The Benefits of Growing with a ShelterTech SP Greenhouse

The Benefits of Growing with a ShelterTech SP Greenhouse
September 22, 2022

A high tunnel greenhouse can be an incredible tool for anyone from a novice gardener to a large-scale farming operation. A hoop house can create an ideal atmosphere to grow crops at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. If you are in the market to increase yield with a tool that is both versatile and strong, ShelterTech SP Greenhouses are a great option.

What is a High Tunnel Greenhouse?

A high tunnel greenhouse, also known as a hoop building or cold frame greenhouse, is an unheated structure with a steel frame and fabric cover. One of the benefits of utilizing one of these fabric buildings is it does not require a heater or fan to manipulate internal temperature. The hoop house instead uses solar heat to create an environment where crops can thrive.

A high tunnel greenhouse from ShelterTech is constructed with high-quality materials like a rustproof steel frame and a durable luminate diffusion fabric cover. They are fully customizable, which means you can pay for only what you need whether you are looking to enhance your large or small farm.

Why Use a ShelterTech SP Greenhouse to Grow Plants?

If increasing your yield and bottom line is your top priority, a ShelterTech SP commercial greenhouse can provide you with the optimal growing conditions needed to create strong crops without the need for electricity and increased expense. While greenhouses offer a variety of incredible benefits, a ShelterTech SP greenhouse is constructed specifically for expert growers who want results. You may be wondering why ShelterTech SP buidings stand out from the rest.

Extend the Growing Season

One of the best benefits of adding a hoop house to your growing operation is the ability to extent the growing season. The longer amount of time you have to cultivate crops, the better chance you have for a successful season. Whether your current climate provides too much wind, rain, or extreme temperatures for crops to thrive, the protection from the high tunnel greenhouse means you have better opportunity to protect your plants no matter the current climate.

If you’re looking to extend the growing season with a polytunnel, here are some ways to ensure success:

  • Know your zones: Make sure you know exactly what you should be planting and when based on where you live. This handy map will give you an idea of your ideal planting times depending on what you want to grow and your surrounding climate.
  • Control the temperature: Depending on where you live, you will want to keep a close eye on the temperature whether in the heat of the summer or the frigid winter. You can use ventilating systems or open greenhouse doors to help maintain an ideal temperature depending on the crops you are growing.

Eliminate Pests

Growing plants in a polytunnel makes it more difficult for pests to get inside because of the enclosed environment. Crops that are grown without the help of a hoop house can be exposed to more pests, which put your plants at risk. Growing inside of a commercial greenhouse also means you don’t need to use pesticides if you are looking to utilize chemical-free pest control options.

However, simply using a hoop house doesn’t eliminate the possibility of pests. There are several tactics to use in order to keep pests at a minimum, including:

  • Use preventative measures: Always start with a clean commercial greenhouse. Make sure your space is inspected and cleared of debris and possible pests prior to planting. It is much easier to prevent pests proactively rather than wait until there’s a problem.
  • Inspect plants: Any time you are introducing transplants into the greenhouse, make sure to inspect for pests prior to entry. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch literally and figuratively!
  • Detect pests early: Make sure to conduct regular inspections on the entirety of your crops so you can get to the root of the problem before it grows.

Weather protection

Rough weather and extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on your crops. A hoop house provides incredible protection from wind, rain, and inclement weather that will make your crops less susceptible to issues. A predictable growing environment will help you to plan the types of plants you want to grow while ensuring they have the best chance of survival.

Grow Outside Your Zone

No matter where you live in the world, there are crops that are more difficult to grow depending on your local climate. When you utilize a high tunnel greenhouse, you can grow plants that normally wouldn’t be in your zone because of the controlled temperature. This gives you more control over the environment, which means you will have more variety to sell and have the opportunity to increase your bottom line.

  • What are the best crops for the Spring? Hardy plants like lettuce, peas, cabbage, leeks, shallots, brussels sprouts, and onions are perfect for spring growing.
  • What plants are good for Summer? Cucumbers, melons, eggplant, peppers, beans, and squash are heat loving plants that will thrive in the warmer months inside of a greenhouse.
  • What should I grow in the Autumn? Parsley, peas, lettuces, radishes, green onions, and brussels sprouts are ideal for the fall months.
  • What crops should I grow in the Winter? Some frost tolerant plants include beets, carrots, leeks, radish, and asparagus.

Why Choose a ShelterTech SP Greenhouse?

When choosing a commercial greenhouse for your growing operation, know that not all high tunnel greenhouse options are created equal. ShelterTech SP greenhouses are constructed with only the highest quality materials that will ensure a long-lasting structure. Here are some of the ways ShelterTech buildings stand out from the rest.

A Hoop House with a Stronger Frame

The frame on a ShelterTech high tunnel greenhouse is made with US manufactured galvanized carbon steel, which means it can stand up to inclement weather and anything else Mother Nature throws at it. You will enjoy ultimate strength thanks to 30-inch base pipes which help to anchor the ultra-strong frame. Patented ShelterLock stabilizers adds even more stability. Nut and bolt fasteners at every joint create a solid connection so you can rest assured your building will offer supreme protection.

A High Tunnel Greenhouse with Configurable Sizing

One of the most convenient aspects of choosing a ShelterTech SP greenhouse is the fact that you can customize the polytunnel for your exact needs. You can choose anything from the frame only, to the entire high tunnel. Choose a bundle from four different options, buying only what you need, or everything at once.

You will also be able to choose from an arch or round style, and a variety of height, width, and length options for an option that is truly made for your unique growing operation. Forget purchasing an item that is too big or too small when you can choose your own. Choose from options anywhere from 8 x 8ft. to sizes as large as 38 x 15 ft. up to 100 ft. long.

A Polytunnel with Luminate Diffusion Fabric

The fabric utilized in ShelterTech’s high tunnel greenhouse is made with the best materials on the market that are not only durable but made to grow more efficiently. The luminate fabric is designed to block harmful UV rays that can wreak havoc on your plants while still allowing light in. The ultra-strong polyethylene fabric is ripstop tough and can stand up to rough weather to protect your cops. Benefits to this fabric include:

  • Reusable: Unlike similar products on the market, this luminate fabric can be used again which makes it a solid investment.
  • Light diffusion: Studies show that plants benefit more from diffused light rather than direct sunlight, making this cover ideal for creating a healthy environment for your crops.
  • More production: One study showed the use of this luminate fabric lead to an 8-11% increased yield when compared to using clear covers.

Simple Assembly

ShelterTech SP hoop house options provide simplified assembly so you can get to growing faster without the hassle. The pre-drilled holes and galvanized steel piping make putting it together possible without the help of a professional, although you will need extra hands to properly assemble. Nut and bolt fasteners make assembly faster while also adding to the overall stability of the structure.

An Affordable High Tunnel Greenhouse Made Just for You

The most convenient aspect of purchasing a ShelterTech SP commercial greenhouse is the ability to choose exactly what you need for your property. Whether you only need a frame, or need the entire kit, you will have a choice from beginning to end, along with a variety of shape and size options.

Even the end panel framing is customized for your purchase. The framing can be used for wood paneling, sheet metal, or fabric depending on your unique needs. This design leaves room to mount fans, or to add vents, windows, or doors. When you purchase a ShelterTech SP hoop house, you are adding an affordable and strong structure to your growing operation that will increase yield and efficiency for years to come.

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