Portable Garage Organization Tips to Maximize Your Space

Portable Garage Organization Tips to Maximize Your Space
May 13, 2021

portable garage is an excellent solution for a home or business owner who needs extra storage, and proper garage organization is the key to maximizing its utility. Not only is a portable garage cost-effective, but it can also be moved from place to place and adjust to evolving needs. 

This type of garage is a popular option for people in a season of transition or growth. It’s made out of a sturdy metal frame and a waterproof fabric cover that can be set up and taken down with far less effort than a permanent structure.

By organizing the garage, you can store items in the best condition and have a full picture of what is inside. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the item you need quickly. When your garage is a high-traffic area, it can be even more challenging to keep it tidy. 

Thankfully, by tackling garage organization head-on, property owners can find freedom from the chaos of clutter. Here are some of the ways portable garage organization solutions can maximize your space. 

Why organize the garage?Why organize the garage?

Why Organize the Garage?

Getting organized helps in all areas of life, from your work productivity to personal happiness. According to modern research, having clutter in your home can make your environment feel more cramped. It can also increase levels of anxiety, decrease the ability to focus, and even trigger avoidance coping strategies. 

When you resolve to toss out old clutter and properly store your useful possessions, you can dramatically transform your property’s appearance and feel. Organizing the interior of your home or business also boosts productivity and makes it look bigger. Your outdoor living areas can also benefit. When you organize the garage, it will have more capacity to store useful items and feel more functional. 

Reducing clutter is a satisfying experience that can also mark the end of the new season and a time of growth. You can be moving to a new home or re-purposing a property for a new function like welcoming a new pet. Getting organized for this new chapter of your life can make all the difference in how you feel during this time of heightened awareness.

Decluttering: Proven Benefits

Not only does decluttering make your home look better, but there are several psychological benefits to reorganizing. Organizing garage items and moving clutter to the donation bin produces these effects:

•             A sense of accomplishment

•             Increased confidence

•             Renewed energy

•             Reduced anxiety

•             Reduction of household tension

Who can’t use an extra boost of energy and sense of accomplishment? In this way, landmark organization tasks like end-of-summer cleaning can become a guaranteed mood booster. Not to mention, reorganizing often unearths some long-lost items that you still need. Maximizing your property’s potential will bring out the best in you and your space, so why not try it with something easy like a portable garage?

What is a portable garage?What is a portable garage?

What is a Portable Garage?

A portable garage is a popular alternative to a permanent garage for its versatility, ease of assembly, and affordability. This temporary outdoor shelter is usually made of a steel frame with a durable waterproof cover. This structure can be used to store anything from small gardening tools to recreational vehicles. 

When people need extra storage quickly, they don’t have the time to wait for a custom garage built with bricks and mortar. A portable garage offers a temporary solution that is also durable enough to last for years in the right conditions.

When you organize the garage to hold all your valuables, you can free up much-needed space and access your belongings more easily. This reduces stress and optimizes the functionality of your outdoor living environment. You can get as many outdoor storage buildings as your property allows to make your daily life more convenient.

Garage Organizing TipsGarage Organizing Tips

Garage Organization Tips

A garage is a very useful place but still can get disorganized rather quickly, just like a lived-in space in the home that can get quite messy in a short time. If you don't follow consistent garage organization methods, your outdoor storage area can become just as cluttered as a busy kitchen. The following tips will help you reclaim your garage space and make it organized and stress-free.

Do “The Purge”

The most important first step to better organization is to sort out what you need vs. need to donate or discard. This task may require half a day or a whole weekend. Though that seems like a large time commitment, it will make your next steps much easier. Depending on the size of your garage, you may need help from a few family members.

When you start the purge, go through every item and container to assess if the item is useful or necessary. Sort the wanted items and set aside the things you don’t need in another area. If you plan on donating or tossing out a large number of items, commission the help of a friend with a truck or rent a bulk waste container. 

When you get rid of old toys, broken equipment, expired items, or seasonal sundries that you haven’t used in a few years, you will free space in the garage for items you actually use. There will also be more space to install storage solutions like shelves and crates. From here, you have a blank canvas to work with. Explore your garage’s floor plan and see which of the following storage solutions can work for your possessions.

Vertical Storage for Lawn and Garden Equipment 

Many homeowners like to store their lawn and garden equipment in a detached garage. A portable shelter makes it even easier to keep these necessities on a convenient part of the property. 

Vertical shelving and racks are essential components of optimized lawn equipment storage. Also, a modest foundation like plywood or patio tiles can keep your essential items off the dirt and potentially out of the mud. 

First, get a rack so that you can store lighter equipment like rakes and weed whackers vertically. Shelves can also store more bulky items in safe, easy-to-access places. Instead of searching everywhere for lawn mower oil or weedwhacker coils, they will be in a highly visible spot. 

Gardening equipment also benefits from a similar setup.  Many home improvement stores sell tool stations with drawers and a vertical pegboard. This piece isn’t just good for storing nails and hammers, but it can help you store smaller items like seeds, spades, and gardening gloves. This is just one of the many gardening organization tips that will help you enjoy the hobby of plant cultivation.

Stack Bins 

Since portable garages are typically made of waterproof fabric coatings, it’s important to protect more delicate items from harsh temperatures and conditions. By storing less-frequently used items like pool floaties and specialty tools in stacked bins, you can make the most out of your garage space and protect these items. 

For the best results, place the heaviest and largest items in the lower storage bins. The less frequently used items should be placed near the bottom too since you won’t need to access them often. Lighter, more frequently needed items like nails, adhesives, caulking, and other home improvement items should be placed in the middle or top of a stacking arrangement. Nothing is more inconvenient than having to completely dismantle this formation for just a couple of rolls of weather stripping. 

To retrieve items quickly, label the storage bins. A label maker does short work for this task. Popular categories are home supplies, sports equipment, seasonal items, and cleaning supplies. If you don’t know how many bins to get, take a full inventory after your “purge”. After evaluating the size and usefulness of each item, you can determine roughly how many bins are required. 

Use Corner Shelves

In both the home and garage, corners are one of the most underused places for storage. However, if you harness their potential, you can gain more storage space and functional layout. In a garage, corner shelves can give you space when a vertical shelf or ceiling storage isn’t possible. 

It’s easy to find a corner shelf at your local hardware store or online. DIY aficionados can also make one on the cheap by following simple ideas from the internet. Plywood is ample and affordable, so it’s a popular material for outdoor garage corner shelving. When installed, this area is excellent for keeping track of small supplies like nails, glue, oil, and staples. 

Portable Garages Shipped to Your Door 

If a portable garage has been on your mind, there are many options to match your style, budget, and garage organization preferences. Check out the vast selection of outdoor storage buildings available from ShelterLogic. With so many options, you can find the right shelter for your storage preferences. Contact us today for more information on how to maximize your outdoor space.

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