may wonder how to keep everyone happy, especially when it is a big event like a rehearsal dinner or birthday party. Having a steel outdoor gazebo with extra seating and gives your guests more options about where to socialize. In short, this indoor-outdoor party arrangement provides just enough diversity of scenery to keep your guests engaged and entertained.

“Me Time”

Are you craving some space of your own that is away from it all? A permanent gazebo with vinyl shades or tinted mosquito screens like our Sutton Wall-Mounted Hardtop Gazebo can become your closest escape. Since it attaches to your home, it’s easy to access power outlets so you can enjoy a wide range of hobbies. The additional polyester privacy curtains block out rain and wind so you can still relax in this space in colder months. 

choosing the right size outdoor permanent gazebochoosing the right size outdoor permanent gazebo

How to Choose the Right Size

When you have an idea about how you want to use your gazebo, you can then determine the size you need. As you browse, you’ll find everything from small grill gazebos to massive party pavilions. Here is the general breakdown of gazebo sizes and how they can best suit your needs.

Small Gazebos

If you typically have small gatherings at home for game nights and dinner parties, then an 8’ x 8’ gazebo can be just the right size for you. This dimension adequately covers a patio seating area and provides adequate shade. Consider it perfect for a single-family outdoor gathering space. If you want to seat your family plus a couple of extra people, then you should expand to at least a 10’ x10’ unit

Medium to Large Gazebos

If you dream of hosting parties or of having more furniture space, you should size up to at least a 12' x 12', which is the universal size for a large family gazebo. This size can comfortably cover up to 10 people. If you need even more space, then expand to a 12' x 16', which has a maximum capacity of 15 people.

Streamline Your Installation 

After you pick your aluminum or steel permanent gazebo, it’s time to decide whether you want to build your gazebo yourself or hire a professional to do the job. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself or want it to be done quickly and on schedule, professional installation can be a major convenience.  

Find your backyard’s next exciting addition in an outdoor permanent gazebo from SOJAG, where quality materials meet excellent design.

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