3 Pool Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

3 Pool Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Outdoor Space
May 18, 2022

A pool is much more than just a place to splash and play. Most of the time, property owners have a lot of gear that goes along with that pool. From the kids toys to the equipment needed for cleaning and maintaining the pool, there are a lot of reasons you'll need to find a sufficient pool storage shed.

One way to avoid having to stuff everything into your garage or basement is to purchase the right size and type of pool storage shed. This can provide you with the amount of space you need to really keep everything organized and out of the way.

Why Is Pool Storage Important?

There are a few key reasons why pool storage is important. First, you want to keep your items clean and in good condition so that you can reliably using them for years to come. Having some type of pool storage makes that possible. Also, with the right pool storage ideas, you can keep everything else neat and tidy. That includes all of the kid’s pool toys, your floating, and even the pool noodles that they like to use.

It's also important to consider the proper way to storage pool chemicals. These should be put in a location where they are not likely to tip over or become damaged due to the elements. Often, the best option is a shed that can be locked to prevent children from accessing them.

Whether it comes down to pool toy storage or finding a place to put the deck chair cushions during the summer, the right type of pool storage can make managing your pool more affordable and a bit more streamlined.

What Would You Need to Store?

To determine what type of pool storage solution is best for your needs, you have to think about the type of items you have around your pool that tend to be hard to organize and place. Take a few minutes to check out your pool now to see what items are lurking around. You may want to consider storage for items such as:

When you take the time to look at all of the various types of gear you have, it is easy to see the importance of not just the right type of pool storage, but the overall size you need.

How Do You Store Pool Chemicals?

As you go to open the pool for the summer, you may need to start considering your options for chemical storage. Every pool needs chemicals to help keep the water fresh and clear. Most of the time, it is easier to buy these items in bulk as that can keep costs more in line with your goals. However, that means there is a need to store your pool chemicals.

The best type of storage for your pool chemicals is in a place where they will not get hit with anything and where they are not likely to be accessed by children. Most of these chemicals – even those that are naturally based – are not safe for children to handle. While it is also best to keep them out of the sunlight directly, having the proper storage for them is really about keeping everyone safe.

As you consider your options, then, for pool chemical storage, remember a few things. Choose a storage option in which they can be completely enclosed and out of sight of anyone that comes into contact with them. That means behind a shed door or in an enclosed area.

Second, be sure there is a way to lock this area. You want to be sure that there is no risk for children to access them or for adults to confuse them.

When possible, choose some type of lockable pool storage shed that allows you to put these items on a shelf. If there is no shelf, you at least one to make sure the pool chemicals are safe from spilling over, such as due to pests who get into the area or a wind storm.

deck box for pool storagedeck box for pool storage

3 Types of Storage Units for the Pool

You are sure to find a wide range of options for storing all of your pool gear. It is important to choose the options that are best suited for your needs. That may mean considering a few different types of pool storage solutions and determining how well they can work for your specific needs. Here are some recommendations to consider.

Deck Boxes

One of the most common options for pool storage is the use of a deck box. A deck box is just what it sounds like. You can find them in several sizes, though most are about 135 gallons. These boxes sit on the deck or new the pool and have a flip-up lid that allows for the storage of items. Most of the time, these boxes offer ample storage for things like pool noodles, outdoor blankets, and pillows for the around the pool. It is also a great place to store towels for drying off after getting out of the pool. Reliable pool towel storage is a must.

They also can be a good place to store some pool toys and other accessories. Keep in mind that most do not lock, which means they are not necessarily a good option for chemicals. However, they can be a great choice for those who want to store items for the winter or protect them from the elements otherwise. A high-quality deck box is critical for this, though.

Horizonal Sheds

A horizonal shed offers a much larger amount of space and can be a better option for those who want ample pool storage. Though sizes can range somewhat, most are around 6x3, providing ample storage space for most needs for the pool. For example, it is possible to place most of your pool gear into it including items like water games and inflatables. You may also be able to place your pool filter and equipment in this shed to store it over the winter months.

The use of this type of pool storage is also great for everything else – such as pool toys, chemicals, and even some towels during the summer months. Some of these types of sheds can lock, which makes them a better overall option for storing pool chemicals. It can be a good option for those who want more room for items off the deck, too, such as stackable patio chairs. Horizonal sheds are a pretty versatile type of backyard storage option.

Vertical Sheds

There are some people that want more storage but they want it to be a bit less of a permanent fixture. For example, you may want a space to store items during the summer months close to the pool. A garden shed is a good option for this. It can go up within about 30 minutes and stores just about anything needed, such as your pool equipment, patio chairs, and other gear. Some of these are more of a tent-like design that can be taken down when needed.

For those seeking a more permanent storage option, look for a steel pool storage shed. This can provide perhaps the highest amount of storage for all of your pool needs. That includes all equipment, toys, inflatables, and gear that you have. You may even be able to place your patio furniture in this area to keep it protected from poor weather. Look for pool storage that includes as much room as you need but does not take up too much room around your home. These sheds can be seasonal storage sheds in that you can use them for long-term storage of most items. This type of shed is also a good option for chemical storage.

vertical storage shed for pool storagevertical storage shed for pool storage

Pool Storage Adds Convenience to Your Yard

If you are planning to upgrade your pool area, it may be a good idea to consider all of your options in pool storage carefully. That means comparing several options in size and structure. Also think about the amount of space in your backyard that you have to dedicate to pool storage. Do you have an area just off to the side of your pool that is easy to access but still out of the way? Perhaps you have an area for a large shed in the back area of your property. Find an area that is convenient but also still contributes to the aesthetics of the space.

When you have a pool storage shed in place, you benefit in many ways. People stay safe from chemicals. There is also protection in place to ensure your equipment is not damaged. It also helps to keep your patio clean and clutter free so that no one trips over items. Depending on the type of storage you choose, you may be able to pack up the pool at the end of the year and tuck everything away so it is ready for the next season.

Take a few minutes to consider all of your pool storage shed options before making your purchase.

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