What Is a Tent Garage and Why Do I Need One?

What Is a Tent Garage and Why Do I Need One?
May 02, 2022

The chances of you winding up in a situation where there is rain, too much heat, or snow, are pretty big, especially when you need to store the bicycles, speed boat, or pontoon you just bought. Even storing the tractors and cars can be a hassle if you don’t have that “safety net”. That’s where a tent garage can come in handy.

Also known as tarp buildings or portable garages, these products make for a practical purchase. Mainly when you get to keep the valuable equipment and vehicles safe from the elements. Here is a more detailed look at what a tent garage is all about.

What Is a Tent Garage?

A tent garage is a temporary outdoor structure that you can use on the go. It is made of a fabric cover and steel frame. People who like to travel or don’t have enough storage space in their homes like to have a tent garage at hand.

That’s because this structure is a type of low-maintenance storage you can depend on. Regardless of the type of vehicle or equipment you want to keep safe, a tent garage is basically a multi-purpose solution that’s easy to handle and set up.

What is a Tent GarageWhat is a Tent Garage

Are Tent Garages Worth It?

The popularity of tarp buildings is skyrocketing and for a good reason. When you are spending a lot of time traveling, fishing, or going for a hike, you will need a structure that will shield your vehicle from the elements. The mobility of the tent garages makes them a worthwhile choice.

The reason why many people are opting for a tent garage is that they:

  • Offer quality and durability
  • Are affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Relatively easy to assemble

Building a permanent structure will consume a lot more resources and cash. With a portable garage, you are paying a fraction of the price, while still getting the overall benefits of a permanent structure. Besides, it weighs less and you can take it anywhere with you.

Although setting it up may take a little while longer compared to a regular tent, it is absolutely worth it. This storage solution is something you can depend on. Mainly when the weather gets bad and you want to keep the boat or car out of harm’s way.

The steel frame is meant to create that resistant barrier. While the fabric keeps the rain and winds away. Having a tent garage can give you a better chance of safeguarding your property.

Besides, there is minimal maintenance when it comes to tent garages. Other than checking it up and cleaning it from time to time, there is not much for you to do. Just make sure you set it up properly to get the necessary results.

Where Do I Put a Tarp Garage?

Portable garages are multi-purpose structures. Whether you are going somewhere on a trip, or you need a temporary storage solution in your backyard, you can rest assured knowing that the tent garage will do the trick. It can make for practical lawn work tool storage or car storage.

Even if there is no vehicle for you to store, you can use this structure for other necessities. Let’s say you need a place where you need to do some crafting. A portable garage can help with that. Part of the structure means that it can be used as a work area.

So, you would be saving a lot of money in the long run. Many people like to use tarp buildings as a “man cave” as well. Given that they offer a huge amount of space. You can use it to store your favorite tools or any machines you like to take with you on the go. Big or small.

Garage Tent SUVGarage Tent SUV

How Do You Anchor a Tent Garage?

Now that you know the sheer impact of having a tent garage at your disposal, it is time to know how to anchor it. Using the right anchoring system will create that solid foundation. Follow the tips below to get it right the first time.

  • Step 1: Make sure to double-check the zoning laws and local ordinances prior to erecting the portable garage.
  • Step 2: Be sure the soil condition is adequate for keeping the storage balanced. If the soil is too wet, you might need a different area where you can assemble the structure. Look for a stable ground that can handle the weight of a vehicle.
  • Step 3: Take note of the number of legs that your portable garage has.
  • Step 4: Check the instructions and pick the anchor. Most choices suggest one anchor per leg. For asphalt, soil, sand, gravel, and clay foundations use an easy hood or ratchet tite anchors. For concrete, a shelter auger can help.

How Do I Keep Moisture Out of My Tent Garage?

Condensation in the tent garage can be a real problem. Mainly if you are spending time outdoors in humid areas. The reason you will be dealing with a condensation problem is that you are having a dirt floor. While it is warm in the tent garage, you need a solid solution that will keep the condensation at bay.

To do that, you can put a plastic heavy-duty tarp down on the floor to prevent the condensation from coming up from out of the soil. The plastic can prevent moisture from enveloping the unit and keep everything in the garage completely dry. It is a good idea to place some rocks over the tarp to make sure it stays in place.

Garage Tent Driveway SunnyGarage Tent Driveway Sunny

How Do You Maintain a Tarp Garage?

These structures are pretty low-maintenance, but it can pay off to regularly keep an eye on them. Make sure that the frame remains undamaged and stable. Different unexpected weather conditions can take their toll. But, when you keep tabs on the structure, you will make sure it remains in tip-top shape.

If there is any sagging, then the cover is too loose. Tighten it up. Re-tighten the cross rails or loosen the clamps if necessary. The goal is for the portable garage to work properly and remain sturdy and stable.

Locate the ratchet that links the cover rail to the ratchet rail. Then click the ratchet until the cover gains that necessary tightness. Ensure there is enough cover placement and retie the structure if necessary.

Another practical maintenance tip is to check your plastic heavy-duty tarp for any damages, big or small tears. If the tarp is damaged, then it can’t keep the moisture at bay. So, replace the damaged tarp, if needed to get the desired outcome.

Ideally, you will be conducting quarterly inspections to ensure peak performance. You will be paying attention to the tarp structure, frame, and overall stability of the unit. Harsh weather can be unpredictable and pretty hectic. But, if you take good care of the portable garage, then you can make the most of it.

Lastly, know how to properly get rid of debris from the building without actually destroying the fabric. Cleaning is another useful maintenance tip that you need. When there is too much debris and it’s left unchecked, it could accumulate and damage the tarp structure.

Also, be sure to get rid of any branches that might be poking inside the tent garage. You don’t want any sharp objects coming near the portable garage. With that in mind, you shouldn’t be using sharp objects to remove debris from the fabric. Rather, use a mop or a broom to push them off.

If there is snow, then push it off the roof so it won’t add too much pressure and weight to the unit. Use a tool with soft edges that won’t damage the unit. If there are any sharp objects trying to puncture the cover, remove them with your hands. All in all, you will be removing snow, water, dirt, leaves, or anything else that might accumulate on the roof or near the sides.

How Do You Clean a ShelterLogic Garage?

When cleaning a tent garage, it’s best to steer clear of harsh chemicals. Such as ammonia-based products. Instead, use soap and water with a sponge and be gentle when wiping the surfaces. Avoid using a power wash as well. Regular cleaning can help you keep the dirt, mildew, and mold away.

How Long Does a ShelterLogic Cover Last?

It depends on how well you take care of it and the climate conditions it is used in. It will also vary from the materials it is made of and the manufacturing process. Overall you can expect the unit to last a very long time. In many cases, it can last for about 10 to 20 years. That’s why it can make for a solid purchase.

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